Sunday, December 18, 2011

Next Up

I finished my 10 miler a few weeks ago.
In january, I start training for a half marathon in March.
So...what do I do now??

well, yesterday I ran for a whole 45 minutes on the treadmill.

and today, IronGreg and I signed up for Virginia is For Lovers 14k. Go Team Matheletes!
And it's my birthday weekend - what a fun way to celebrate!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bear Creek 10 miler

I did it! I finished my first trail event - The Bear Creek 10 miler.
10 miles of trails.
10 water crossings.
countless mud bogs.

The weather was cold, but after a few miles it was perfect.
The water was cold, but towards the end my feet welcomed the cool rinse.
My shin and calf hated me towards the end.

But with my friends pulling me along, we did it!
It was a fun-filled day with lots of familiar faces.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This Thanksgiving, we were in the great state of South Carolina at my brother and sister-in-law's house.
Their neighborhood hosted a 5k - there were about 100 people registered this year - their biggest yet.
It was small but fun.
Greg won the race in 18-ish minutes.
I finished in 27:20 - same time as my last 5k. An 8:47 pace. not my best pace sicne last year I ran an 8k at a 8:29 pace, but I haven't trained for this and it was all for fun.

My nephew ran the kids race.
And then my brother and brother-in-law pushed in for the 5k in the jogging stroller with flat tires.

So much to be thankful for.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Ever since IMCDA, I have had a touch of the lazies.

I go to the gym a few times a week.
I run and people watch.
 I lift weights and people watch.

I kind of watch what I eat...I watch it go in my mouth.
However, I have also been watching my clothes shrink.

this past weekend I watched my friends show how awesome they are with fantastic times at the Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8k. I passed out water at mile 2. It was cold. But awesome.

I am now back on the nutrition train. Watching what goes in my mouth...and making sure it's healthy. No more of my beloved fall baking days for me. And I am getting back into training.
Not sure what I am training for, though.

Oh and I am eating my words.
I want to do another marathon.
I have one in mind...when I sign up I will let you know.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Tough Mudder

I'm a Tough Mudder!
We climbed 12 foot high walls
carried logs
climbs hay bales
lots of mud
swam through ICE
jumped over fire
lots of water
buttered monkey bars
and last, but not least we ran through electric wires
10 miles and 28 obstacles later
we are Tough Mudders.
Go Team Ironmaidens!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking at the Bright Side

Call me Alexander. I'm having a case of "the Mondays."

 But the more I hang out in my pity party I am forced to look on the bright side.

- I have completed countless running races, including two marathons.
- I have completed countless triathlons including 5 half ironmans and 2 full ironmans.
- I own my own company.
- I have a great husband. (should probably make that bullet #1)
- I volunteer.
- i have a roof over my head and food in my belly.
- I have good fashion sense.

I mean check that out. It's good to be me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh my Aching Back

I have always had some back pain.
Recently it got worse.
Once the pain started going down my leg, I decided it was time to go see my doc.
Turns out I have a herniated/pinched disc.

But I am stubborn.

so this Sunday I will still be participating in Tough Mudder.
Yes, I am nuts.

Please do not tell my mom I am doing this. haha.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Life in Design Sales

Yesterday I ran around town updating libraries.
I went to XXX Architecture to take stock of what they actually had in theirs since I had never been there.
I was so happy I found a GREAT party spot on the street in a TWO hour zone! High five!
I walked around the car and got some things out of the trunk…and some home made pumpkin bread to reel them in.
Did my thing. Ran into a girl from another design firm there.
An hour later I am back at my car.
I see a bring green something on my windshield.
Surely it can’t be a parking ticket! I am in a TWO hour zone and have only been here for ONE hour.
I am so mad I get in my car and pick up my phone to call and complain as I open it and it reads ..”parking in less than 15 feet from a fire hydrant”
I get out and look.
And oh yes, RIGHT next to my driver side door is a damn silver fire hydrant.
All I got to say is, Aren’t these things supposed to be red?

the funniest part to me -- the parking ticket included not one, but two pictures of my car illegally parked. 
so much for finding rock star parking. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Drop Out

I just dropped out of a race.
I have never done this before.
Not a good feeling.
but I know that my heart is done for the season. the disappointment I felt after my last race make me re-evaluate the rest of my season.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goochland Sprint

I know I have not yet gotten to the Ironman run and finale...and post race wine trip.
But I have to jump ahead.
This past weekend I did the Goochland Sprint Tri.
Well, I did it.
It was not the day I was hoping for.

Looking at the people I would be racing against I really hoped for 2nd in my AG.
I figured I had been working on my swimming. So that should be decent.
I did a HIM at a 18.6 pace and this is only 12.5 miles, so surely I should be in the 19-20 range on the bike.
Running, well I just have to push through as hard as I can.

The swim went well. A little slower than expected but was 3rd AG
The bike I pushed, but forgot to start my computer so I wasn’t sure of my pacing. Ended up with…18.6. Seriously?! Not happy with that. 3rd AG.
The run was hard. I knew there was only 1 person in my AG in front of me and I wasn’t catching her, so I had to keep the girl behind me off and I would have 2nd. I finished feeling like I worked. 5th AG

Well, I finished and the preliminary results has the girl in front of me as an overall winner, therefore pushing me to 1st AG. I was stoked!!! Then as finishers were coming in the fast runners starting pushing me out of the way. I ended up 4th. #2 beat me by 14 seconds. And #3 beat me by 2 seconds.

So looking back, I feel like I should have been able to find at least 14 seconds. Whish disappoints me. Mainly because I know I did not train for this race. And this is what I get for not trying hard enough.

Because of this I have decided that I am not going to do Giant Acorn sprint in October. My heart is not in it anymore. I need to re-evaluate myself. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ironman: the Bike

The bike in pictures. 
guess which picture was taken by Brightroom?!

It wasn't bad - a few good climbs to let you feel all that lactic acid. 
TMI - my crotch hurt so bad I couldn't go in aero. not cool. I kept thinking to myself how nice it would feel to sit in the cold lake now! 
Glad i used tube socks for arm warmers. they came in VERY handy at tissues since I was sick all week. 
I like to wave to my adoring fans when I race. 
I loved that it was a 2 loop "V" shaped course (2 x out and backs) With so many friends out there with me, I was able to see lots of familiar faces. 
I wasn't really sure what time to set for a goal since I am not good at climbing...but i love those descents! 
I thought it would be great to average in the 16-17 zone for this course. 
Finish Time: 6:50:08 - 16.4 pace. 
I definitely slowed down a bit on  he second loop (17.7 according to my computer for the first)
but hey, I'll take it. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ironman: the Swim

Race morning.
the weather was fabulous. the lake was calmer than we had seen it all week. the sun was up already at 4am. Something we are not used to. It made setting up in transition great -- no need to wear a head lamp to see what you are doing. Susie Q gave us a ride to transition which was super nice. We immediately found IronGreg's parents who were ready to cheer on all the Richmonders.

