Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Comes to a close

2008 was filled with...
the list goes on.
Most of all it was filled with friends and family.

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2009!

See ya next year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to training...I think

Thepast week was not only christmas - which means you eat lot sof food without reading the labels and drink an obscene amount of wine.
Add to that being sick and unable to workout.
the epitome of laziness.
christmas + bad cold + mom's TLC. life is good. (thanks to puffs plus that is)

but alas, time to hit the gym again.
wait, first let me...

For real?!?!

My knee is begging for an ice pack.
And my back is asking for the heating pad.
Now I really need mom's TLC.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Single Ladies

I can only hope that one day I have a daughter this talented.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I finally made it back to track practice last night.
I drive over to the track. Hmmm. there are no cars.
I call a few people and fianlly get an answer.
And track is n ow at a different track!
I head on over to the other track, which fortunately was not far away.
I missed the warm up, so I just did an 800 around the track.
It was a nice evening. Not cold.
It sure was humid, though.
The shins were tight, but not making me stop.
As we continue doing timed 1200's they get real tight. dammit!
then luckily we do another 1200 but this time it's broken up.
yeah rests.
wait every 200 we have to do 10 push ups.
but that's 60 push ups.
it wasn't so bad. i kind of liked it.
around this time the lights come on.
then we do sprints up and down the field to work on form.
must use arms.
must use arms.
then it's time to go.
time to eat!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Big 3

I love Christmas!

A Christmas Story for people having a bad day:
When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure.

Then Mrs. Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where.

Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.

Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor.

In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.

Just then the doorbell rang and an extremely irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree. The angel said very cheerfully, 'Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?'

And so began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2009 Here I come!!

The schedule has been made.
And the training has begun.

2009 Here I come...

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Clearly we all like a little challenge here and there.
Well Coach G added an extra yummy challenge in there for us.

The challenge: to set up goals for yourself for the month of December.
The prize: an outfit from Skirt Sports - a team sponsor.

So what is my challenge for the month.
1. to only miss 1 workout a week due to pure laziness. I may have to miss some due to my volunteer committments so those don't count. but when I feel the need to be lazy. that counts.
2. to get my shins in check.
3. to get rid of the hole in my foot.

now #'s 2 and 3 are somewhat out of my control, but I will do what the doctors tell me to get them better and that's all I can ask for.'s to not being lazy. it sure has been fun the last few months though.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Registration Confirmation for:
2009 Ford Ironman Arizona
Dear Melissa,
Congratulations! You are now registered for 2009 Ford Ironman Arizona. Please check the event's official website for updates:

Richmond Marathon

Last week I ran my 2nd marathon. It was my brother's 4th.

After weeks of watching the weather we were ready...cold and rainy.
throughout the night we were awakended by the thunderstorms.
Then came time to get up - just a gentle pitter patter of the drops.
Okay that's more like it.

Time goes on.
And the temperature does over 70 degrees.
With headwinds.
and sun.

The girls and I charged forward. Playing the alphabet scattergories game that entertained us during our training. We posed for pictures and were having fun.

Some memorable moments included...

Mile 4 - we passed my condo and Coach G was out there with her kids ringing cowbells for us.

Mile 6 - I saw my mom, sister, and nephew. That was a great booster!

Mile 8 - a tree fell from the wind. not just a branch..the whole thing! It scared the beegees out of us. Timberrrrrr!

Mile 10 - there was a car accident. One car was in our way, so it was being used as a dumping ground for cups after the water stop.

Mile 11 - a woman tried to turn crossing over the path of the runners. I gave her a few choice words. (inspired by Miso?)

Mile 12 - DOMinator met me with my additional bag of shot blocks and enurolyte tablets. this was much needed.

Mile 16 - bonk. right when IronGreg was on the course cheering me on.
I took in more salt and water and caught a 2nd wind.
That didn't last long.
The girls pushed forward.
IronGreg ran the last 10 miles with me pulling me in. blocking the wind for me.

Mile 20 - a sign read "if you haven't puke yet, you're not going to". I laughed at that. surely they didn't know what my tummy was feeling like.

Mile 24 - IronGreg's family was there cheering me (us) on. A great booster.

Mile 26.2 - the finish line. TG KO was there at the bottom of the chute and caught me as my sister came running around the corner to give me a hug and support - I wanted to just puke. but i didn't!

It was not a great race. (for me or my brother) Frustrating to knowI had such good training to end upwith a bad day. But we have to take what we are given.
And most importantly I finished.
Therefore, it was a good day.

There are estimates out there that people were on average 40 minutes slower than their expected finish time.
Goal A - 4:23
Finish time - 5:03

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marathon Theme Song

"Against the wind
We were runnin' against the wind
We were young and strong,
we were runnin'Against the wind"

Thank you Bob Segar

Thursday, November 13, 2008

26.2 Miles of Dedication

According to WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University Dedication is:
1. complete and wholehearted fidelity
2. a ceremony in which something (as a building) is dedicated to some goal or purpose
3. a message that makes a pledge [syn: commitment]
4. a short message (as in a book or musical work or on a photograph) dedicating it to someone or something
5. the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action; "his long commitment to public service"; "they felt no loyalty to a losing team" [syn: commitment]

Some have commenting to me on the dedication it takes one to challenge themselves to even contemplate running a marathon - the training, time, nutrition, and all else that goes into making your body gain the ability to perform the task at hand.

