Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Another mental image from Sunday's ride.
(thanks to JRo for this entertaining image along the ride)

On a seperate note...

does anyone else understand the goodness of Skippy Natural peanut butter.

It's like nectar of the gods.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Saturday was the Monument Avenue 10k
I had some GI issues along the way causing em to walk to compose myself.
But I still finished with a PR (yes, it has been THAT long since I have done a 10k)
I was hoping for a 8:40-8:50 pace, but did a 9:08.
I have decided to do the Ashland Railroad 10k this weekend to work on nutrition and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Yesterday I rode the course for the upcoming Rockett's Landing Triathlon.
This image sums up my feelings on that ride.
(Insert Princess instead of Toto)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet at the 'T'

This weekend is the annual Monument Ave 10k.
AKA monument mobfest.

A time when thousands of runners and walkers take over Monument Avenue.
Led by the Kenyons with veteran and new particpants throughout the field.
Spectators line the monument and tree-lined streets cheering while sipping coffee, bloodies, and mimosas.
Followed by parties, cookouts, and celebrations.

Highlights to look forward to.
One fo my BFF's, Neffaramous (the other Missy) is running this year - her first race ever!
I will NOT get sick before this year's race and ba able to participate.
IronGreg is sure to PR - he has been working awfully hard.
there will be LOTS of PINK out there!

See everyone at the 'T' afterwards.
I can't stay long, so run fast.

Here's to a week of hydrating and eating properly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change of Plans

First of all, if you are not wearing green i am sending you a virtual *pinch pinch*

I started out training with a goal...
To break 2 hours in a half marathon.
I have had some hurdles along the way with still having shin issues and adding in some foot issues.
But I know what I want, and I know wanting it is half the battle.

Unfortunately, my Grandma is not feeling well.
So this weekend, without any hesitation I am foregoing the Shamrock Half Marathon and am going to drive north to spend some time with my Grandma - I love that cute little Italian lady.
I can't wait to snuggle with her - nothing matters when Grandma holds you tight.

I wish my team mates the best of luck this weekend. I will be thinking of them along the way.
And request in my honor that 2 particular people break 2 hours in my honor since I cannot be there. (no pressure) Arriba! Arriba!

Camp Reflections

As many of you know I am involved with an organization that is very dear to me, Comfort Zone Camp (CZC). I have been helping at the camps for 4 years now and have spent the last 2.5 years also sitting on their Volunteer Council.

For those unfamilair, CZC is the nation's largest bereavement camp for children who have lost a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver. It's a fun and safe place for grieving children. Free of charge to campers and volunteers, CZC is based out of Richmond, VA with a satellite camp in New Jersey. Serving kids allover the country, including Canada and England, CZC is now offering camps at new locations in California and Boston. At camp these kids get to meet other kids that are also hurting - they see that they are not alone. They learn that all their feelings are normal. It's okay to cry. It's okay to remember. It's okay to smile and have fun.

I just returned from camp and every time I go it's an amazing experience. The children have such stories. Some similar to mine - I lost my dad to cancer when I was 13, grandparents, uncles, and friends over the years - and some quite different from mine. Some experience multiple losses. No matter the loss, these kids show such strength and courage. They are stronger than they realize. They are truly inspriational. They have no idea the effect that their smile leaves on your soul.

Camp is a "reality check" in a way. sometimes we think our lives are so hard. We get mad at the computer for being slow. We get frustrated becuase our run times are slower than we would like. It's so easy to get caught up in the little things in life. so what the computer is being slow - at least we have one. So we aren't running our ideal pace - but at least we can run.

We have to keep in mind that everything we do we do it with our friends and fmaily at our sides. And that is what is important in life.
We need to remember to tell our friends that are our family.
We need to remember to tell our family that they are loved.
We are all so truly blessed in so many ways, even if we have experienced a loss. There is always a silver lining.

What made this camp have an extra special sparkle to it was the loss that the camp itself overcame. As we were all packing for camp Thursday night, someone broke into the camp offices and stole computers, money, etc. Fortunately, no personal information was taken. Although the camp staff walked in Friday morning to find police fingerprinting everything, they ran with what they had and made sure that camp this weekend went off just as normal regardless of the loss they were dealing with. Campers never knew this happened. And most of the volunteers had no idea either.

Like I said, there is always a silver lining.
Although the camp headquarters may have lost some computers and money. They were given attention by local news and radio spreading the word on this great organization which will hopefully get to another grieveing child in need.

Times like this , when someone acts so poorly, it brings out the good in others. As the camp staff got to the offices on Monday they were met by a local alarm system donating a FREE system and a YEAR'S worth of monthly monitoring fees. They have been blessed with donations. and in jsut a few weeks in their annual black tie fundraiser gala. The mission of Comfort Zone Camp continues to grow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Sorry, what did you say?

Monday 03/09
sniffle sniffle sniffle
I realize I slept with my window open. Allergies.