Lynnie Lou and I walked to the swim start together. We found Tyler along the way. this was a major cluster. The walkway to the water is narrow and it's filled with over 2,400 racers and their supporters. And one random idiot on a bike.
the calm before the storm
the pros started 25 minutes ahead. this way they would be on the second lap before the age groupers began. This makes total sense, right?! Keeps us out of their way since this is their income after all. However, because of this you were not allowed in the water  to warm up. you could walk in up to your knees, but that's it. boo. So no warm up. We were all shaking a bit. It was a little chilly and nerves were high. I stood on the beach where i seemed to be right in the middle. not to one side, not to the front or back. Right in the middle. sure I may get hit more, but time wise this was where I needed to be.
the pros are off! 
The gun went off and everyone rushed the water! I had practiced dolphin diving but with people all up in my biz, I couldn't do that, so I just ran until i couldn't run and dove right on in. Whew - that'll wake you up! the water was a balmy 55 degrees. Luckily, I was so focused on getting my rhythm I didn't have time to be concerned about the temperature...or lack thereof. I had told myself that IMAZ was 62 and I survived that and this wasn't that much colder, right?! anyways, I swam along thinking about Dory and Nemo, my trusty swimming imaginary friends. I got hit a few times. And I had to elbow one chick b/c she was she plain annoying. the first loop wasn't so bad. I could hear the volunteer yelling times - 42:30. That works for me! Ya know, thinking back - that may have been my fastest 1.2 time! score! 
The second loop wasn't as good. Sure things thinned out, but the waves picked up some. People wore booties on their feet. I hated finding those people. If you hit their foot your hand went right across the grippies on their booties - owie. I figured when I got out of the swim my knuckles would be nice and exfoliated! As we rounded the buoys they were just as congested as the first. Almost more so. there was no swimming - you waded around and the group would pull you around. the second turn buoy was the PITS! A good size wave came as were wading around it knocking us all over the place. One man yelled out "Tsunami!!!!" we all got a good laugh and kept on swimming. 
I did not negative split the swim, but from what I hear, no one did so that makes me feel better. 
Goal Time - 1:30
Swim time - 1:28

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ironman: Pre-Race

I read a fair amount of blogs. there are some really talented writers out there. I read about peoples' journeys through life and I am amazed at the talent of the writing that just sucks you in...and some posts can be rather lengthy. Made me think about my attempt at blogging. Why can't I write long posts? Probably because I don't take the time to write; I just regurgitate some quick thoughts onto my keyboard. I am always thinking of things to blog about...but then I never do it.

So here goes my attempt at an Ironman recap. I may or may not make it all the way through in one post. 

Pre- Race 
We arrived in Idaho on Wednesday, June 22nd. and it was h-o-t. If it weren't for the lack of humidity in the air I would have thought I was still in Virginia! We were beyond ready for lunch so we hit the town for some sammies. I had travelled in my FAVorite Skirt sports pants and my compression socks. I was so hot, that I had to roll up the pants into shorts and thus showing off my knee-high glory. At this point, Coeur d'Alene had not been taken over by athletes. It was filled with teenagers wearing bikini tops and cut off shorts...unbuttoned. and most of them should not have been wearing those outfits. Not only because of their age and sending the wrong message, but because they were not exactly petite. But I digress. As we strolled through town it was almost humorous getting looks and hearing the whispers over my outfit. 

Anyways, we made it to our house. "Copper Top Lodge" It was fabulous. The decor was not exactly on par with the quality of the home. but it was beyond perfect for our week-long Ironman retreat. It was about a mile from Ironman Village and was at mile 2 of the run course. So roughly miles 2 and 11 on the first loop and miles 15 and 24 on the second loop. 

IronGreg and I were assigned to the pull out sofa in the basement. I was a little concerned about the basement  (and by the end of the week my back was over that sofa bed), but it was great. We were tucked away in the downstairs TV room, connected to the gym, and we had to pass the wine cellar/tasting room to get to our own bathroom complete with a urinal. I named this space the "insert last name Lair" 

So Ironman. Yes, the days drew near. 

Wednesday I drove the bike course with "mi amigas", IronGreg and his coach. We passed one house that had a training tiki bar of sorts. complete with flat changing kit, bars, gus, and a port--o-jon. I mean this town really suports this race. It was so cool! the owner was out and he said they keep the goodies out in May and june for everyone to train with. 

I swam on Thursday and Friday mornings. I prefer to do this swim at the race site and at race time. so at 7am there I was freezing in my wetsuit as the wind swirled around us looking at the white caps thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?" (That wednesday heat previously mentioned was a fluke...back to the cold for this southern belle). the first swim was tough. Having been sick all week and jumping into 55 degree water really takes your breath away. Especially when you have a hard time taking a breath in the first place. I figured out that although I breath every 3-5 stokes, I needed to breach every other stroke in order to catch my breath. I was able to swim for about 30 minutes. And Friday's swim was even better since I figured this breath thing out. We practiced running in and out of the water. That sand hurt my cold feet! 

Thursday we picked up our bikes from Tri Bike Transport. In fact there were so many bikes coming from richmond, that we had our own VIP line. that's how we roll. (haha get it)
I got my rented race wheels and IronGreg put them on Diamond. Man she looked pretty. 
Diamond posed with IronGreg's bike for a pre-race photo shoot. 

The Richmond crew, well part of it, met at our house for a little ride along the run course to get our legs moving and get any kinks out of our bikes. 

Friday, after a much better swim, we picked up our race packets and hit the store for some pre-race shopping. We spent the afternoon putting together our gear bags. People enjoyed my spreadsheets and lists of what to put in what bag. What can I say? I was a Girl Scout. I like to be prepared. 

Saturday was re-lax-a-tion. We finished packing our t-bags up and rode our bikes to transition to drop them and our t-bags off for the night. 

Two Richmond sherpas that volunteered for 
the gear bag drop off. they are awesome. 

Well, like previously stated. It might take me a few posts to get through this one. but hey I elaborated more and I even added pictures. self-high-five! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am an IRONMAN...again

I have returned from my 12 day excursion to the Pacific Northwest where I participated in Ironman Coeur d'Alene. It was a GREAT day.
I finished in 13:52. Not a PR but I was pleased with my time.
IronGreg finished in 10:08. A PR for him, although not his goal time. and thus missing qualifying for Kona. Bummer.
Details to come. Trying to catch my bearings after being gone for 2 weeks.
I look forward to catching up with my blogger friends!

Friday, June 24, 2011

2 days...

In 2 days I will be competing with 2800+ of my closest friends in Ironman CDA.

Our travels were eerily easy. No delays. All luggage made it. Easy drive to our rental home.

woke up to the trees swaying and the waves crashing. thunder. lightening. rain.
luckily this didn't last too long, so we can get in an early morning swim from the beach that the race is on. Our beautiful rental home in on e water with a dock, but we thought it would be nice to actually practice at the actual race site. The water was chilly, but bearable. I had a hard time catching my breath for the first few minutes. I figured out that since I am not able to take my normal deep breaths with this cold and the inability to breathe out of my nose, i have to breathe every other stroke. We practiced some run in and outs and then called it a day. Brrr.
We drove the bike course. The first third of the course is real scenic. only one larger climb on this section. the second third is pretty technical. Some steep descents with sharp curves. (IronGreg rode one particular descent today and wiped out but he is okay. Maybe one day he will learn that you go faster on your wheels)
We rode our bikes on the run course. My legs felt great. Snot-o-rama! I feel bad for anyone riding around me on Sunday.

 another early morning swim. Air temp around 45 this morning. A little different from those 70 degree mornings at home. This time I knew what to do to help my lungs get air. I felt good in the water. Although the waves make sighting difficult.
Did some successful shopping in the expo. and now it's time to relax before an afternoon jog.