According to Fave, Dedication is...
1 - my brother, Matthew - He is the one whose determination and dedication of marathns and triathlons inspried me to pursue them myself.
2 - all the women on my team - that showed me that with mental toughness and the support of each other anyone can conquer any challenge . if you want it, it's yours for the taking.
3 - my colleagues - they laugh at me whe I come in sore from a big workout, support my need for caffeine when I am tired from getting up too early so I can fit it in, and confirm that it is okay for to me to constantly sit here eating!
4 - missy - one of my BFF's who supports these crazy goals I have and entertains me on trail runs so we can grow stronger together.
5 - monkey Karen - who has begun the challenge herself in completeing her first two running races and aleready making such strides (pun intended)
6 - cousin Rachel - (who I still pretend is in middle school even though she is finishing college)under my peer pressure she completed her first 10k this spring even though I ended up being too sick to barely get out of bed but she kept pushing forward and recently completed her first half marathon.
7 - Baby David - the world is at his fingertips. May he conquer all that he dreams of.
8 - cousin Carolyn - who recently crossed the finish line of her first triathlon and afterwards she gave me one of the greatest compliments of all - that I was her inspiration. (me? really?)
9 - Coach G - she developed not only a training plan to get me to the finish line but also a circle of support that words cannot do justice.
10 - Coach Karen - who will continue to kick my butt in the water and on the track...if I ever go!
11 - Jackie - as she begins to prepare herself for taking on this challenge for the first time herself.
12 - Keiko - childhood to "adult"hood friends. a fellow interior designer. and now a fellow triathlete, too.
13 - Pinot Noir - for my sanity
14 - SQ - for always smiling
15 - Teresa Stadler - for keeping my going
16 - Jim Miller - for keeping my shins working.
17 - Princess -I have a crazy schedule for taking her o-u-t and her snggles are the best!
18 - Molly, Mollie, Lisa, and Debbie - for our training runs.
19 - Mindy - my co-worker training "together" (she's with Sports Backers) to complete her first marathon
20 - KO - true friends don't need ponytail holders.
21 - my Iron girls - the dedication they show to overcome any and all obstacles to complete a marathon...after swimming 2.4 miles and cycling 112 miles.
22 - Karen and Temple - my girls pursuing their goal with me in the Richmond Marathon. Their first time taking on 26.2 miles of smiles.
23 - Katharine - who always keeps me focused on what it is important. she has met me at the gym too many mornings to "ellipticalize" together when my knees and/or shins were too inflammed for actual running.
24 - Alison - who convinced me to sign up for the Nike Women's HALF Marathon last year. i couldn't get in, so she said I could sign up for the full and run the half. Without that half filling up I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue the full...and complete it!
25 - Mom - whose cheers can be heard above all others and finish line hugs cannot compare
26 - Greg - "Greggy-Pooh" as he has become to the TG's. who keeps me focused and hydrate and eat the right things...with ice cream splurges. And let's me whine and complain over the small things - then brings me back to reality.
.2 - Lynnie and Miso - Sure the ".2" seems like a small distance, but it is the longest distance one can imagine. Without our games (I can hear you) and wearing masks, training would not have been nearly enough fun. I credit these two girls for keeping me going thoughout our training. Miso Grateful. I dedicate this marathon to us!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let the Countdown begin

5 days until the Richmond Marathon

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An 'I' becomes a 'L'. A 'L' becomes an 'I'

As the alarmed went off this morning I was up and ready for swim practice.

I was feeling good working on freestyle. The hips were rotating (although I was stretching my arm out too far forward)

Then came backstroke. In the past I would windmill down the lane and get it done.
Not today.
ProKaren broke it down and I just could not get the timing down! It's backstroke! Sometimes after breaking things apart I jsut can't put them back together. I overthink. Grrr.
So I had to do my drill...
an 'I; becomes a 'L'
a 'L' becomes an 'I'

Fianlyl ProKaren was over us being retarded on our backs.

So she has us do breast stroke.
mmmm. interesteing.
now I have had some friends attempt to teach me this, butI have never had an actual breast stroke lesson. And I can't frog kick and my legs be mirror images.
we do a few laps "making a pizza and cutting it in half"
not bad.
then comes to just frog kicking.
For me this looked more like treading water.
and she wants to complete a 100 IM one day. oh Lord. I hope that day is far off.

