Monday, March 31, 2008

Third Time's the Charm

I am hoping this cliche to be true - that the third time is the charm.
I recently started seeing Dr. Dec about the knee. I have had issues for 3 years. Ugh!
She said right away she cna tell the entire leg has three years of tightness to deal with first before going further. Although I have gotten MUCH better with stretching, I need more. So Thursday I go to my frst visit for torture session. She warned me that it will hurt - bad. But it will help - ok here goes nothing...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Life is all about balance.
Training is all about balance.
Balancing training, family, and life in general.
And my new part of the balancing act...the new job.
My first project is managing the interiors portion of a multi million dollar project at Pinehurst. Pretty cool, huh! I look forward to getting on course two. Ok I will settle to at least the driving range. =)
I will be spending a few days every month at Pinehurst. It's not so bad - getting the top notch treatment...doors opened, piano player with breakfast, every need being met.
However, what does this mean...a few days not in Richmond training. I talked to my boss and there is a gym there I can get access to - note to self for future reference. Unfortunately - it's no masters class or Maramarc yumminess. But it is better than nothing. Just a new piece of the training puzzle. I mean we do triathlons because we crave challenges - this is just a new challenge and I take it on. I know I can still train even though I will be missing more ideal conditions. It is great experience for my career. And that is balance.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrockin' into 2008

The 2008 Season has begun! A what a way to kick it off - the Shamrock Sportsfest in Virginia Beach, VA.

Saturday morning was the annual 8k race. Last year this was my kick -oo. This year a ood friend of mine participated and rocked it! Go Katharine!

We all met up at the race expo getting ready for the full and half marathons the next day. We headed up off to a team dinner thanks to the organizing skills of TG Prissie. We filled our bellies with pasta and wine. As Saturday drew to a close the weather began turning like was predicting. As we got home from dinner the rain began to fall. Uh-oh! TG Jill had opened her inlaws beach house to 8 of us to pack in for the night as we prepared for Sunday's events. We pow-wowed talking about race nutrition and full and half iron distance races as out season is really gearing forward ready for White (Pink) Lake Half coming up before we know it. But as the clock strikes 10:00 we head to bed for a night's sleep.

I toss and turn all night and waking up at one point to the sounds of terrential rain and howling wind. I think to myself "If it sounds liek this in the morning, I will be staying right here in bed! It is only a 'B' race afterall" As 4:45 came the alarm clock buzzed. And I hit the snooze button. But of course I have Greg nudging me to get up and get ready for my big day. I make a last minute decision to ditch the race skirt and put on my capri tights that I luckily brought. We chow down on english muffins, bagels, peanut butter, and bananas. Sherpa Greg drove one of the caravans on over to the race. We met up with the rest of the pink gaggle and I hop into Corral 2 - all by myself =(. Greg takes some of our bags to the drop off for us (thank you) and comes back to pick up his coat that I wa wearing to stay somehwat warm as the wind was rolling by. You could hear the flapping of clothing with every gust. But then I found TG Megan (aka speedy smurf) and the national anthem played and BANG! we were off.

I ran one mile with Megan and then lost her int he crowd. Mile 1 came in at 9:13. Awesome. I thought if I could keep that pace up I would definitely hit my 'A' goal of breaking 2 hours. The first three miles as always were tough - getting wamred up and such. I had a pain/tightness in my right shin for the first three miles, I was afriad I somehow ended up with shin splints but after about 3 miles the pain went away. Cool. I was feeling good. Focusing on trying to forefoot strike, drive with my knees, keep my shoulders relaxed, elbows back...etc. Around mile 5 I overheard two ladies next to me say we were at an 8:00 pace. Uh-oh! I know if I kept that up I wouldn't be finishing the thing! Then there is this pain in my tummy. Hmm. This isn't good. But I want to break 2 hours so I will ignore it. Each mile marker comes. I stick to my plan of having a shot block every even mile marker. And taking water/gatorade only when needed since I can't run and drink (it ends up up my nose) so I have to walk through water stops. I wanted to keep the groove, but I also didn't want to dehydrate so I hit 3-4 water stops throughout. I passed a few banks of port-o-jons. Even though my tummy told me to stop, my heart said no - keep trucking and reach that goal. Around mile 10 I overheard 2 volunteers discussing how hungry they were. I thought to myself "yeah well at least you can eat - I have to run a 5k before I can go to the bathroom!" But there - like a light shining down from heaven - there it was - 2 port o jons. with no one around. I beelined! I now knew that although I felt better, I wasn't goign to hit my 'A' goal, so I would focus on my 'B' goal of breaking 2:05. I watched my watch and every time I would hit a mile marker would add 9 minutes and that was my goal for the next mile marker (I had been doig this throughout). Oh and side note - the sun was peeking through and the wind gusts were not as bad as predicted. I even took off my long sleeve top and ran the last 2 1/2 miles in my tank! Finally came the turn onto the boardwalk. I cold see the statue and knew the finish line was there. Less than a mile to go. I was definitely fading, but I want that 'B' goal. There were so many cheerleaders (yay!) that I couldn't find my Greg, but I knew he was in there somewhere. I crossed the finish line and got my medal. Oh yay - I need to look at my time...2:04!!!! Yay!!! I got my water, goody bag, etc and ehaded to the TG meeting spot. I first found TG Joan who rocked in at 1:58:00. Our spot began to fill with TG's and other friends. We shared a few stories and beers and talked about how amazing we all did. For suck a stinky beginning to the day witht he weather - we ALL did so good. And I would say 99% of us PR'd! It doesn't get much better than that. What a way to start the season. I love my TRIgirls! And we all granted Greg the Sherpa of the day Award!