I did make a minor run adjustment. I typically have done run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. With the hills, this didn't work. I learned during my 16 miler that hills and a time method don't work since I have to walk up the hills. I adjustment my plan to be run until I need to walk up a hill. Well, there aren't many hills on the run after all. So timex watch on sale at the Timex tent in Ironman Village and back to running a 4:1 for the marathon.

My calf is taped up with Kinesio tape. I just need to tape up my shin now.

I didn't bring my laptop, so I am borrowing one, so Iw ill try to update again before Sunday.

Monday, June 20, 2011


sunday I will be lucky number 208
you can track me at using their athlete tracker.

208 is an area code in Idaho. I take this as a good sign.

IronGreg is 1154.


I have been getting ART - Active Release Technique by Dr. Rob Green at Active Chiropractic throughout my training due to my chronic compartment syndrome.

You may have read about me bitching whining talking about this condition. It's a total PITA.
I have been dealing with it since 2008. In 2009 I caved and had a compartment release done on my lateral fascial compartment (the outside shin muscle). It left me with a fierce scar. and that muscle will never be as strong as it once was. But I can pick up my foot again when running.

Throughout training for IMCDA, this condition reared it's ugly head. Dagger. the compartment under my soleus (which is under the gastroc) started giving me a helluva time.

This time I decided to tray a new approach. Active Release. It's supposedly has a high success rate. I decided to give it a try. for about a month I went and saw Rob 3x/week for my torture sessions. Although my skin was left with some bruising and the muscles were tender for a day - holy cow - it really does work! I slowly worked my way down to one session a week. today was my last pre-race treatment. And we applied some Kinesio tape with instructions on how to apply pre-race.

My calf is loose and ready to try this running thing.

Thanks, Rob!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

140.6 thoughts

In 10 days I will be competing in my second Ironman - Ironman Coeur d'Alene in CDA, Idaho.
This day I will go for a morning swim for 2.4 miles.
this ride around the town on my bike, Diamond, for 112 miles.
then finish off the day by jogging 26.2 miles.

I don't really have an overall finish time goal. Odd, I know. I felt the same at kinetic. I think about the goals for each split and they total up one way or another at the end of the day.

This time, however, will be long. so long in fact that I come to you, my friends, for 140.6 thoughts to keep me going throughout the day. (Note: I cannot take credit for this grand idea)
the last .6 miles I will be thinking about the finish line.
So my challenge for you, is to actually comment for a change and give 140 things to ponder on June 26th.
Before the race I will list them out...
I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Fresh and So Clean Clean

As I headed off to Belize, one of my besties introduced me to the coolest products ever.
La Fresh
They have all kinds of travel products in a wipe form!
I have packed the Sun Screen wipes in my transition bags for Ironman. A great way to quickly apply sunscreen to my face as I head out for each leg.

Dory or Nemo?

This morning I had a great swim.
the pool is hot - which can slow you down.
the pool is shallow - which can slow you down.
I hit a new 100 meter time - 1:30!
A few months ago I hit 1:31, but I typically am in the mid-1:30's.
You can call me Dory or Nemo - I will let you pick :)

I have a draft post that has been hanging out since I returned from training camp over memorial day weekend.
Maybe one day I will finish it and post it.

1 day until Diamond (my bike) leaves for CDA.
7 days until I leave for CDA.
11 days until IMCDA.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flying to LGA

This weekend we celebrated my Great-aunt-in-law's 99th birthday.
that's right 99.
And she is a tough old bird, too. But I that goes without saying considering she's 99.
She lives in Geneva, Switzerland. She comes over to visit family about twice a year. and she travels herself. A few months ago she got pretty sick and we were all on pins and needles. the doctors told her no more flying to the states. she told them she would take a boat. ha!
But, she was feeling good, and so she flew. she came over for cousin Peter's high school graduation. While she was here, on May 19th - same birthday as Princess, she turned 99.
So IronGreg and I were able to fly up north to celebrate with everyone.

I got to the airport about 30 minutes before boarding. the computer screen at the gate looked funny to me. I stared at it for awhile before it really sank in....delayed about 30 minutes. We were scheduled to take off at 7:20.
As I sat in the terminal I read my july book club book (even though I haven;t read June's yet). anyways, as the time nears...the departure time moves later and later. Good thing I brought all 4 Uncrustables with me. I at them all. oink. oink.
After two hours, I find myself getting ancy - we all were. It's late. We're tired. and Delayed.
First the man to my right starts talking to himself....out loud. Watching TV on his lap top and laughing...out loud.
then the man behind me - his BO starts creeping over the back of his chair. Jeez, dude, the plane has recirculated air - please bathe before entering airport. Oh good God, please stop passing gas on top of your BO. you stink! literally. smelly kid in class.
The family to my left is so sweet. a mother, daughter, and son. they eat dinner  i think how kind they are to each other. surely it's not always like this, though. respecting their mother. the kids sharing a game of some sort. then it starts. the son's hic-cups. he is sitting 2 seats away from me. out loud. hic-cupping. I continue to read as I tell myself to remain calm. hic-cup. hic-cup. hic-cup. after 10 minutes I am losing my mind. I give him "the look". and it worked. I scared the hic-cups right out of him. sigh of relief.

I think to myself, I am sure glad I am not:
"but-i-had-tickets-to-the-yankees-mets-game-tonight" guy
"i-will-not-make-my-next-flight-so-i-have-to-spend-the-night-at-the-airport" guy.

I get all the plane and my seat partner joins me. Holy Vodka, Batman. I think this guy spent the last 2+ hours with his face buried in a bottle of alcohol. He clearly passed out during the flight. I may have gotten drunk off his fumes.

Finally I make my way to LGA and meet up with IronGreg and Dennis the driver. (IronGreg was in Montana for work all week, so we met up at LGA). We get to IronGreg's parents' house at midnight. Quickly shove some meatballs in and off to bed.

Saturday morning long run. Lovely park through northern Jersey. It was great seeing so many peopel take advantage of the nice weather to be active - whether it be jogging, biking, or walking. some alone. some with families. I accomplished a 2:15 run - roughly 14 miles. I was scheduled for 3 hours, but my legs were done after 2:15...and that's when I got back to the car and couldn't force myself to go back out for a short loop. I really wanted to get in 16 miles, but oh well. I am so not ready for the run at IMCDA. I a going to die out there. but i guess if I know this going into it, I will be mentally prepared?

The party was lovely. IronGreg (who ran a speedy 18 miles in 2:15) and I laughed that the old people might out party us. and they did. it was all we could do to stay awake during the party. I was even too tired to enjoy wine. I enjoyed some nice bubbly ginger ale instead.

