Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Monday

talk about a case of "the Mondays"

I walk up to the front door of the office this morning to see it is plywood and the small window next to the door is shattered. yup. you guessed it.

yesterday my boss came to the office to find that we had been robbed. the police came - guns drawn - to make sure he could enter and check out the damamges. it was not "kids at play", but people who knew what they were doing. all but one computer is gone. server. printers. autocad sofware discs. one printer was found by the front door. and one office had been rummaged but the computer was still there, so we are assuming they got startled and took off without finishing the job.

as the partners roll through the process, we are all filing witht eh credit agencies. the acounting information was all taken with all of our personal information. although it is password protected to you and me. a hacker can get through most anything so we are taking precautionary measures. sucks.

i had to file about a year and a half ago when my wallet and checkbook were stolen out of my purse at work at my old office. which a police officer found about 2 weeks later in an alley a few blocks from teh office. everything was in it except the cards that were used.

so - we are dealing with the motions today. as i sit here with an old laptop one of my bosses had at his house. i can't get to any drawings, but at least i can blog, right!

congratualtions to IMFL girls.
way to go, Du-chicks.

send happy thoughts to my office!


Renae said...

Ughh.. what a bad day. My moms shop was robbed a few years back, except she was in it! Luckily no one was physically injured despite being held up at gunpoint. Then a again a few months ago her car was broken into and they stole the deposit bag from her company.
Hope you get everything straight with the credit companies fast, I've had to deal with that before and it can be a nightmare.
Be thankful that it is just stuff that was taken, and everyone is okay.

Diane said...

Oh man, that sucks. Glad you were not there when it happened and are okay.