Monday, November 3, 2008

So Proud

1. My friends became Iron(wo)men this weekend. And damn they looked good doing it.
2. The guy who taught me to swim. no really, he made me swim my first lap ever last year. He finished his 5th ironman...of 2008. (yes, he's crazy and we love him) And he sitll has 1 more to go.
3. Amy finished the NYC Marathon yesterday taking the headwinds...head on (ha! get it?!)
4. Lots of my friends signed up for IMFL09

So... 3 days one of my closest friends who lives in GA is coming to VA for a few days to see me!! 5 days my cousin that I conviced to run her first 10k with me this spring (and then I got sick and couldn't run) she is going to do her first half marathon! 12 days I will begin (and hopefully finish) the Richmond Marathon. And my brother is running it too. and my mom is going to come out and watch, too! 21 days I attempt to sign up for IMAZ09

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IMFL: Earning the M-dot

To all my girls (and guy) conquering IMFL this weekend.
Kate O, Shawn, Sharon, Patty, Kate G, Charlotte, (all first timers) and the Sominator (6th of the year!)

I wish you...
... stress free travels on the way to Florida
... the best glass of wine you've ever tasted the night before the race.
... calm waters during the swim with a current that carries you forward (or maybe a dolphin to ride on)
...tail wind on the bike. and no saddle sores. and no funky chafing spots either.
... little engines in your sneakers to keep pushing you forward toward breaking that tape.
... and a finish line moment you'll never forget.

Is this a mastercard blog post or what?!

I look forward to watching you cross that finish line via
Sending you hugs!!!


Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm still here.

We survived Vegas and the Halfmax National Championship race.
IronGreg did great as did his friends.
And TG Karen makes it look so easy.

My phone, however, did not survive Vegas. RIP.

A new phone is born.

I survived my 22 mile run this past weekend thanks to TG's Lynnie and Miso. My feet still hurt. I attempted to wear heels to a party afterwards and my feet began to suffer from "Dunlap Disease" usually this occurs when you eat too much and your stomach done laps over your pants. Well my feet were swelling and done lapping over the sides of my oh so cute heels. So I switched to slippers. They looked great with my dress and pearls.

I may have gotten 8 hours of sleep this weekend...combined.

I'm tired.

I'm skipping a track workout tonight so I can hibernate. Slacker? yeah I agree, but I'm cranky so it's in everyone's best interest for me to sleep.

good night.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Variety is the Spice of Life

Richmond sure is full of variety.
Hmm it could be that we have a large arts community,
but I think it's also because we have an amazing (and under rated) active community.

Did you know that the Richmond Tri Club is the 5th largest in the country?

did you know that Richmond has been home to the WORLD Duathlon Championships?

Did you know that Xterra holds there annual East Coast Championships in Richmond?

Pretty rad if you ask me. (yes, i said RAD. hello 1985)

IronGreg started out his multisport life participating in these Xterra triathlons.
Before I joined TRIgirls, I was all geared up to start mountian biking (which hasn't happened yet).
then this year I watched the East Coast championship. the same day Xterra hosts a sport race - like a sprint - and i saw 2 of my TG's kick some serious ass. So in my Veruca Salt* way, I decided that I wanted to do it too!

And so it begins. Trail running. my BFF Neffaramous (her real name is Missy, but I renamed her since we are 'The Missys'). well she and I hit the north bank trail last night for some trail running and next week it's off to the buttermilk trail. There are so many places for us to find trail running adventures. And she reently bought a mountain bike and I am getting one so then we can start incorporating that into our richmond romp. And one of these days IronGreg is in charge of teaching us how to really mountain bike - liek jump logs. he taught my friends (as I watched b/c i don't have a good enough bike) so we're next!

now let's jsut hope I stay in one piece for IMAZ training!

ps - 16 days until IMFL!! go girls. you are so ready! xoxoxo

* for those unfamiliar with the classic known as Charlie and the Chocloate Factory - Varuca Salt is the girl that is a complete spolied brat: "But daddy I want a golden goose egg and I want it now"and then the little oompa loompas sing "what do you get when your kid is a BRAT? Pamapered and spoiled liek a siamese CAT! oompa loompa doopa-dee-doo..."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Xander

My friend Shawna had her baby boy this afternoon. weighing 6 lbs, 1.5 ozs.
Happy Birthday, Xander - Welcome to this wild and crazy world!

Monday, October 6, 2008

"You Guys are BEASTS"

Drive 4.5 hours to West Virginia. Set up camp in the dark.
We blow up the full size air mattress and then realize the mattress is quite a bit wider than the tent "door".
So we let some air out fold the mattress in half and 1 - 2 - 3 PUSH!
Some camp fire time and off to bed we go.

We wake up and damn is cold. My clif bar is frozen! it wsa a jaw work out chewing that thing for breakfast. Especially while watching everyone else eat their biscuits topped with sausage, eggs, and other goodies. Stupid trying to eat healthy. Time to slip (only if it were really that easy) into our wetsuits and splash jackets. PFD's and helmets on and clipped. After a pre-rapid briefing we are in the water - what the day has ahead of us we are soon to find out.
Gauley Season. A glorious thing. The Army Corps of Engineers lets out the dam every so often...
Lucky for us the day we were rafting , the dam was being let out to it's max - 2800. what does this mean? BIG ass rapids. oh yeah.
we climb into the raft. I am seating in the last row with the guide behind me and the guide in training to my side.
we cruise thru a few class 5 and i finally think i have my foot placement. This may be the only time in my life that I actually thought to myself "mm I wish I weighed more so I could stay seated better". Although I never fell out (even though IronGreg refuses to believe so), I definitely fell into the "floor" quite a few times from being bounced around.
the day was coming to a close. and my bum sure was irritated from sitting on a raft in a wet suit for 8 hours! and oh yeah - I had to pee! it's not like in a tri where I can just scootch into the water, no no I had to hold it! yes there was a potty at the lucnch stop - but you people know what it's like to get these things on and off - especially wet! no thanks.
we made it downt he 13 foot drop - success.
then comes a class 3 - and shiiiiiiiiiiit there goes the guide and the guide in training i luckily hold on for dear life and stay int he raft.
why is crashing on the rapids so funny?