Luckily, the flight home was less eventful. We had bagel sandwiches packed (IronGreg loves Bagelicious) and we got home as I finished my book and IronGreg went off for his 80 mile ride.
and so the week begins...

3 weeks, 5 days until our 1st anniversary
4 weeks, 5 days until IMCDA

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


this morning I could barely make it out of bed for a 7am swim.
I am supposed to go to the 6am class, but that one was definitely out of the question.

then I had an ART treatment. He walked in the room and told me I looked tired. (a compliment every girl loves to hear haha)

Then the kicker. tonight. I missed my favorite bike ride of the week.
I finished my work day around 4, so I turned on my soap (DVR) and the next thing I know it was 2 hours later and 10 minutes until wheels down. (and, man, was my ear laying funny)
I was in a dress. (not appropriate cycling attire.)
and 30 minutes away from the meeting location.

Hello Peak Ironman Training. We meet again.
Well, it's almost 9. time for bed.

side note: planning my post-Ironman wine road trip is well underway!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kinetic Half Race Report. Wow.

Yesterday (Saturday) IronGreg and I participated in the Kinetic Half at Lake Anna State Park. A nice venue only about 75 minutes from home. Lots of my comrades doing IMCDA with me did this training race a well. Sine this was a training event, my coach did not have us taper for this. Instead I had a hard 2 hour ride three days before.

I was pretty anxious going into the weekend.
1. I had not raced a half ironman in 2 years.
2. last time I swam in open water I had my first "freak out"
3. I am just starting to run outside again and it's only been for 30 minutes.

The plan was to wake up at 3am and be in the car pulling out of the driveway by 4 am. Ew.
Luckily, IronGreg's coach got a hotel room and it had two queen beds in it, so we were able to grab the extra bed. We didn't make it up there in time for Friday night's packet pick up. Oh well.
We got to the "roach motel". I laughed that the coach must have smoked a pack of cigarettes while waiting for us. But - it was a place to lay our weary heads the night before the race which offered us one more hour of sleep. I could not be more grateful. I forgot my watch, but luckily a friend was able to bring an extra now known as the "pay it forward" watch. (more to come on that)

Race morning. I get dressed, but my oatmeal just isn't doing it for me. I get down what I can, but only eat 1/3 of it. Packet pick up line was long and I was getting anxious. I got my number and was happy to get a good spot on the rack. After claiming my territory, I got body marked and my chip.
I am trying to find my peace with the swim, and so I want to go for a pre-race warm up swim. Race starts at 7, so I figure if I get in at 6:50 I can splash around for a few minutes then get back out and not get cold waiting for my wave. I get to the beach at 6:50 as planned. and they announce for everyone to get out of the water!! what?!?!?! That wasn't in my pre-race plan.

Swim. I line with the red cap wave and the gun goes off. I ran into the water and quickly start swimming. I try to sprint for a minute then find my groove thing. I learned quickly that there is some velcro not covered around my neck where the wetsuit closes. This catches my hair. and not just a few strands. It felt like half my hair was being scalped every time I sighted. I would have to reach around and pull it out. but, I wasn't going to let this bother me. I had to laugh it off. Especially knowing that my dear friend who closed my wetsuit would feel absolutely awful knowing this hair pain and that just made me laugh. I did a good job at sighting, especially for me. I had to pause a few times to really see where I was going, but I stayed on course pretty darn well. Unlike the guy who was swimming diagonally and kicked me pretty hard in my chest taking my breath away. but I couldn't be mad - he was going off course and had no idea he was going to kick me. I really tried to go at a moderate pace. When I get in open water I have a tendency to slow down my stroke. I am afraid of running out of steam - it's hard without that wall to gauge my distance, so this time I really tried to give it a little more gusto.
Goal Time: sub-40
Split Time: 43:28 (16/19 AG)

nothing exciting to report.
Split Time: 2:23 (3/19 AG)

Bike. this is what I have been working hard at. I got a fit a few weeks ago and have been feeling like I am finally getting my bike legs. I wanted to really work the bike, but keeping in mind I had a hard run ahead of me afterwards. the hill coming out of transition my heart was racing. I went into an easier gear to spin and get myself in line. Why do I put pressure on myself at times like this?! Getting on the road and feeling groovy. I start flip flopping with a few girls. Usually when this happens they pass me and I never see them again. This time, uh-uh. Not going to let that happen. I am going to try (pun intended). It's a lollipop course doing the lollipop part twice. Not bad - LOTS of false flats, but only a few real climbs, which aren't daunting at all with the hill training I have been doing. At one point I start to feel tired, I think to myself, "Self, it's a good thing you put a #1 nephew kiss in your pocket" About 20 miles to go and my friend, the wetsuit closer, catches me. she is a crazy good biker even though she doesn't realize it. We actually end up flip flopping a few times. I have accomplished "dropping" the girls I started with except one. We'll call her "your grey tri-suit is too thin b/c I can see your butt crack" girl. or "Grey girl" for short. for some reason I wasn't going to let this girl win. Maybe b/c she was in my AG and I really wanted a solid bike. With about 3 miles to go she is ahead and I just can't seem to catch her. drat! then we are at the dismount line together and I ran over the mat first - hooray. (although come to find out she actually beat me by 3 seconds. blast!) But I felt happy coming off the bike.
Goal Time: sub-3 hour
Split Time: 3:00:49 (10/19 AG). 18.6 avg. I will take that.

Again, nothing exciting in transition. I did find out another girl in my AG was doing her first HIM. I wished her luck and told her she was 2/3 of the way there.
Split Time: 1:51 (9/19 AG)

Run. I run out of T2 and I hear my FAVorite race sound - my mom made it and is cheering. She's always so loud I just LOVE it. and she has #1 nephew with her and I hear this sweet "Auntie!" and some kisses are blown (we catch them and put them in our packets for later - I didn't know he was going to be there which makes the bike pocket kiss even sweeter in my head) the run starts uphill. My calves hate the hills. seriously?! And of course this is where all the fans are! I try to run, but damn this hurts. I get to mile 1 and I stop to stretch the calves out. ahh much better. I get on track to run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. But I know it's a hilly run and I have to walk uphill to keep calf inflammation down...I have to keep my eye on the big prize in 5 weeks. In my head I tell myself to just hold a 10:00 pace today. That's all. I haven't been running outside and don't have the confidence to be aggressive. Everything seems to be going well. I am doing my 4:1 and holding my 10:00 pace. Awesome. IronGreg is on his 3rd loop when he passes me on my 1st. He passes with a "Good Job, Wifey". thanks, babe. Wait! what the?! His shorts are torn and he is covered in blood! oh Lord. He must have wrecked on the bike course in this misty weather. Oh no. I hope he's okay. But I have to finish my run. A lot goes through my head when running. I pass through for the 2nd loop and IronGreg is in the medic tent and his friend pokes his head out to holler at me that he's fine. Oh good. Then comes the half way point. and the cramps. oh. no. seriously?! I just put one foot in front of the other. I tell myself that the bathrooms at the finish line are SO much nicer than the port-o-potties on t he course so just take my time and think of indoor plumbing. unfortunately my stomach was not listening. port-o-potty won. i was racking my brain while running why this was happening and what can I do to make it stop? I realize I put enough calories for a 4 hour ride on the bike (in case something happened and I was out there longer than expected) and I had almost all of them!!! and they were offering HEED on the course which I don't like. maybe i should stop drinking it - duh! So from now on water and flat coke. Unfortunately, by this time my stomach is a wreck and my 10:00 pace is shot. I just have to finish. and I did.
Goal Time: 2:10
Split Time: 2:20:35 (16/19 AG)

