Friday, December 28, 2007

Coming Soon to a Road Near You

Wow! What a ride...literally.

After months of test riding bikes.
And test riding again...
and again...
well you get the point.

I spent my holiday break on a Felt B12 and almost walking home with her. But, I decided to sleep on it and made a spreadsheet to compare my options (dork?) and since I like them all I decided I would go with which one was the "biggest bang for my buck". And...I have made my decision.
The Orbea Ora was nixed first – she had lower end extras on her.
It was VERY hard debating between the Felt B12 and the Cervelo P2C.
I really liked riding both of them. And the Felt is just sexy – I have been drooling over her for months! I felt fast on her! But…she was a size 50 which means 650 wheels and both stores told me when borderline like that then 700’s are better for distance rides. So…

The 2008 Cervelo P2C Ultegra.
She is supposed to be here in mid-February. I am going to change out the aerobars for the S-bend and put a different saddle on her, but I can’t wait to bring her home!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday of Reflection and Remembrance

A time to gather with friends and family.
A time to spoil each other with little gifts to say you care.
A time to fill your bellies.
and especially a time to spend a little extra time in church.

This year's Christmas was a time also of remembrance.

It started out normal. I hit up training on Saturday then hit the road for an extended drive home. I was so excited for this year - my grandma and step-grandfather were flying in from Jersey. I don't get to see her much and she is the cutest little old lady (especially now with the diminishing filter between thoughts and mouth). Everyone was here - even my expecting sister and brother in law.

We sat around the tree and tv the past few days. Hugging and snuggling. drinking tea and playing games. I even went for my christmas day run!

This morning started out jsut the same. we got up. i packed the car ready to hit the highway back to virginia. we were meeting my brother for a lunch before all the travelling back to our repsective homes got under way. Then it happened. about 10 minutes before we were to leave for lunch, my step grandfather collasped in the family room. we all knew what was going on. mom used to be an ER nurse and she and i were there when my dad passed. The ambulance, fire, and police flooded the street. About an hour later at the hospital, at 12:13pm, he was pronounced dead.

Merry Christmas, i think. Then i think about it. He was flying tomorrow - imagine if it happened in the air. Imagine if it happened when my grandmother and him were home alone. I am glad I could be there to hold my grandma and cry with her and know that she wasn't alone. He lived 90 long years even being wounded in WWII and he and my grandma were able to share 19 years of wedded bliss together and end it with a fabulous christmas surrounded by family. (they married after meeting at the pool of the "grandma neighborhood". yeah she's a babe in a swim suit)

I might not have the new year's eve that i was looking forward to, but i will be with my family as we start a new year. together.

So it will be a crazy few days and weeks, but this is a time to be with each other.

I will miss your NYC accent and the smell of your pipe. I will miss your jokes. Thank you for being there for my grandma over the years. You will always hold a place in our extended family's heart.

John Richard Casazza

Cheers to all of us being happy and healthy. Having great families at home and our amazing triathlon fmaily. And being healthy to participate is the sport.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Bike Search Update

First - I give myself an award for being the most indecisive int his bike search. How many months am i going on now!

So I was leaning towards the Cervelo P2C. I rode it. I liked it. It's a good solid bike. The I added the Orbea Ora to th mix. I still drool over the Felt B12, but I have to drive 5 hours for it. Ugh! Over Thanksgiving they didn't have my size. They had a 48 (i rode) and a 52. I need the 50. Argh. They ordered e one to come in for when I head home for the holidays, but I am doubtful it will be in.

so I am sticking to deciding between the Cervelo P2C and the Orbea Ora.

The I get an e-mail.

My size 50 B12 is in. AAAHHH!!!
So Saturday I am riding the Ora and then Monday the B12.

Let's say a little prayer and cross our fingers I make my decision within the next two weeks! Enough already!

I'm a Star!

I have the bestest boyfriend ever.

Last night we had the Christmas gift exchange after a nice dinner.

My favorite gift - I'm a star!!!!

He remembered me talking about wanting to be a (rock)star but instead the idea of naming a star instead from our first date. So now in the Aquarius constellation (my sign) there is now a star with my name on it!

So thanks to my baby I have fulfilled my dreams of becoming a star!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay so maybe it's not even Christmas yet. But 6 weeks later it's my big day. Ya know, when they decorate everything with hearts and cupids - yup - they do that in honor my birthday.

Well, I have my gift all picked out already. A Garmin Foreunner 205.
It's Perfect!
tracks my runs, my paces, i liek it.
No need for the 305 - i have cadence and heart rate already.

So Happy Birthday to me...I hope!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Frustration in the pool...Surprise?

Last night was the weekly Masters class. At first it was only Snells and I in the "guppy" lane - I like it! We warmed up with a "quick" 300. hahahaha. I haven't done 300 meters straight since Naylor's Beach Olympic months ago! I finished in 6:15 - not too far off from where I left it. I led the lane for most of class which was good for the confidence since Wednesday night coach asked me to move up a lane. Yikes! I like my guppies. Those are scary shark-like swimmers. Ok maybe more like goldfish but you get my point.