we clean up and watch the video (which was puchased so be on the lookout). unfortyunately I have to do that whole training thing so I have to get home. luckily my marathon training girls switched our long run to sunday so I could do this adventure. so after rafting I get bakc in the car for another 4.5 hour trek back home. finally at 11:00 I make i tot my comfy warm bed (Princess was still with IronGreg - she didn't want to come rafting for some reason)

Sunday morning alarm goes off. Good thing we picked 8:00 instead of our normal 7.
we are plannign to do 2 10 mile loops.
koolers are dropped off.
shot blocks are out for refilling.
here we go.
around mile 6 we are at the first water stop and who sees us - IronGreg and his pal. "that doesn't look like running girls" oh poop on you.
we pass the half way mark. feeling good. a guy that we have seen on the nbike multiple times by now passes us again and sayd "You girls are BEASTS". thank you , Mr. Biker guy. we reminded each other of this as we continued the trek. our knees locking up. cramps. thirst. fatigue. but - we are beasts! and i mean with Miso's singing how could not be motivated to keep going?!
mile 14 - fatigue ws setting in.
mile 16 - this sucks.
mile 18 - yeah so I may look like i am 80
mile 20 - woo hoo!
mission accomplished.
palani drive wraps and smoothies (and beer).

Upper Gauley and a 20 mile run - now that's a weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Upper Gauley

Friday afternoon I am on my way to West Virginia.

(to quote Ace Rafting)
"The Fall Upper Gauley River is simply the best one-day whitewater run in America...period! It's wild. It's big. It's the Super Bowl of Rafting. Come find out why the Fall Gauley is the benchmark by which all the world's rivers are measured."

Sure I've been rafting a handful of high school!!!! I will be spending the day cruising thru 5 class V rapids and handfuls of others....I sure do hope I stay in the boat! Move over Kevin Bacon - here I come!

No worries, I will be back afterwards so I can run 20 miles on Sunday morning!
Glutton? Why yes I am! And I will see you at the finish line, too!

And of course there may be a ride thrown in on sunday afternoon after the 20 miler.
Just for an off season workout dessert. yummy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Results

Saturday morning TG Miso and I completed our 10 mile recovery run.
Does that sound odd to anyone else? 10 miles? recovery? those two don't go together.

Then on sunday...
A handful of my team mates finished Naylors Beach Olympic - some finished their first olympic!!
IronGreg brought home 3rd place in his AG - after busting open his toe getting off the bike - ewww
VanR sandwich - 1st in relays (brooke, adam, and tyler)
TG Jackie - 3rd in her AG

But also...
Chesapeake Man. The IMFL 08 girls used the aquavelo as a training day plus Molly joining in on the fun. And Karen and Som went ahead and did the whole thing. because they are badasses like that. And...
Restuls are in!!
Karen B - 1st Place in age group (finish time of 12:28.50)
Som - 2nd Place in age group (finish time 14:18.10)
Aqua Velo:
Tammy - 1st Place in age group (finish time 7:55.02)
Kate O - 2nd Place in age group (finish time 8:50.24)
Charlotte - 5th Place in age group (finish time 9:48.34)
Shawn - 1st Place in age group (finish time 8:56.36)
Sharon - 2nd Place in age group (finish time 8:56.37)
Patty - 1st Place in age group (finish time 8:48.25)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I think PT may be far at least.
I ran for the first time outside in quite some time. And there were some tweaks and twinges - but no floppy foot and no muscle explosion feelings! (always a plus!)
then this morning...I ran 5.2 miles...with no pain!!!
Granted afterwards the whole lower leg was sore...
...but then I jsut went to PT where jim so kindly dug into the muscle.
Oddly - I told him to dig harder it hurt so good.
so the leg is still super inflammed and tight and full of adhesions.
but the marathon is not out of sight! yay!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's only Wednesday...

1. I got a rock in my windshield yesterday that added to the other crack and caused for a new windshield.

2. Comcast is the devil. since FiOS is not yet in my area (seriously?!) I have to succumb to the devil. so as I wait between 8 and 11 today - they never show up. they did, however, receie a lovely call from me. And I expect to see them before 8:30 on Friday or they will receive a call from a much more angry Fave - and they do not care that they made me miss a half a day of work for nothing. Clearly - the devil.

3. REcycling. A good thing, right? I mean we all need to be green. and I am planning on getting my LEED accredidation in January - if I pass! (hmm if I study first!). so being that I am in a new building I request this service.
sorry this service is not available in multi-family buildings with more than 4 residences.
Really?! Well can I please get a bin to take to my local drop off station?
No, I'm sorry the bins are for curbside customers only.
Well shit! glad the recycling company is intersted in providing service for all people to do their part.