Tuesday 03/10
"my ear sure does hurt from all this sinus pressure.
I hope my Claritin-D kicks in soon. "

Wednesday 03/11
"wah wah wah. I would like some cheese with my whine"
*insert mass amount of snot*

Thursday 03/12
"Maybe if I sit here with my head sideways, gravity will release the pressure so I can hear again.
*insert honking sound of nose blowing*
I tell IronGreg that this has made me retain water.
He lets me know, that no I am not retaining water, but I am probably retaining snot!
Thanks, babe.

thursday night
Patient First straight from work.
ear infection. (I blame Baby David een though they are not contaqgious, but the cute doctor did say the underlying virus is)
sinus infection

Friday 03/13
Time for Comfort Zone Camp. mmm a weekend of being outside in the lovely rain and cold with no hearing and a snot faucet for a nose.
I pick up 2 boxes of Vicks scented tissues

One week later now I have crackling started in my right ear.
Hopefully the antibiotics will soon clear it away so I can hear and breathe, and stop disgusting those around me with the nose blowing (I think it sounds like the sweet sounds of an orchestra, but no one agrees with me for some reason)
So here's to wishing for the ability to hear and breathe normal again soon!!

Rain Rain Go Away
And take my ear and sinus infections with you!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

St. Bridget's 5k

This morning was the St. Bridget's 5k.
Sometimes I get frustrated with neighborhood 5k's b/c of the chaos, but this one is a little different. Not only is it where I go to church, but it is also where my god friend's daughter goes to Kindergarten.

My friend Katharine and I jogged the 1.5 mi down to the church for a little warm-up. We met up with some friends and then it was time to get to the start line.

Ummmm where is the start line? And the mass chaos began. But today I was liek "eh. whatever". The sound the horn and we are off.
The start of the race was like letting a bunch of wild animals out of their cages. One little boy fell and skinned his knees, right at the start. I paused and saw someone comign to his rescue so I continued on. Poor little guy.

First mile feels good - downhill, oh yeah baby! The goal changed from running a solid pace, to not running over a kid. It was great seeing so many kids out there so excited to be active and participate in the event. You could over hear some of them talking about pacing and not going out too strong and asking if it was okay to walk, etc. Very sweet.
we have an out and back and I as I am coning back around I see parents instructing their kids to just go forward and avoid the out and back. For real?! Don't teach your children to cheat. If you don't want your child to do it because of their fitness level and not get injured I can undersand but one woman was clearly just lazy and that made my skin curl.
Then came the 2nd mile marker. I look at my watch
Holy Mother of God.
That's an 8:26 pace.
Heck yeah.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
That would be losing it.
The last mile took me 10 minutes.
Yes, 10 minutes.
I finished in 27 minutes and change for roughly an 8:57 +/- pace.
Um, oops.
My shin was btohering me up the hill - rememebr me saying that we started downhill. yeah that means we finished uphill. Uphill and shins don't get along. I cold feel them tightening and so I walked up the hill. I have one angel on my shoulder telling me to suck it up. I had the other angel on my shoulder telling me it's not worth inflamming my leg for a neighborhood 5k. I know the second angel is the one to listen to, but it is swallowing a little pride to walk up a hill in a 5k. Damn that pride.
Damn my shins.
But I finished. And had good friends there with me.
So all in all - it was a good day.
Now off to do some speed work on the bike (who's a glutton for punishment?)
Then...target day, baby! woo-hoo!
Happy 70 degree weather weekend!

PS - Go Ironman Will!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Fever

With the 9-12" of snow we received on Sunday/Monday, I take it as Mother Nature's final act, so to speak, of winter.
If seasons were a play, this snow would be the finale filled with song and dance.

Therefore, spring is right around the corner.

I am ready to ride my bike outside in the heat feeling the breeze I make through...my hair? Okay maybe not my hair, but through the vent holes in my helmet!

I am ready to run down the street and not avoiding ice and snow along the sidewalk like it's a trail.

I am ready to furnish my new balconies with patio furniure and host cook outs with fruity drinks. and lay out with a maragarita in hand. (hmmm is there a theme?)

I am ready to grow my little herb garden on the balcony off my kitchen.

I am ready to get a TAN!

Allow me to quote the character Mary Lennox from the movie A Secret Garden, "When will it be spring?"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Practice Pays Off

This morning I was forced to do a time 50 meter at the end of class.
After 5 million meters of kicking.
After 1 million meters of butterfly (which i actually don't mind even though half the pool water ends up in my sinuses)
umm, I'm tired.
Ok, ok.
Result - 0:44.

So I wonder - what have my previous timed 50's been?
Well last January they were in the mid 50's.

I guess getting my tired ass out of bed at the crack of dawn once a week for the last 6 months is paying off.

Now if only it didn't take me about 20 minutes to do a flip turn - slow motion for ya. slow motion for ya.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spinderella Cut it up one time

I may or may not currently be singing Salt N Pepa in my head.

It's 7:30am on Monday and I am not getting ready for work.
Why, you may be asking.
Because I live in Richmond.
And it's SNOWING!

I have all my blinds open to look at it and just pulled out the ski clothes so I can go make a snow angel without getting wet. Hopefully IronGreg will get brave and get on the raods - he's from NJ this is nothing to him, right?!

Off to Princess out - have to keep her on a leash and maybe in a bright orange vest, too! She could get lost.

Well I'll be beack with pictures and to maybe blog about training. The little bit that I am doing.

Happy Snow Day!