Overall Goal Time: sub-6:30 (6:34 is/was current PR)
Overall Finish Time: 6:09:03 (12/19 AG)
So I didn't hit my swim goal or my run goal. But dammit I just got a 25 MINUTE PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, before I go any further, you may be wondering, "What's all this 'wow' about?" Well, I will tell you.
As we were heading out on the bike there was some traffic stopped. I turned left and there was an SUV at the intersection. I look over with a smile and I see a little girl, filled with joy, staring out of the window. In the instant that I saw her, her eyes were filled with amazement. Filled with life. she was saying the word "WOW". I was thinking to myself that she has no idea the motivation she just gave me. I said a little prayer, as I often do when racing, asking God that she may one day be blessed by someone giving her the motivation she may need just like she gave me. It was just such a neat moment.

1. LOTS of PR's. Strong races out there by all my friends.
2. IronGreg is alright. He is pretty banged up. but still finished with a respectable time...and a PR. His entire right side is a mess. and his bike is covered in blood. We don't think it is too banged up, but it goes in the shop tomorrow for a good check up.
3. Jill S surprised me out on the run course with her cowbell when I was struggling and that was so nice to know that I would see her again.
4. I love my girls - we smile when we race and cheer each other on.
5. I know I say it a lot, but I also think it during events, we are so fortunate that we are able to do this.
6. I want to give a shout out to my girls that raced Rev 3 Half today. You all did so great. You make me proud.
7. Last but not least. My mom is awesome. She just happened to be coming in town for another event and drove additional time that day with a 2.5 yr. old to cheer me on. she said she was happy she was there to see me do a personal best. (and #1 nephew was happy to eat all the crackers and oreos - even woke up this morning asking Grandma if he could go see Auntie race today and get more cookies) how awesome is that.

Friday, May 13, 2011


IronGreg and I (and lots of my training friends) are doing a half ironman tomorrow.
We are leaving in a few hours.
I haven't started packing yet.
I did swim in the lake and drive the bike course this morning. I also got lost driving the bike course. And then it rained. Am I ready for this?! I haven't done a HIM in almost 2 years. I feel so...removed.

I used to precisely count all my calories. Now I just dump calories into a bottle and fill it with water, grab a bag of Gu chomps and call it a day.

I used to pack a week at least ahead of time. I have my tri kit pulled out. and my bike shoes and helmet are nearby. But that's it.

either a.) could I be getting used to distance?
or b.) just in complete denial that I am about to go long and hard when nutrition and endurance really matter?
you chose b.) Denial?
Yup. me too.

Rev3 is also going on this weekend. I wish lots of luck to my girls heading to TN for that event.

It is kind of neat that after this is Ironman. and then I would have done the 4 distances in 3 months.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As I training for the marathon of Ironman on the elliptical and treadmill I am spending some quality time with my pink iPod shuffle. I bought this from Target the NIGHT before I flew out to San Fran for my first marathon (nike Women's in 07). I couldn't get my iPod to work and the idea of running a marathon without tunes seemed so daunting. Best spur buy ever.
anyways, I definitely need to update the playlist. So as I jam out in my car to Black and Yellow and other current ditties that will never go down in history, I find myself creating an IRONMAN CDA playlist.
tonight. I am taking on that task. well at least starting it.
What are some of your FAVEorite workout tunes??


This morning I had a session with my new personal trainer, Jillian. No that is not her real name, but I am a fan of the Biggest Loser (although I wish they went b body fat % loss and not weight loss). Anyways, that's for another post.
Back to Jillian.
this morning I was tired.
I had a long workout Saturday. Another long day on Sunday. And some kick ass bike intervals on Monday night.
I didn't sleep well last night I think partly due to restless legs from them being worked so hard. Luckily, this morning we worked on core...or my lack thereof. Afterwards instead of stretching she taught me the easiest thing to do to flush out your legs.
If I were good at quickly uploading pictures I would give you a photo step=by-step directions.
1. lay on your back in front of a wall.
2. swing your legs up so the backs of your legs are on the wall - your butt should be on the floor up against the wall.
3. just relax.
yup. that's it.
there are some additions you can do to stretch your glutes, hammies, and hip flexors...but I think those would require photos to explain.
Thank you, jillian, for teaching me how to flush out my weary legs.

in other news, I think I am ready to start picking out outfits for my post-Ironman wine tour. I wonder what the weather will be like...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend's theme song

Last Saturday, it was just me and "Miso" riding together. So we decided this was our theme song.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This weekend I rode 100 miles with one of my dear training partners. Well she is more than a training partner, but we were training together when we had an interesting conversation.
In 2009 we both did our first Ironman - she did FL and I did AZ.
this year we are both doing our second - CDA.
But this year doesn't seem to have the same spirit. Has training for an IM lost it's charm?
It's such an intense time in our lives no matter how many times we do it.
Our workouts are no longer filled with "firsts".
We have gotten then hang of how to pack for a long ride.
At IMAZ I had am amazing sense of pride at the finish line. I can only hope that I do again.

I don't know if my anxiety with training this time around has taken out some excitement. But should that really matter?!
I am not a strong open water swimmer.
My bike isn't where I want it to be. I had some problems with the bike up until a few weeks again and I just don't feel as "fit" as everyone else.
My run is well my run. I have had more leg problems this year than in 2009 when I was also recovery from invasive surgery.

I rode 100 miles yesterday with an amazing woman.
And I even ran (well run/walk) for 30 minutes afterwards. that's HUGE
and today...I "ran" for 2:45.
1:15 in the pool, 0:45 on the elliptical, and finished with run/walking 45 minutes on the treadmill!!!
that's right. I ran. two days in a row! I haven't done that in months.
So while my workouts aren't filled with the same challenges as the first - the excitement of being challeneged with a new distance at almost every workout, this year I am challenged with my mind. Overcoming the challenges on the bike. Overcoming my injury on the run. and dammit overcoming my open water swim ability.
Yes, this Ironman is just as exciting in its own way.

and speaking of injury, I would like to take a moment to thank my team of experts...who you will hear about more and more.
Karen Holloway - my head coach. she won IM Canada. such a badass. and she lets me whine (calls me whineypants). she is patient with my frustrations and my injury when it comes to constantly twekaing my training plan along with my stubburn-ness.
Rusty and Camille - aka Bob and Jillian. my personal trainers working to make my arms and abs look tough. ironman is all about a strong core after all.
Liz and Tina - the nutritionists that are helping me and my sensitive stomach.
Rob Green - my chiropractor doing magic Active Release Technique (ART) on my leg.
Laure - my super open water swim teacher.
and last but not least...
IronGreg. I love you oodles of noodles.