1. USAA rocks. I have a new windshield. and all I had to do was meet the glass guy in the lobby to give him my keys and then pick them up an hour later. and onyl for a mere 50.00.

2. I have yet to have to wait for the elvator today!!! it's always been right there when I need it.

3. I can use a rubbermaid container as a recycling bin. and they have lids - the containers don't!

4. I am going to Raleigh this weekend and get to see all my lovely girls! Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I-64 East

Fellow Richmonders,

If you need to drive down I-64 East these next few days I encourage you all to find an alternate route. See, they recently repaved part of it. I know waht you;re thinking, "Why is this a bad thing?" And although this is a good thing, the road it currently covered with little rocks and pebbles left over from the paving. And these can get thrown up onto your windshield right in your eyelevel immediately snowflaking out and causing you to have to get a new windshield (after using profanity at a high volume level first - which my mom does not think is lady like but sure does seem perfect for the moment now doesn't it. shoud I say "bless my heart").

Best Wishes,
TRIgirl Fave

PS - I know I used a multitude of run on sentences, but I am okay with it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Betta Reckognize

Congratulations to all those that completed Ironman Louisville.
Especially my friends...
Som - who taught me to swim
Carlton - who has not feared the pink all season
and first timer finisher, Joan!!! - who also just got married xoxoxo

Congratulations to all those who conquered Ironman Wisconsin! Especially my friends...
Dr. Rick - wh might be one of the nicest guys ever
Blakey Blake - what can I say - he's my coach who kicks my butt and I like it.
and first time finisher, Aimee!!!! - she's a pinkie, what can I say! xoxoxo

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On Wounded Knees

(showing off our RTC tats)
this past weekend I participated in my first relay at Patriot's sprint in Jamestown! My friend Erin and I - with my bad knee, compartment syndrome, and her newly healed broken knee - were the team...On Wounded Knees.

the plan was for Erin to swim and bike and I would run the 5k.

Hanna came by and threw a kink in the weekend plan for all races. Ours was lucky enough to still go on, but as a duathlon.

The first leg was a 1.6 run. I ran this in 13:31 for a pace of 8:27. Not bad at all.

After the 2nd fastest bke split for T1, Erin was off on the bike.

It was hard not to sit down and relax after running, but I knew I needed to stay warm so I walked around. Ate gu and magic pills (aka endurolytes) and was hot and sticky.

Then Erin came tearing around the corner...

Again we had the second fastet T2 time and I was off ont he 5k.

man! I hadn't run a 5k in about 2 years and it was so weird! I had a hard time trying to figure out a pace. I tried to pace off another runner, but I jsut couldn't. It was depressing! I have only run distance in the past 2 years and it showed. which isn;t a bad thing - it was just eye openeing. I thought tomyself - if I can do a half iron surely Ican do a 5k. and I can - but slower than ideal and at a half iron pace! so needless to say my pace for the 5k - 10:01...perfect the marathon I'm training for!!! but not for a 5k! GRRRRRR.

But as I came towards the finish chute I passed a girl that was showing her fatigue. I ran with her for a minute trying to pep her up and give it that final kick and she did! Then as I was coming down the finish chute Erin joined me (in socks) and we were able to cross the finish line together. My favorite part of the day. As we toasted to our race, i had a tap on the shoulder with a 'thank you' from the girl I talked in. That was my 2nd favorite part of the day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Patriot's Race Weekend

This weekend was the 2nd annual Patriot's Race Weekend in Jamestown, VA.

Saturday is the half iron distance event. While Sunday is the sprint and international distances.

this year, due to Hurricane Hanna, the production company (SetUp Events) had to cancel the half iron distance. this was sa big disappointment to those racing, especially those first timers. this was my first last year and I have watched my team mates put int eh training to cross that finish line. this unfortunate cancellation brought on a huge debate on see, the production company is offering 50% off next year's race, but cannot offer a refund for this year.
Is that ideal? no.
Is it reality? yes.
sure they would love to give everyone their money back, but that simply isn't possible.
sure tey would have loved to divert Hanna and be able to hold the event, they, too, hae work tirelessly to organize.
This is just how it goes. But look out for next year - thee will be a hurricane season policy. Possibly a financial insurance for them, too.
Walk a mile in their shoes, people.
it sucks! but suck it up already. we missed a race. whoopy doo. we could have had it a lot worse.

RD's simply cannot do refunds regardless of what the reason. Last year I had to miss a race b/c I ended up with stiches in my foot. and it was some drunk ass that dropped a beer bottle to cut my foot open. I had to miss a race and not get my money back. that's life.

And yes, you can get your t-shirt and socks if you want them that badly.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Hurricane Hanna is not cooperating with my weekend plans.
I am supposed to run 10 miles on saturday.
But Hanna is going to be making a visit.

Some of my team mates are supposed to do (their first) half iron on Saturday.
But Hanna cancelled it.

