Tuesday, May 1, 2012

6 down...3 to go

this past weekend I participated in my 6th race of the pregnancy.
It was "only" a 5k. Running is definitely getting harder. My lungs are okay, so that's good!
The belly is a little heavier, but I don't think it's too bad...yet. BG gets a little grumpy in the beginning of each run, but then calms down after about 20 minutes.
My shins and calves on the other hand....they really hate this running thing.
I have noticed lately that my compartment syndrome is in both legs and it's pretty painful. I get drop foot in my LEFT foot now! seriously?! I asked my doctor about it and she said since I already have an issue with CS, the added fluid in my legs from the pregnancy just exacerbate the problem. I really hope I am able to complete the 9 races I have challenged myself with. I guess they will just continue to get slower.
This time I did remember to take a picture after the race!
Next up is a 10k. Need to still find 2 more events that I can do!