Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Me: "You sure are lucky to be dating me"
Greg: "Today I think you are the lucky one"
Me: "Nah, you're the lucky one - you get to bring me!"

I guess it pays to have a boyfriend in corporate Communications. This past weekend we attended the White House Correspondents Dinner. It was amazing. I felt so VIP!
TG MJM did my hair for the event and we headed off to DC for a Hollywood evening...well hollywood in DC. There were tons of media and "celebs" there. Here are some pics of a few.
Me and my good friend Liz enjoying the cocktail hour.
Tucker Carlson - he "embraces stalking"

Sigh - Mr. Darcy (aka Colin Firth)

Yes, he is McSteamy - Eric Dane
Darn it they are cute in real life, too! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Aarn Eckhart

Marcia Cross - Classic. Although she was tall and so thin she seemed frail. Like you might break her.
I may be seen here with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from The Hills, but I will always be "Team LC"
Padma from Top Chef - "You must go pack up your knives"

I always knew I was supposed to walk the red carpet. On the way in it was wild - cameras and lights EVERYWHERE! On the way out...empty. But it allowed for some fun photo ops.

Well the dinner was about the President, so here is Georgie conducting the orchestra

Georgie speaks.

Comedian Craig Ferguson roasts President Bush

Friday, April 25, 2008

R and R

That is what I need.

Stress seems to be all around me. but I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Yesterday (Thursday) I left work a frazzled mess.
I was trying to lock in on my loan and no one was calling me back fast enough.
I forgot to pick up my sister's baby shower gift wednesday night so I knew after training I had to get to babies r us! pronto!
I have a handful of miscellaneous life tasks to accomplish. let's not mention that my laundry is still in the washing machine (not even dryer) from monday night. yeah. exactly.
I received about a 300 page book of condo docs to read thoroughly in the next 10 (now 9) days.
I have a half iron distance race in less than 2 weeks.
and oh yeah - I am supposed to work full time, too.

I drove out to West Creek - I just needed to work out. I wanted to get on my bike and feel the breeze in my air and that nagging burn in my quads. But right- I am tapering, too! AAHHH! Supposed to take it (relatively) easy.

I am driving into west creek. thinking about how I have had my fair share of flats int he past month and I am glad it is has already happened and not on race day.

I pull inthe parking lot passing Snells, Annnnn, and RCAT. give them a little toot toot and they come in the parking lot with me. I pull out my bike. Are you fucking kidding me! My rear tire...is flat. this has GOT to be a joke. I just need to breathe. I sit down. take deep breaths. and begin chanign it. I am so stressed RCAT helps me before I have a minor breakdown. over a flat tire. we change it. pump it up and POP. 100 psi andit blows. no. seriously? seriously. i jsut have to place the bike int he car. I blow kisses to my friends and I jsut have to run. i was keeping about an 8:30 pace - man I MUST be stressed out! I stop at my water stop and keep going. I figure I need to slow it down and take in the moments. (defintiely don't want to take in the smell in the air... who pooted??) that place needs to not fertilize with manure. it's just wrong. anyways. i run more. and then decide that i feel like hill repeats. but i already passed th hills and am headed back towards my car. hmmm. so i sprint a minute. walk a minute. and so forth.

then i headed home to do laundry. mop. clean everythign i coudl think of. and then serious stretching and much needed sleeping.

then this morning...
i broke the scale.
i dont know how i am going to get everything accomplished in teh next 24 hours.
but you knwo what.
i'm here.
i have awesome friends. and tonight i am dining with an old friend who is in town
i am healthy.
life is good. so why am i stressing over it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Under Contract

It's official...well almost.
The condo is under contract.

now...back to training. i do have that half iron thing in 9 days!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The offer has been made.

Negotiations are under way.

I may soon own my very first home (condo)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The alarm clock began buzzing.
I rolled over and hit snooze. Surely it can't already be 5:30.
Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Snooze button again.
What was I thinking to plan a long ride so early?
Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Alright Already. I'm up! I'm up!