I am supposed to do the run portion of a relay on Sunday.
But thanks to Hanna it's a duathlon so I am running twice (but at least we can still do it)

Hanna - you stink!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a Weekend

1. I closed on my condo.
2. I painted my condo. (well with the help of IronGreg)
3. I moved into my condo (well with the help of the movers)
4. My nephew giggled for the first time. and he was in my arms when he did it.
5. I enjoyed my Labor Day with a hot dog for lunch and a cheeseburger for dinner. And ice cream for dessert.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm ba-ack

Okay, I am FINALLY back in town for more than 24 hours!
I know you are all on the edge of your seat for that race report, so I'll start with that.

IronGreg and I land in boston after a delay in NYC. We pick up the rental car and pull onto the interstate. and we stop. traffic. It took us forever. We go straight to Gunstock to pick up my packet. We get there with 10 minutes left - hurry! hurry! I find my name and go to the line for that number. T-shirt size XL? no - I don't think that is what I chose. And then my USAT number doesn't match up. She gives me the packet to go to USAT table with. Wait - my name's not Jennifer! Wrong number. Turns out I am not the first person on the list with my last name but the 7th - who knew! Now that I have my correct packet and a small t-shirt we rush over to Ellacoya to pick up Diamond. Her computer isn't working so we fiddle witht hat for a bit and head home. Aunt Mich had 5 lobsters ready for IronGreg and I to devour. and that is what we did! mmmm.
Saturday started by cheeringon my cousin at the Short course race. she did really well and looked strong the whole time!
After a lunch break we headed bac over to watch my cousin's son participate int he TimberKids event. how fun. the kids were so nervous. it was well organized and they were off. Then - bam lightenening and thunder - bummer! Some kids didn't even get to start. But they all got their rubber medals! I went for a swim in my borrowed wetsuit. The water felt nice. cold enough so in the wetsuit it was perfect temperature. Back home for pasta, steak, and a good night's sleep.
also - there were fun purchases at the expo

The swim was good. We lined up on the beach and watched as everyone went out - including team hoyt. It was time for wave 6 - the pink wave. Lynn and I waded into the water and placed ourselves in the middle on the side. The gun goes off! I take those first fast strokes - there are legs and arms and bodies everywhere! I figured Ironman would be even more crowded than this! Luckily TG Karen told there are 6 bouys between each turn. I am counting the bouys and hey are just flying by! this is great. I feel good and I quickly found my rhythm. I make the first turn and the sun is in my eyes. I have a hard time sighting so i have to not stroke when I look for the buoy, but no big deal. Then I realize that once again my hair is caught in the velcro of the wetsuit - dang it! i thought i made sure this wouldn't happen again. oh well i try to grab the hair out as I stroke - I am sure I looked quite retardo! made it to the next turn and turn green. all of a sudden there are waves! not like the white caps this race had last year (well the short curse had), but i feel like i am rocking back and forth like a boat. vurp. keep going. i know i am slowed, but i jsut need to go with it. i try to "ride" the waves side to side like i heard people talking about doing during IMCDA in 07. then BAM - some guy's heels goes directly onto my cheekbone. yowsers. that hurt. but i figure that means if it burises i will look cool amnd so i chucklt to myself - like that was suposed to hurt or something! ha! finally i make my way to shore. i hear greg and aunt mich as I run out of the water down the line to T1.
Time - 43:15
Place - 42/58
I run into T1 and run through the pools to rinse off feet and flop down on the mat for wetsuit stripping. I love wetsuit stripping. I then head for the trashcan as I am on the verge now...the verping continues. but i am able to hold my stomach together - don't want to lose those calories! I told myself to take my time in transition since I have to dry my leg off and get the compression sleeeve on - and add nausea on top of that. I ran out of transition and hopped on Diamond.
T1 time - 3:03

The bike was good. MY word for the bike was "Patience". There were lots of people passing me, but I was passing lots of people too. Since I didn't have any goals and I knew it was a hilly course, I wanted to take my time and not bonk out. I tried to eat, but the nausea from the swim wouldn't let me. I kept on taking in shot blocks, though. I took endurolyte pills a few times - about 3-4. And usually I crave sports drink, but for some reason I was craving water! (I ended up only drinking one bottle of sports drink on the bikle but about 3 of water). There were a couple hills that were killers, but I knew that meant we got to go downhill. Weeeeee. Then we hit one downhill, that I knew I would eventually have to go back up - ugh. Like normal by the end, my back was tightening up so I did hget caught by one TG for not being in aero. I do need to ride in aero more. lots more. there's a goal for 09. anyways, as we were coming closer I tried standing up a hill and fell back into my seat!!! oh sh*t - my inner thighs (not quads but the muscle that is ont he inside by the knee) cramped up. well this sucks i thought to myself. let me take another e-cap. I zoom into transition as I hear the family cheering!
Time - 3:25:26
Pace - 16.4
Place - 43/58


Caution: TMI ahead. I was feeling good as I came into T2. I started to stand and quickly put on my sneakers then remembered I had to pee. So I sat down and I couldn't stop! You would have thought I had just spent the last few hours at a bar. I was ready to start running but I couldn't stand up! Finally! Sheesh!
Time - 1:58