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends out there.
To my mom, who raised me and my siblings by herself after our dad passed away. and I think we turned out alright, too. Hats off to you. God picks special people to show such strength.
To my sister, don't tell her this but she is an awesome mom. I have learned SO much watching her raise to her amazing boys.
to my mother-in-law, you raised one heck of a good kid.
to my Grandmothers, your love leaves me speechless.
to my friends, you are such amazing women. I've seen you conquer the challenges that life has brought to you. and you have succeeded and overcome with such grace. you are the women that should be on the cover of magazines. you are the women people should look up to.
I can only hope that one day God blesses me with child(ren) that would allow to stand beside you on this day and that I can be half the mother that you are.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Secret Trick for Endurance Training

During my training for IMAZ I got sick...a lot. 
Once a month I found myself on my ass. coughing. Running nose. the works. Always a 24 hour lay-you-out-flat bug. 
IronGreg was always on my case that I wasn't taking in enough vitamins. Maybe he was right. But don't tell him that! 
In the weeks leading up to IMAZ I took an Airborne every day. It was glorious. 

This time I know my body doesn't like being treated this way. So I am taking a multi-vitamin every day, along with calcium, and my thyroid medicine. you would think I was 80. The calcium pills from my doc are horse pills! and I am supposed to take 2 pills 3x/day!!! That doesn't always happen, but at least I take some, right?!
anyways, I am also drinking either an Airborne and an Emergen-C with dinner a few times a week. 

so there you have it - my secret health trick for endurance training...multi vitamins and Airborne/emergen-c. 

Healthy Training to you!! 

Monday, May 2, 2011


Does anyone else find themselves writing a blog post in their head during a workout?
I do it All. the. Time.
Unfortunately, I rarely actually post those thoughts.

my bike is not where I would like for it to be this close to IMCDA.
Last weekend I rode 80 miles on the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway) last weekend with some friends.
I was definitely one of the slower ones out there, but this was also a BIG jump in time/distance for me. I almost doubled my saddle time on a hard route.
I felt good the first 4 hours.
The 5th hour was tough.
The 6th hour was pure hell.
I actually stopped 3 times hyperventilating. It was the most bizarre thing! the negative thoughts were overwelming. I was by myself at this point and was having thoughts that any crazy mountain guy could snatch me up and no one would know. I didn't even have a cell phone on me. I thought about asking for a ride up to my car. But I would have to ask a family b/c if not then I could be asking the crazy man to kidnap me.
you can imagine my other thoughts...
Where do these come from? Obviously watching too much Lifetime!

I rode this past weekend with my girls. We rode a moderate 59 miles and it was amazing. i finally felt like i was/am getting my bike legs back. I have a century this coming weekend so we shall see if they hold up.

I read an article recently that in a pool you should have a low turnover stroke rate for speed and in open water you need a high stroke count for speed - you lose time during that glide.
Hmmm maybe this is why I am decent in a pool and SO BAD in open water?

I haven't run in a week and am feeling good. My ART treatments seem to be going well. I am hitting the elliptical tonight. wish me luck!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Weather Request

Dear Mother Nature,

Please be kind this weekend. There are a bunch of people racing on Saturday and Sunday. Racing in the rain can cause terrible accidents.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


I am SOOOOO tired of being cold. Bring on summer, pretty please!
note - remind me I said this when I start complaining about the 100+ degree temps.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

My last two posts have been positive...a great PR and a podium finish.
Well, I have some other things on my mind that are not so positive.
1. bike.
I don't know what's going on, but I am have a hard time on the bike. So bad that I don't want to ride with anyone anymore. I am having a hard time engaging my hamstrings and am quickly blowing out my quads. In turn, riding a lot slower than I am comfortable with. I am beyond frustrated.
I've had lots of thoughts here. My coach, PK, and I were discussing that simply my bike, Diamond, top tube is too long. However, I cannot just go out and buy a new bike.
I had a bike fit by a Physical therapist and cyclist when I first got Diamond in 2008. I have since started using a new bike mechanic who is a former cyclist on the pro circuit. So last year I decided I should get a new bike fit to see what he thinks. I am starting to think this was a mistake. He made some adjustments and said I would get slower for awhile before adjusting muscle groups and then would be faster. Yeah, that's not happening. Am I just looking for an excuse (and someone to blame), or could this really have messed me up on the bike?
Ia m not sure, so tomorrow (Friday) I am getting yet another bike fit. This time by IronGreg's bike fit guy. He has this certification and that certification and blah blah blah. All I know is that when I get on the bike after the fit I better be lightening faster! and able to engage my hamstrings without blowing out my quads.
Another issue ont he bike is that having my heel down puts strain on the right shin that has been having problems this year. PK and I discussed riding with heel up. While not ideal, there are pros that ride that way. But this also makes it harder o engage the hamstring. With so many hills to climb at IMCDA  and knowing that after 112 miles of that I have to run a marathon, I would like to use that hamstring as much as possible on the bike.

do you have any tricks on the bike??

2. Carbs
I am back to having stomach problems. I blame carbs.
I am able to handle cereal without a problem.
Pasta, Bread, Rice = uncomfortable bloating
Chickpeas = tongue allergy
Not having carbs in an endurance diet an cause muscle fatigue, so I need them. But I don't know what I can eat!!!

what are your FAVorite carbs?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Podium Finish

Saturday I raced my first triathlon of the season, the Smithfield Sprint.
A brief synopsis...
woke up lat, missed the caravan, but found them on the road and made it there in time.
awesome girls on the bike rack with me.
one was a first-timer. I set up her trainsition area for her...race karma for me!
the weather was cold and crazy windy.

300 meter pool swim, snake style.
water was murky. I swan michael phelps style, with water in one goggle.
finished in 5:48-ish. not my fastest 300m race time by about 20 seconds. but i came out of the water 2/10 in AG.

couldn't get my arm warmers around my wrist in T1. then went to get on bike and realized I still had my "Kool Kovers" on my clips. After dropping an f-bomb and apologizing for doing so the volunteer at the mount line took them for me. and this is why we do that first race.
10 mile bike.
crazy head wind for the first 7 miles.
was hitting like 16mph. ew.
last 3 miles, crazy tail wind and was hitting 24 mph. oh yeah baby.
overall pace 17.5 - ew. ew. ew.
but managed to finish 3/10 AG

never used those arm warners on the bike I took so much time to put on my wrists.
first brick on 10 months. yowsers.
got a sidestitch right off the bat and had a hard time getting my heart rate under control.
5k run.
finished in 27 minutes.
8:50 pace.
I'll take that considering my run training. 4/10 AG

3/10 AG baby!!!!
podium finish!!!!
race karma sent my way.

and congrats to IronGreg for finishing 1st in his AG, 10th OA.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sham-ROCK-in Half Marathon

I did it! I did the shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday.
I just couldn't sit on the sidelines. Although I have been "banned" from running outside and have the last two weeks aqua jogging behind water aerobics (those instructors sure are crotchety), I was able to squeak out 13.1 miles on the road.
My longest road run was 12 miles. and it wasn't pretty - hence the aqua jogging.