Triboyfriend and I rolled our way downstairs rubbing our eyes to eat the pre-workout breakfast. English muffins...peanut butter...bananas...gatorade. Someone is a little grumpy and doesn't want to get up...but I got a ride to do!

The plan is to be out the door at 6:30.
Oh right - I need my nutrition...
Where are my aerobottle rubber bands...
Ok make that 7:00.

Finally we are at West Creek and ready to ride.
Oh wait - I need to change my front tire.
Cheeks on Seat at 7:00 turned into 7:15.

Okay now we are off! 70 miles of hills here I come!
20 miles in...
Stop sign. Not clear! Falling.
To quote E.T. "Owwwwch". Note - when clipping out to the fall...lean left! Especially on a pretty new bike! After we picked me up and brshed off the gravel we continued on our merry way.
As we pedalled our way through Goochland the songs and mental tricks kicked in...
Mile 30...
"Oh what a beautiful morning.
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling.
Everything's going my way"
Mile 50....
"What goes down, must go back up"
"What goes up, must come down"
I think I will go with the latter. Power in positive thinking, right?
Mile 55...
"My back aches, my pants too tight,
My body sways from left to right
Say ooh-ahh we got the spirit (clap clap clap)
Ooh Ahh we got the spiirt (clap clap clap)"
Did I really just flashback to middle school cheerleading? Wow. I must be going delirious.
Mile 60...
"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"
Mile 65...
"I think I need my space" I told Diamond that I was breaking up with her for two days. Until Tuesday when I need to ride again of course.

We averaged 16.5 - not too bad for the route. I was hoping for 17 on the hills, but oh well. It was actually the longest ride I had ever done. Afterwards I found it intersting the way my thoughts grew dark as the body grew weak. Not a good thing. My back hurt. I felt like I was going up hill on the downhills. Every small roll of a hill seemed to make the thighs burn. I think I may have ridden through the Rocky Mountains. But not only did my body grow weak, but my mind weakened with it. When the body weakends it s the power of the mind to pull you through. I know I can do it and I need to reassure myself of that during the ride.

Well after the ride and a 2.5 mile jog I was ready for a nap....
Oh right - house shopping. House report posted in a few days...

Friday, April 18, 2008


I heard a story on the news this morning talking about how gas how reached an "all time high". I feel like it's a broken record. This story airs almost daily as we see the price at the local gas stations tick higher and higher. I can now say - "I remember when gas was less than a dollar" and more recently "I remember when I swore I would never pay over $3.00 for a gallon of gas" - but of course I have to pay more if I want it. So I do. Darn economics.

I have another fuel that seems to be on the rise, too. Food. Lately I just can't stop eating. Today I met a girlfriend for lunch and we stopped by the local hot dog cart where I indulgedin not one but two hot dogs. Mmmmm. After quickly consuming both I was ready for another. Good ness Gracious! Talk about a high fuel bill!

We chuckle around the office at the amount of food I eat. All. Day. Long. Although some call it "boring" - it consists of fruit, crackers (sometimes with seeds!), popcorn, pb&j. Lately I just can't seem to eat enough.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flying Around

Last night at Masters Coach Karen was back for the night. She kept me in the gupfish lane, but I was able to work on speed without stressing about keeping up.
~ I flip turned almost every timeI was in the deep end! I still don't have the courage to do it in the shallow end.
~ We did 4x25 IM. I worked on my fly drill and feel a liiiiiittle better about breast stroke.
~ At the end was a 4x25 Choice. and we all decided to try the 4x25 IM again! I give us credit for our efforts!
Two of my training friends, LD and SS, came up a lane - FINALLY! this sounds so cheese, but it made me happy to have them move up!
Last night we might be gupfish, but we were rockstars!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Arizona or Bust...was a bust.
My brother and I were flying on buddy passes = standby.
Due to the American Arilines debacle, the flights on US Airways were now overbooked.
So - we were getting bumped.
I went home from the aiport and threw my temper tantrum (not really, but I did cry even though my brother and Greg told me tears woul dnot fix it, they sure did feel good).
Mom was in town, so we were able to get treated to a nice dinner out where I consumed a pomegranate martini to drown my sorrows. no worries, I only had one.

