Monday, July 19, 2010

Triathlon we meet again

No I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.
Nor have I been so deep in training I forget to blog.
I have however, been laid off. You would think that would give me more time to blog, but instead it gives me more time to run errands and do DIY projects around the new house.
I demo'd IronGreg's closet (one of them) and installed a custom closet and it is mighty nice if I do say so myself.


I also installed some window treatments. But I jsut had a hard time uploading those pictures so you will just have to use your imaginations. They are black and white damask in my purple striped room!

I just met with renovation guy #1 to get some estimates for some DIY projects that we don't have the time for. sounds lame I know. Antoher guy coming thursday for another estimate.

In the mean time this week I am working on my portfolio - yuck. I have an interview on Friday with another architecture firm. I would like to venture into design sales instead of design itself. I had a phone interview with one independent rep group and am waiting to schedule the formal interview once their partner returns from vacation. Would love that gig.

Enough about work and DIY.
That sport that I attempt.
I am trying (pun intended) to get back into trainign after a 6+ month sabbatical of sorts. I raced in a sprint yesterday. Same course as I did for my very first triahtlon 3 years ago. I had a good swim (even with the douche behind me). And had a decent bike (averaged over 18 which i normaklly would be happy wth until I saw all the 20 pace chicks). The run ont eh other hand. well I finished it. My legs were cramping and so today they are tender and my knees hurt. I am so old.  
IronGreg did great finishing 9th overall and 1st in his age group.
Next up: West Pint Tri - I am so going to get my butt kicked.

well that's all I got for now.
back to this portfolio....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Diamond and I meet again...

Saturday I was scheduled a bike ride.
Again, I missed it.
I am happy to ride about once a month.
But what is this I see?
ANOTHER ride on Monday? for 3 hours?
oh alright.
Luckily the Ironman Canada group had a recovery day so I went out and hoped for the best.

That's right.
I rode my bike.
(you can pick up your jaw now)
I rode 50 miles.
my avg. pace was 17.9, but my avergage moving pace was...19.1 that's right. high five to me.
I kept up with the group on flats, but got my butt handed to me on the hills. but hey they have been doing serious hill training for Mountains of Misery and Canada. so if I beat them up the hills then they might need to re-think their race schedule.
so with my first sprint of the year looming in 12 days...I guess it's time to start training.
And that august spring in the adirondacks...guess I better hit the hills.
play time's over :(