Saturday, November 13, 2010

HCA 8k

First of all I would like to apologize for my absence. I haven't been able to write posts from my computer for some reason.

Today I ran my 4th 8k.
In 2005 I tried running it - the same race as today.  finished in 1:01:and change.
In 2007 I ran the Turkey Trot 8k with my brother - 53 minutes
2008 Turkey Trot again. 50 minutes.
2010 HCA VA 8k. Finish Time...42:14. 8:29 pace.

This year has been an off year. I haven't done as much as in previous years. Something about a wedding. haha. This spring I tried to start running again, but my leg felt otherwise. Back to square one. I spent lots of time on the elliptical and slowly making my way onto the treadmill. I recently was able to make it to the last 3 track workouts, too. Although I haven't run more than 3 miles this year.

I originally wanted to race the half marathon. not just as a run, but actually race it. i knew that was not going to be in the cards for me, so a few months ago I emailed the RD and switched down to the 8k. Still 2 miles more than what I have been able to run.

The race went well. I made it to mile 1 at 9:20 - I didn't think I was going to run an 8:30 secret goal.
Then at mile 2 I look at my watch - right on track. Can I keep this pace for another mile?
Mile 3 - 26 minutes. One more mile?
Mile 4 - 34 minutes. Wow - I can do this. less than a mile to go.
Finished with beating my goal.

IronGreg beat his goal for the half marathon.
My girls doing the marathon all PR'd as well.
What a great to be racing.

I can't wait to hear how all my friends at Beach to Battleship have done!!

Monday, November 1, 2010