Then the class turned a bit sour for me.

First we had to do this series of 25x50 (ha! get it 25 days of christmas) well our 4th set of 5x50 were to do 25 free, 25 breast. Problem - I don't know how to do breast stroke. sure I can try to fake it - but it hurts these old lady knees I already have. So JP tell me to dolphin kick - um ok. I will try. So the first 25 of breast coems and this plain SUCKS!!!! I sink. every time. About 5 attmpts in and I think I am moving backwards - no mroe leading. I go back to free and at the end I tell JP that I quit on teh breast stroke. Then after 2 moe sets, practice is cut short.

I'm a 3? Ok. Wait a minute. Everyone begins lining up behind the blocks on lanes 3, 4, and 5. Relay race. OH SHIT! And we're off. Man my lane is in the lead. and then we came in last. Yeah. I left with a feeling that I am mad I never did swim team and lerned breast stroke and that I am jsut plain slow. Usually when swimming no one can see me except the coaches. I am hidden int eh mass of other swimmers - whether it be in the pool or in a race. But now - everyone can see me swim. Exposed. for all to see me flail around and go no where. It was fun, but would have been more fun if I could actually benefit the other people on my team.


Christmas Lights Run

An annual event - the Christmas Lights Run! A group of us gathered downtown erady to jog an easy 6.1 mile course checking out the Christmas lights throughout parts of the city. IT went by so fast - all of a sudden we were done! Sure, my knees creaked like I was the tin (wo)man, but I think that is due to the subzero temperatures.

Afterwards TG40 supplied her famous Glogg. Unfortunately, I was too cold to stand outside with my weat icing over on my forehead and headed home to finish my "spring" cleaning.

I look forward to next year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mother Nature

In my continuing bike search I add to the mix the Orbea Ora. This weekend I planned to pick up the bike for a like ride. They don't have the Ora in my size, but the 2007 Ordu which is similar frame to the 08 Ora so I gently place it in my trunk and head home SUPER excited about my weekend riding! About 5 minutes after I got home - the rain started.
Ok guess I will just ride it Sunday.
sunday morning - still raining.


It's ok I can still ride in the afternoon. And make plans for a little tour de west creek with the very pretty bike that I will never own.
the sun comes out - with the wind. Wind gusts up to 37mph.


So now it's Monday. There air is chill and brisk. The sun is out.
And I am at work. Not able to get on a bike and I have to return her today.
Total. Bummer.
Hopefully next Saturday the weather will be nicer and I can take her out for a quick trip before I head home for the holidays.

and the search continues...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Diet Technique

I have begun the process of getting my new tooth.

The first step is to whiten since it is a new front tooth. So last night was my first night sleeping in the trays.




I was at at 4am yanking those things out and brushing my teeth to get the gel off! Those bitches hurt! the dentist told me it would hurt and to use Sensodyne toothpaste and ACT mouthwash. So I started using those over the weekend thinkg maybe if I started early it would help. Good God! I hope I get used to this. I had to cancel my run this morning because all I want to do is pull my bottom teeth out of the gums. I swear even my dead tooth hurts! and I have 13 more days to go of this.

But. I came into work and there sitting on the break room coutner was a very yummy looking cherry danish. mmmm. tis the season. Then I thought about how much it would hurt to eat it and walked away. As I walked back to my desk I thought "Hmmm maybe this is like a new diet technique!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis the Season...

Ironman Florida Celebration
Oliver's Christmas Party
Joy and Mark's Engagement Party

Monday, December 10, 2007

Starting Block

"It's just a jumping off point to start negotiations" (Clueless)

Saturday morning we had the first timed mile for White Lake Half training.

My last timed mile was in June... 7:19.

I knew I would be slower with marathon training and lots of ellipticallizing.

Making it public for motivation... 8:28.

Friday, December 7, 2007

What are you doing this Sunday?

This Sunday there is a national candle light vigil for Kyle Fleischmann. For those unaware, Kyle is a 24 yr old who has gone missing from my home city of Charlotte, NC on November 9th, 2007. (He went to my high school). You can check out his story at His story has been on the Today Show as well as America's Most Wanted.

This Sunday marks the one month of his missing and in honor there is a national candlelight vigil being held. I have been in touch with the Kyle Fleischmann Foundation and we are all set to have one in Richmond. It is being held from 4:30-5:30 EST on Sunday with candles being lit at 5:00.

Fairfax Building
10710 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, Virginia
The Fairfax Building is an office building located in Chesterfield County on Midlothian Turnpike at Johnston-Willis Drive, directly across the street from the hospital, and due East of the Koger Center Office Park.
Thanks to Steve and Chris Sadler for donating their property!

Check out the website for a location near you!

Please forward this on to keep spreading the word!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Downer

First there was the awful mall shooting yesterday. Made me think of my family and friends and how easily that could have been anyone. The families that will forever have a scar on the season. I can only hope that they move forwards with their lives the best they can with memories held close.