Here's to a Shamrockin' Season!

ChipTime - 2:04:06
Pace - 9:29
Age Group - 204/713 - 28% :)

Monday, March 10, 2008


Tonight I did the week's schedule 1.5 mile timed swim.
100m pace: 1:53

I decided to look at what last month's timed 1.25 mile swim was.
100m pace: 1:53

Well...I guess I'm consistent?

Diamond's Debut

Yesterday Diamond and I bundled up and headed out for nice hour ride with friends. Along with Greg's new road bike debut, 5 of us toodled around Battlefield Park dogding a few fallen limbs - but this time no wild dogs and baby cows to dodge.

Tonight Diamond will head on over to her temporary home at Maramarc for training yumminess.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So between Greg's Big Ironman and the job search I haven't been recapping those yummy workouts lately.
Swimming is coming along just swimmingly! I have come to learn that the team bathing suit is a bit risque! It may look like the ordinary "speedo" with the pink flowers the TRIgirls like to don on all of our attire and accessories. However...the left side is light pink. Dry it may okay- but don't look too closely. And then after aswim - grab that towel. I was walking feeling proud after a good swim mosey on through the locker room and passed the mirror when something catches my eye. Rewind. I felt like a cartoon character with my eyes popping out of my head!! OH. MY. GOD. That would be a see-thru section of the suit. Well shit. Oh well. I like the suit and in the water no one can see thru the chlourine, so what the heck. I'll keep sporting the suit. But keep that towel close by for afterwards!
Besides putting on a show pool side I tried to put one on in the pool, too. Hey hey hey, get your minds out of the gutter. I am talking about my times here. I did my fastest 100 at 1:44 and held it 5 times! This has never happened since last week and sure I may have been drafting - but heck yeah! On Monday I did an easy/moderate 300 warm up and finished in 5:41. I was quite impressed with myself. I credit JP and KH! Seing improvements is always exciting!
Well after swimming there is a bike ride to do, so I guess I better train there, too.
No, no I have not taken Diamond on her debut ride. Tragic, I know. She is so pretty and is begging for me to ride her. Between classes and weather I have not yet had a chance to play with her. This weekend is the scheduled ride. I figured with Greg landing late friday night and the saturday run being short, I will go outside for the long weekend brick! Diamond is cheduled for her inaugura two hour ride! She is going to be so pretty out there! I hope I don't fall with the new pedals!
Ouch! that would be my knee talking. The past few runs have left me with calf pain and fianlly my knee is going to explode. So I did it this week. I whipped out the credit card and bought new sneakers. Even though I am unemployed, I figured it was better than a big injury from wearing old sneakers. I didn't go on my run today since I was shadowing someone for a possible job, but tomorrow will hit the elliptical for my hill run so my knee will learn to love me again!

So the next 2 days are going to be super exciting.
Greg comes home!
Diamond has her debut ride.

Oh yeah - and I have a few job offers out there! But waiting for more before I pick. Yay for being gainfully employed soon!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I need a job.
Getting desperate.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Greg Mathe, You Are An Ironman

He did it!!!!
As the tunes of "Without Love (where would you be now)" played over the speakers of my computer, I watched the R-dot come racing across the finish line. Not much of a smile, but a glimpse of one radiating a feeling of success. A feeling only an Ironman would know.
The clock read 11:01:19
Greg Mathe, you are an Ironman.

We are SOOO proud of you, baby!!!