Let me rewind a minute for those who may not know me.
In 2008 I trained for this race. I trained hard.
I wanted to finish sub-2 hours. I wanted it bad.
I was running along feeling great when it hit. That awful feeling you really don't want at a race. Stomach cramps.
At mile 10 I had to hit the trusty ole nasty-ass Port-o-jon.
If you are not a runner...avoid these traveling potties at races. To say they are raunchy would be an understatement.
Needless to say I finish that race in 2:04:06. A time that has stuck with me.

I did one stand alone half marathon last yea,r but it was a fun run, not for time. I couldn't even tell you what my time was. it was at disney. you stop and wait in line and take pictures and simply have fun!

back to sunday. this was my 2nd attempt at breaking 2 hours. training was not up to par due to this chronic injury so I wasn't sure what to expect. I usually run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute. but i decided to run to each water stop then walk 1 minute.
for the first 6-7 miles I was feeling good. hitting around 8:30-8:40 at the mile markers.
then at mile 7 hit the head wind. fatigue started setting in.
at mile 10 I was done.
at mile 12 I was ready to stop. I took a couple extra walk breaks here.
then came the boardwalk. that final half mile.
official finishing time......
I did it! I broke two hours!!!!

there were MANY PRs all around.
IronGreg did the full marathon and finished in 3:10 qualifying him for Boston! Way to go, babe! I'm proud of you!

Lesson learned: don't take the sandwich bag a gu chomps you found in the pantry from last season for a running race. they are un-chewable.

such an Sham-ROCK-ing weekend for everyone! high five.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Training

Saturday I was scheduled an EASY 75 minute run. I love when I see that "e" word on my schedule. Unfortunately, due to the shin issue, I spent 90 minutes pool running. It went by fast than I thought it would.
I used a friends adice and clipped my iPod shuffle to the top of my head.
The pool was quite the place to be on a saturday morning. but i was able to run along the lane line behind the water aerobics.

I finally got off the trainer and hit the road Sunday for a 3 hour tour. Damn, I got my butt kicked. I used to be pretty good at hills, I was the last one up every single hill. With IMCDA in 3.5 months...guess I will be doing. hill repeats. oh boy.

that brings us to this weekend. shamrock.
I'm doing it.
I can't sit on the sidelines and wonder what if.
Sure it may hurt.
Sure I may not PR.
BUt I can't just watch.

still waiting on my new shoes, btw.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gazelle Sports

I love my Asics DS trainer 14’s. but they came out in 2009.
(the 15 in 2010 and now they are on the 16 in 2011).
Well model 16 gave me this blasted injury.
So I was on a mission to find some 14’s.
being that they are the model from 2 years ago you can imagine my search.
But I found them!!!!!!!!!!! At a retailer, gazelle sports, in Michigan.
And they have them in green, not the pink i have had, so they match my kit as an added bonus!!!!!!!
I had the pink when I wore pink, and now I wear green, and found them in green! (hey, like i told my ortho surgeon, I am not getting on the podium, so I may as well look good)
you can look at image to the right ------> and I am wearing the pink ones during IMAZ
I bought the last 3 pairs in their inventory!!!!! (clearance price AND free shipping, too!)
$209.00 for 3 pairs of glorious sneakers. 

Let the Aqua Jogging Begin

My shin pain is either serious shin splints...or a stress fracture. the road to recovery is the same at this point, so I am not going to drive all over town getting a MRI or Bone Scan done. I mean does it really matter?

So PK and I talked briefly this morning about how to adjust the training plan...
Friday's run starts session one of aqua jogging. I did this a LOT after surgery when I had a few months before IMAZ, so now I am doing it a few months before IMCDA. Hmm...I smell a trend. A trend that I would like to stop, thank you very much.

One intensity ride during the week and one long ride on the weekend.

Call me Nemo. Or Dory. Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.
I hope I have enough bathing suits between 3 swims a week and however many aqua jogs a week.

I had my session with "Jillian" this morning. I will still meet with him 2x/week. We are going to focus on abs/core, arms, and back. minimal legs.

I wonder when walking up and down stairs becomes 100% pain free. Today isn't nearly as bad as Wednesday. Track on Tuesday really killed me. Blasted track.

I think everyone training for CDA should be on my plan. that makes it fair, right?!
I definitely spent yesterday moping around the house having a pity party. IronGreg gave me one day to feel sorry for myself and find the mindset of a new training plan. It sucks watching so many people just train their hearts away with mild normal aches and pains but no injuries and than I haven't been injury free since 2007!!!! I mean come on now. I think I am due here. I eat right. I stretch. I take care of myself. but to no avail. I'm stubborn. I don't accept being told I can't do something. That makes me want it more...and throw fits along the way.

Back to that Shamrock question from yesterday.
PK says no.
I say yes. I mean this could be a stress fracture already so what's the harm in one day of running outside! I have two triathlons in April that are training races for IMCDA. I will have to run outside for those, too. At this point...F-it. I will aqua jog to my heart's content. and Run outside for races. Sure it will hurt. and sure my times will suck.

But I am not a quitter.
(IronGreg's reminder last night...when he gave me flowers to cheer me up. aw.)
I quit smoking and trained for a 10k. (in 2005)
I trained for my first marathon (in San Francisco) 100% on the elliptical due to knee injury.
I trained for triathlons with stitches in my foot (granted that prolonged the healing process. oops.)
I trained for my first ironman aqua jogging and on the elliptical. from intense surgery (fasciotomy) to ironman in 7 months.

I am not going to quit now.
I may be stubborn.
I am not a quitter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to Shamrock? or not to shamrock? that is the question.

A few weeks ago my soleus and calf muscle in my bad leg were tight. some knots. PK dug into them over coffee. Because doesn't everyone want their coach to dig into their muscles at Starbucks? haha.

Saturday I ran 12.2 miles. My shin hurt, but not where the usual surgery pain is. no pain, no gain, right. I am an Ironman after all.
sunday I hit the elliptical for a fast 45. Holy shin bone.
Ice. Ice. Ice.
Every night I fall asleep in my ice pack. I un-velcro it sometime in the middle of the night when it actually eels heavy from being thawed out.
Now it's Tuesday and I have track. I rarely do track because hill repeats inflame the bad shin muscle, as does running stadium stairs. If we are on the track, I typically do every other speed drill so the added recovery keeps the inflammation at bay.
Last night's main set was 4 x 800 descending. PK told me to start at a 2:15/400 pace. Okay that works.
I hit: 4:13, 4:00, 3:43, 3:42.
As you can see there was minimal difference in the last two. Each time as I started it was like winding up my shin muscle to work for me. The last 200 it hurt so bad I went down to a jog.
I had to sit out of the timed 100 at the end.
Why does speed work injur me?!?!
This morning my leg pain is now to the point where I am ready to cut the damn thing off and ask McSteamy and Callie to give me a new one. A few tears shed at the idea of being injured...again. I just can't be no injured. It's so frustrating I just want to SCREAAAAAAAAMMMMMM.
Some words PK and fellow trainee and PT, Meredith threw out on the pool deck this morning...
- no shamrock half marathon
- shin splits?
- stress fracture?
not the way a girl training for an Ironman wants to start her day.
I was able to get in an appointment with PT Meredith this afternoon. We did some ultrasound on it and some icing. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the aggrevation going on in there.
We are going on the theory that this is a serious case of shin splints. No impact for awhile. i'll take tonight off the bike. Try it on sunday (scheduled for a 2:45 ride). and back to aqua jogging I go. no roads. no elliptical.
If this keeps a stress fracture away, then I'll take it.
Is it ideal? no. But hey, when do I like to do anything the easy way?!

you may be wondering, what the hell did I do to get these anyways?
Well, I'll tell you. Because I know EXACTLY what has caused this crap. (bitter? yes i am)
I wear Asics DS Trainer. I love them. I've been wearing model 14 for two years now. I loved them so much I bought about 500 pairs. Well, I am down to my last pair. So, I bought the new version, 16, since they have a new model. Like cars, shoes get redesigned every year to supposedly make them better. BULL. SHIT.
I want the 14 back!!!! Screw you Asics. Look what you have caused me!! (again, bitter? yes!)