I started the run and could tell my legs were cramping up. Not again. This happened to me at Patriot's and I thought I knew better than to let it happen again. As I ran past IronGreg I motioned for him to jog alongside me so I could chat with him a minute. We talked about my bike split and we were both pleased with that. then gasp! gasp! I couldn't breathe. It was the weirdest thing. I walked a minute and caught my breath. Coach B said my heart rate probably spiked. Oops. I let IronGreg stop jogging in his flip flops along with me (what! I thought he wanted to do the half marathon with me). As soon as he stops CRAMP! my legs locked up. I must have looked pretty pathetic b/c the guy that was next to me stopped and was quite concerned with watching my legs lock up. I walked for a minute and then sucked it up and knew I had to jog out the cramp. And I did. I took my time jogging from water stop to water stop. I mae it to the turn around. the way back in felt good! There were a couple hills (yeah so much for this "flat" course) I had to walk up the hills b/c of the shin, but whatever. I made it back to Transition to finish the first loop and was feeling good. I wasn't looking forward to running abck up all those hills, though. As I am beginning my 2nd loop a girl starts to pass me that is in my AG. Now I have never looked before and why today of all days when I have no goals do I look I don't know! i pass her back and stay ahead passed the turn around. then I start fading and she gets me and I jsut can't speed up. My legs won't move. then another girl in my AG passes me. Oh well. By now my shin hates me and so do my legs in general. I thought maybe I had taken too may e-caps, turns out I didn't take enough. One day I will learn. I always enjoy one aspect of being slower - talking with everyone. I come down to finish and my family is all there - high fiving the way in. I get my popsicle and medal - all finished. all in a day's work.

Time - 2:32:16
Pace - 11:38

Place - 45/58

Overall Time - 6:45:57

Overall Place - 43/58 (74%)

I will continue with my post-race recap soon.
I retured from New hampshire to be swept off to Pinehurst for a few days for work.
Now i'm back - and FINALLY closing on my condo.
Then I will return to earth.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Timberman 70.3

I finished.

I guess you want more of a race report than that, huh!

Okay, since I am procratinating work...


brb - off to Pinehurst.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Timberman Taper

The training has been done.
now it's time to eat drink and be merry.
unfortunately it's water that I will be dirnking - although I will still be merry.

this weekend I met up with Lynn and KateO to finish the last required long brick of the season. wow! Lynn, annie, and I biked 28 miles. (Kate had to keep going since she is doing IMFL - no taper for her) - then we jogged 6 miles. I forgot the new compression sleeve and the shins was deifintiely tight, so I walked up the hills.
Mission Accomplished.

In 4 days IronGreg and I will fly up to Boston and drive to Laconia. We are staying with my FAVulous Aunt Mich who is making us lobster for dinner friday night - mm mm good! Cousin Carolyn is doing the sprint on Saturday, and her son Adam is doing the kid's race. It's nice to have family in the area. and Aunt Mich's house used to be my Grammy's house - so lots of memories there! And IronGreg used to go to camp as a kid in the Lakes Region, so hopefully we can stroll thru memory lane for him, too.

so cheers!! to all my team mates that I have spent the last 14 weeks (since White Lake) training for timerbman with. the "turtorous tuesdays" and the "trigirl tortuous triple" - hmm blake and tortuous rides...

T-minus 6 days...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Buzzzz

This weekend was the finale to the BLue Ridge Rides - aka the TRIgirl Torturous Triple!
With a route 50 miles long, Coach Blake has the day planned for us.
Everything goes smoothly.
Nutrition is packed. Post ride beer is packed.
show up on time and TG40 and I hop on it with TRIboy Jeff nd we are on our merry way.
Wake up - we're there!
Tires pumped up.
Water bottles on.
Shoes on.
Group Picture.
(note how increasingly small this time was) We begin the route up the mountain. The first out and back is roughly 23 miles. As I am curled up in aero with the tears streaming rom my eyes, I begin thinking "hmm we have been going downhill for quite some time now". We all gather at the trun around where Mary had a bee stuck down her top and has blessed with 7 boobs!
As we begin to turn around...
time to head back up those hills we just flew down.
and the heavens open.
we'r eshivering.
we're wet.
I don't think I am ever getting back to the cars. I try to tell myself that riding in the rain is etter than riding in 110 degrees and no shade. but damn these rain drop feel like hail when going downhill!
Finally get to the cars and jump on it. I wrap up in the towel I brought as a picnic blanket! Coach B undersands and he is even about to cancel the 2nd half of the ride. but as we wait...
the clouds part and the sun shines on us.
We begin the 2nd half - teeth still chattering. socks are drenched.
but it felt good.
a bee nails me on my ear (where it attaches to your face) and i have to stop. MY cheek and jaw begin to swell. I can barely chew my shot blok.
but I must continue on!
we get back to the cars and there's cyndi with the ice pack on her head.
A bee nailed her forehead!
what the F! (or should I say what the B?!)

To be continued...
(have to go into a meeting)

Shew. Ok I'm back. I know you were all on the edge of your seats.

Now...where was I...