I just received a phone call from my marmee (my name for my mom). She was out shopping when tragedy struck again this holiday season...

I can only hope that things do not happen in threes.
I wish for everyone to have a safe and happy holiday.


Sinker. that was me last night in the pool. I went to my first masters class since mid-october. Sure i have been in the pool in the interim - on monday for about 20 minutes!

Man Ironwoman extrodonnaire kicked our butts!

Class was filled with lots of speed drills, pull buoys, and fins...mine were more like duck feet. At one point coach asked if I would be interested in moving up a lane. Flatterd, but i chuickled and said "not today". It's my first day back and was totally feeling it. I was plain pooped! My 25's were in 25 seconds. My 200's - were a little over 4 mintues. Guess I need to get my butt back to class!

OH! but! I did debut the new TRIgirl swimsuit last night. So pretty. One girl even said she wanted one. Join TRIgirls and you, too, can your very own! hmmm I wonder what fun gear is next...pool towels?!

Right. Back on the topic. Masters. I am back in the ball game, folks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tooth Fairy?

After griping for the past 3 or so years, I am finally getting my tooth fixed! After my trip to the dentist this morning all appointments have been made and in early January I will have my new front tooth!

Some of you may be wondering what the heck I am talking about. Well my freshman year of college I went for my routine cleaning. I went to my dentist that I had seen all my life since my first tooth. He noticed soemthing wrong with my front tooth. He asked me if years ago I rememeber hitting my tooth really hard. Hmm. I do not. and neither does my mom. Typicl kid, I guess. Well the prognosis was that I have a calcified tooth - so it experienced what they call "tooth trauma" (that makes me laugh) and has a crack down the middle of it and died and gave itself a root canal. So yup - I gots myself one of them dead tooths. The root sealed itself shut (thatta girl) so they can't get into it to do any work. so after years of dealing with it and hating seeing it in pictures and ahandful of dentists later who all tell me about it - um thanks.

I am getting it taken care of starting next week. I start with impressions for nightly whitening for two weeks -which they said makes you teeth sensitive and no red wine for two weeks! Then I go for the crown...dum dum dum. I have never even had a filling! yikes! I have to continue whitening monthly forever to kep my real teeth matching the crown, espcially since it is dead smack in the front! But I am VERY excited (no matter the cost) that I will have a pretty tooth again!

But Baby It's Cold Outside

As I look at the window to the parking lot. The white parking lot. The snow has lightened in the last few minutes, though.

I sit here and sing (yeah you know i sound like a whipperwill) "But baby it's cold outside" and "winter wonderland" and think to myself thank goodness tonight is swimming! It's too cold to be outside!

I have to give a shout out to my baby here - he is still training outside for IMNZ! 11 weeks to go!

Off to spend my lunch break at the post office mailing those Christmas cards. Yeah I am a little late this year - oops!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Bike Search Continues...

I rode the Cervelo P2C a few weeks ago and really liked it. I am not a fan of the paint jobs, but it rode well and I was comfortable on it.
But man, I am drooling over the Felt B12. The stealth bomber. Finally it's the day of my test ride. I get to IOS and they put me on the trainer. She is so pretty. He fits me on it and talks to me about the bike as we compare it to the P2C and I have lots of questions on 650's vs. 700's and more. He said I look like a pro with a perfect fit - it's a 48 with 650 wheels. Then it's time. Time to take her on the road. Woah there nelly. A bit wobbly. Climbing hills isn't bad. I go around the route as instructed. Wait a minute, this shit! I got myself lost in my home city! I toodle arond and gte back on track. Unfortunately this whole time my knees are hitting my elbows. Sadness. I go back and discuss the bike with the fitter guy (technical description). Although lots of pros and others witll have that happen, I am not an advanced rider and not comfortable with that.
So - the latest.
Waiting to get on the P2C in the Ultegra (gray).
Will try the Felt B12 in a 50. this is a gray zone size. it's the size i would need. it requires 650 wheels, but is at the point where a 700 would be better. so hmmm.
Hopefully over Christmas IOS will have both bikes for me to ride on and I can make my decision. If I decide on the Felt, then great. Sold! If I decide on the Cervelo then I have another dilemma on my hands. Both the local bike store AND IOS carry the cervelo. I think IOS would give me a better price on her, but the local bikle store would be the ones taking care of her along the way so I don't want to step on their toes, but i also need to keep the checkbook in check! so we shall see.
and the bike search continues...

Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot 8k

So I never wrote a race report...and I am not going to. I would prefer to forget this thing ever took place. It was bad. very bad. They started thousands of runners and walkers at the same time. it was like the swim start of an ironman...but on a road. and in sneakers. my brother had me take off as fast as i could as we dodged people and ran on sidewalks and grass to try to find a clear spot. yeah that wasn't good for me. it gave me a side stitch i couldn't knock the entire time. so between dodging people...the entire time, and the hills that were like a mini san fran, it sucked. my time sucked. my energy level sucked. i left in a bad mood and my brother's advice... "you've got some work to do". yeah. thanks. well there. there's a race report. :)
but we took some good pictures!