Then Saturday I saw the roach off on his race. He finished 3rd overall and no one beat the roach! He did end up sick 5x on the 2nd run from being so hot in a roach costume - yick! But now - here are roach in training pictures!

I made my way to the Williamsburg outlets with mom and sister (and nephew to be). It was a good day. I liked most things I tried on, although I was unsucessfull at finding some new capris. I love retail therapy. =)

sunday I had a good workout - could have been better, but also could have been worse. I was able to workout with my team. I kept roughly a 16.5 pace on the bike and 9:40 on the run. I had to cut my run short to make it to my sister's baby shower.

And I ended the weekend with a migraine. Sigh.
But - today starts a new week. Filled with good training and a few steps (and days) closer to my goal. Everything happens for a reason!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ironman Arizona or Bust!

I planned my 2008 season with a particular goal in mind. Ironman Arizona 2009.
My big brother and I decided that we would take on the Ironman Challenge together. After much deliberation we picked an event. Arizona.
Now - how do I get there.
Well I am hoping to do 2 half irons and a full marathon in 2008.
the Adventure will come to life this weekend.
Iron-brother and I are heading out to Arizona tonight.
We will train tomorrow morning for our next 'A' race - White Lake Half in 22 days, which will be our first race together. After training we will do lunch with cousins, afternoon beers with a childhood friend and then dinner with his family. A
fter a fun filled Saturday, the weekend gets better. We will be watching thousands of those taking on the Ironman Challenge. A few of brother's friends will be participating. This will make it real.
Then on Monday, it gets really real. We are signing up for Ironman Arizona 2009.
I am very excited to follow in my friend's foot steps and challenge myself to something that I forget how few people will even attempt for. I am excited to share the experience with my big brother.

On another note, last night TG Zona and I had an awesome workout. We went out for a 60 minute ride and I averaged 18! I didn't get the whole hour in, though. Diamond (the bike) sure it high maintenance! about a mile from my car it happens. duh dum. duh dum. duh dum. Aw shit. i have a flat. in the back. But!!! Better now than on race days and my first chance to change a flat all by myself on the new bike. I walk back to my car wheere the spare kit is (b/c that's helpful!) and I start changing it. It takes me so long somepoor guy comes over to check on me. I let him know I really appreciate his kindness, but I really need to actually do it for myself b/c on race day no one will be there to help me. He undesrtands and just watches for support. Success. and I am back on my way. Enter deer.

Then we head off for a run. 1.2 miles out. 3 hill repeats. and 1.2 miles back.
1.2 miles out - average 7:58 - oh rock on. this makes me a happy little girl.
hill repeats - well Zona says I look like a bunny. I must run awfully intersting with a furry butt?
1.2 miles back - need. water. average 8:40 on the way back. i was so parched it was uncomfortable. I thought my mouth was sealed shut. oh well.
It was a good workout.

Well, back to work before I leave for the airport!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back in Action

Tonight I had my first post-plague workout.
Along with TG Snells, TH JB, and Greg as the Roachie (althouhg only for a bit - pictures to come).

First on tap was a 45 minute ride. I did one 8 mile loop and averaged a 17.78mph pace. I am content with this. I felt tired and weak, but great to be outside again. I could only do 45 minutes, not the 60 I was hoping for.

Next up - a 45 minute run. I was feeling exhausted after the bike, but wanted to get a run in, so I decided just to do my 2.4 mile run loop. I ended up doing this in 20:39 - an 8:36 pace!!! And I negative splitted, too! I paced 8:41 for the first half and 8:32 for the second half. I am very happy with this. I was breathing heavy and I felt slower than I was. I felt sluggish, but I am happy with the results.