So to Shamrock? or not to shamrock? that is the question.

On a side note. I have friends who also blog. they are so enjoyable to read. their words flow. Verbiage is well used. Topics are usually interesting.
then I re-read my posts. I am all over the place.. and most of the time I don't care if there are mis-spellings or lower case instead of capitals. I type fast. I don't type well. but it's me. It's my typing character. And the train of thought..well that's how my mind works.
So I may not be as fluid as the skilled writer, but thanks for reading anyways!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Melted Heart

My two nephews have taken over this heart of mine. I was once talking with my sister about how it's amazing the love that you are filled with before they are even born. she told me to just wait until I have my own - I can't even imagine.

TD is getting so big. He's almost 3 now and he is just the funniest guy. Friday I met them for lunch and when I walked in he spotted and was just waving and saying "Auntie! Auntie! we're over here!" Before I could get there his arms were wide open and he was making the "big hug" noises.

then I received a picture letter from TD's new baby brother, BB, asking me to be his Godmother. How special am I?!

I have the best best nephews any Auntie could ask for.
they are constantly melting my heart with their love.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


running frustrates me. i try so hard. yet i don't seem to be making any progress.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

building mileage

It's hard building mileage with this injury. but, thanks to ProK slowly but surely I am putting the miles in the bank. this weekend I rode a hard 3 hours on the trainer - thanks to Coach Troy and the IM moo video.
then on Sunday I ran 10 miles!!!
My run started out a little different. Instead of eating oatmeal, I ate greek yogurt, black berries, and a honey stinger. My stomach felt a little funny, but not bad so off I went.
Instead of running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute, we mixed it up. Started with the 1 minute walk and then a 7 minute run. it's so funny how you get so used to certain intervals. those 7 minutes felt like forever!
I took in a new Honey Stinger gu at every other walk break, so every 16 minutes.
Around 30 minutes I realized that something was not right...
the new breakfast? who knows i changed so much.
the new gu? who knows it could have been the yogurt.
geez what did I do! i have to take some extra walk breaks to compose myself. As I passed friends houses, starbucks, and the like I thought about talking a potty stop, but I just couldn't bear to do it. So I trucked on.
As i ran onto my street there was no cool down.
time as bad either, especially considering the stomach.
I am glad I finally got to 10 miles. a decent amount of post run inflammation, so icing and the elliptical it is. I also get a massage on thursday so TP can work on my calf muscles. ooh that's gonna hurt! but it will feel s good at the same time.

In 2 weeks I am doing Shamrock Half Marathon. I cannot wait to get down there with mi amigas and training friends. Miso and Lou and I are sharing a house. Good times. good times. Poor IronGreg is doing the full marathon...and he has to put up with us three before it!

note to self: go back to oatmeal before long runs!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 sets of 10

I met with "Jillian" this morning. It was my own personal last chance workout.
It was 40 minutes of non-stop iron pumping.
I think my arms are still shaking.
8 days until my next weigh-in!

Monday, February 21, 2011

pot roast

i sure do love baking. but something about eating healthy, i am banned from baking.
IronGreg and I are both training for IMCDA. so our evening time has become limited. and by the time we eat, we are too tired to cook. so i have been collecting recipes of the past few months of quick, easy, and healthy recipes.

I love Betty Crocker. this is my secret....
keyword: healthified
I find TONS of recipes here.
well i recently ran across a slow cooker recipe on there, that was so easy. and i made it even easier.
IronGreg and I loved it.
Carmelized Onion Pot Roast
no need to do any real prep - just throw it all in the slow cooker and put it on low: 8-10 hours.
and don't worry about measuring. it works.


i am running outside again.
this time i am using the Galloway least my version of it.
After the surgery I had to use a run/walk method as I entered the world of working out again.
My body seemed to like this method and it's stuck. It worked for me during IMAZ, so I am continuing it. It does make it hard to run with friends which stinks, but I am learning to run by myself and enjoy it...although if it weren't for IronGreg I would be totally lazy. thank you, IronGreg. but don't tell him I said that. :)

I am building up my time slower than my team mates b/c of this blasted chronic injury.
but I am also freaking out that I will not be ready for the race.
so this past weekend I was scheduled to run for 75 minutes. others were scheduled for 2 hours.
so instead I ran for 90 minutes. and DAMMIT my leg is all shades of painful. why can't I just run?!?!?!
and my pace was slower than normal, too.

so i am pouting. i know we are supposed to have bad days. but i don't want any.
go away slow legs. run faster! and pain free!

dieting really sucks

i met my husband four years and 10 pounds ago.
ahhh. fat and happy.
however, this year my pants don't fit! i actually had to get a pair re-lined b/c i busted the lining so badly it was beyond repair. i picked them up. put them on. and yes, the thighs were so snug that if i attempted to sit down, i would split them all over over.
so long FAVorite pair of black slacks. it's been a good few years.

ironman training is in full swing. IMCDA is four months away.
IronGreg and I disagree on what I should be fueling my body with on a regular basis, so i started working with a nutritionist.
I also am not good in the weight room. i get intimidated easily. (you can laugh at me, but that's how I feel). so we decided to get me a personal trainer. although it's a guy...a straight one, i like to call him Jillian.
beginning of february was weigh-in and fat test #1.
they were done by each person using different methods on back-to-back days. and they both came out the same.
not bad. but not where I need to be.
so the goal is to lose 5% body fat (and 8lbs) in one month. they both swear it can be done.
my next weigh-in is in one week. as of this morning i have gained 1lb. this is not looking so good.
I now have 9 days to lose 9lbs and 5% body fat.
And IronGreg is not letting me have my greek yogurt dessert tonight. butthead.

Allow me to quote the movie "Never Been Kissed" starring Drew Barrymore.
"that's it. only water and ex-lax 'til the prom."

trying this again

where have I been hiding?
behind a broken computer.

I keep typing blog posts, but for some reason i am not able to actually post them.

well two weeks ago, i got a virus.
it was a stressful week.
but i did end up with a fancy new laptop.

so here i am. back to blog world. i am going to try this again.
and before i type too much...let's see if i can actually post now!