So all in all - it was a good step back in the right direction. I'm so happy to be back in training mode!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monument Avenue 10k

Yesterday was the Monument Avenue 10k. An annual event that I love. It's one of th elargest 10k's in the country. And an amazing community race with lots of first timers and pros too. With 30,000 of my closest friends I was looking forward to the challenge yet again.

As the days drew near, I found myself receiving IV fluids. The BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Gatorade and Ginger Ale. Although there was nothing I could keep - not even water. I had the stomach plague. But it's ok - the doctors say 48-72 hours. Ok - that means by Friday I will be fine.

Friday came...and I was still in bed.

Like a girl, I cried. But I knew no matter how much I was trying to convince myself that I could...I knew couldn't. I had to bow out of the race.

Race morning I was up at 4am. Staring out the window wishing my stomach worked and I felt better. I convinced my cousin to take the train in town and do her first run race ever. I sent her training schedules and the time was here...for her. Without me. Kindly she offered to lay in bed and watch movies all day, but I couldn't let her do that. So we mosied off to the races and I paried her up aith my friend and team mate, TG Snells and they were off for the start line. Cousing ran past me around mile 5 looking strong and finished her first 10k ever with an impressive 1:09. So proud of her!

But as I stood there in the rain watching friends and team mates going past it hurt. I felt like someone cut off my legs. I wanted so bad to take off 10 mintues from my time last year. And now for another year I will have to continue to carry my 2007 time - that I wasn't happy with. Sure there are other 10k's - but they are not the same. It's so frustrating. I just want to scream at the stomach gods.

I always say that everything happens for a reason. Well I sure hope there was a good reason for me to have to lay in bed for a week and miss an amazing experience.

Friday, April 4, 2008

What is a Girl To do?

To race or not to race, that is the question?

A new PR - i know it.
Sharing the race with my cousin - her first race ever.
Participating int he best community 10k ever that I look forward to every year.

Been sick for a few days - 90% better.
The whole need IV fluid thing.
Still working on rehydration.

So, back to the question. To race or not to race...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Training Challenge

Tuesday: Scheduled to do an hour bike ride and a 45 minute run.

TG Zona and I met at WC for a fun evening training outside. After the first 8 mile loop I decided to get off the bike b/c my gears were skipping. I came to a stop and got a little dizzy. Nausea. Let me jsut sit on the curb. I had about 25 minutes to wait for Zona for our run anyways. By the end of our run, I really wasn't feeling well and my legs could barely move. I figure I am dehydrated and chug some Gatorade Endurance.

By the time I get home I can barely move. I finally fall asleep and at 1am I wake up...and am plain sick. (I'll spare you the details). We figure by this time it must be food poisoning. TG KAte O kindly brings me yummy sick treats - ginger ale, saltines, and magazines too! By Wednesday afternoon my lower back is in so much pain, my temperature is over 101 and I can't even hold water down. Off to Patient First I go. They weigh me and I kindly inform them that their scale must be off. As much as I like it - it was about 8lbs too low. They give me 2 bags of IV since my bopdy drank the first one so fast. I got a shot in my butt to help me sleep and stop the vomitous maximous. We get home and the Ironboyfriend goes to the grocery store for Gatorade, Jello, Applesauce, Advil, etc. He gets the boyfriend award yet again.

So here it is. Thursday. Fever is down to the 99's. I can walk better. But I have no energy.
Clearly there is no training for me tonight.
I jsut REALLY want to do the 10k.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to the Basics

Last Monday as Swimming it was a bad night. Coach JP noticed I threw mechanics out the window and started "thrashing". (I bet that looked like a swan)

So the plan for this week was to focus on mechanics. I reminded him of this as I crept my way back down a lane. I have been working towards moving up a lane and accomplished it, but a month later I needed a "refresher course". And that is what I got - I thought about where I enter the water and my pull and lengthening of my stroke. By the end of class he said it was back to looking good.

so I guess next week back to the Goldfish. I will keep up. I will keep up. I will keep up.
(there's power in positive thinking, right??)