Sunday was not too eventful. I ran 5 miles - which stunk.
Then moved the rest of my things in with IronGreg. That's like aother workout right there! So I should put that on my training report. (b/c I love excel and track my training in a FAVulous spreadsheet)

Monday was eventful. I have been having a lot of shin tightness and inflammation since White Lake Half back in May. After the race I ran a 10k. Walked would be more like it - it wasn't pretty. I had to walk parts of it b/c I got "floppy foot" - where the muscle in your shin is so tight you can pick up your foot - it just draaaags along. I ended p with shin splints - changed me shoes and did elliptical training. It's always been tighter muscle for as long as I could remember so I didn't hink too much of it. Well I mentioned this in passing to my knee doctor. Uh-oh! After ruling out a stress fracture there was one more thing to rule out - Compartment Syndrome.

Now traditionally this test requires sticking a large needle into the muscle and taking the pressure and then going for a run and then afterwards sticking another large needle in and taking the pressure again. If the pressure is over 30 - then it's compartment syndrome. Well, lucky for me - she got a new machine in for this. you only get pricked once! I had heard horror stories aboutthe pain before so I was quite anxious all morning before the test. Relieved to hear only one needle! See the way this one works is they put the needle in your muscle and then pull the needle out and leave a catheter in there that is attached to the pressure gauge box that you attach to your leg. This was problem #1 - how does it attach to leg? after "jerry-rigging" it with gauze and tape about 8 different ways from being too tight, too loose, covering up the screen, etc. Fianlly it was on my leg and I wsa on my merry way to go run around the parking lot for 15 minutes. The ASPHALT parking lot in the 95 degree HEAT with NO shade. I begin walking and it hurts so bad I want to scream cry and hit something at the same time. I suck it up, put my big girlpanties on and begin running. The pain begins to subsie and I keep at it. I come back in and my pressure is zero! although everyone has some pressure after running, I was relieved to find out I did not have compartment syndrome. As she begins taking the machine off my leg we find problem #2 - the catheter fell out of my leg. no wonder my pressure was zero. Ugh. Back to the traditional method. And off to run for 30 minutes outside. Now her office is in a business park and it is during the week, so don't mind me stripping my shirt off and running in my sports bra b/c it was so freaking hot out there! I come back in and we re-tes my pressure. 45. :( I have compartment syndrome. So now I wear a very fashionable pressure sleeve on my calf when working out. This is going to cuase for a bad T2 time next weekend at Timberman. bummer. Tomorrow I have a MRI to rule out any other issues in the muscle and then from there we will see about the fasciotomy. I will let you google pictures of that procedure. Just don't do it on your lunch break or shortly thereafter.

so needless to say I have taken some running of this week due to the fact i have two holes in my leg form the needles. (oh! they gave me a great mag on Matthew M's baby so I wouldn't even look at the needle it is so big)

Hmm...well back to these deadlines....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Put a fork in me.

this weekend we were scheduled to do a 25 mile ride and 16 mile run.
sounds like fun, huh?
but wait a minute, I'm signed up the Charlottesbille Internation Triathlon on Sunday! this one has a reputation for it's killer hills on the bike and on the trail run! Uh oh!
Luckily (?) coach B shortens the saturday workout to only a 12/10 brick.
I make my way out to WC on saturday to get this accomplished. TG KO and I do two good laps around keeping it steady. then we meet up with TG Lynn for the run. We have diffeent distances to do - 8 for Kate, 10 for me, and 16 for Lynn. so we run the first 8 together talking and having a good time. It was warm out there, but thanks to Kate's cold water face squirts it kept us cool! (And we dodged Ann and Margo's attempts at taking us out while they were riding).
Of course afterwards my legs are like lead.
hmm...triathlon tomorrow?
IronGreg and I headed up to check out the race site, which is was quite familiar with. We drove the bike course to get an idea of what kinds of hills we had ahead of us. with Blake's Blue Ridge rides, I wasn't too intimidated. But I knew right away thatmy goal times would no longer happen thanks to the morning's long brick. I was most nervous about the trail run. I had only done one ever! and i heard this was a hard one! But i didn't want to get a preview of what I had ahead of me there. I might not show up in the morning! But luckily I received a call from trail runner extrodonaire, Twila. That woman can run on trails for days without stopping. And still be smiling and fresh. She's a butterfly!
so we had a good night's eats and sleeps at the Boar's Head. things are laid out. Wake up call has been ordered. time for bed.

Phone rings.
There is no snozze button on the phone.
Time to get up.
normal race morning. we eat. get dressed and pack the car. Being this is only a "workout" for both of us there were little nerves - oddly.
I set up in transition. get body marked. Timeing chip. All the normal pre-race needs.
nothing exciting. Although I did find out that no one but Kate and I did the saturday workout! What were we thinking?!
except - there were lots of TG's out there including Coach G making a guest appearance - even if only for the swim!

The swim felt good. I didn't push it out of my comfort zone and just focused on my stroke and sighting. As I began to round the first lap I couldn't figure out which buoy I was swimming towards! I had to pause a few times and finally some guys from the wave behind me started passing me and I could follow their caps as I got back in line. I was feelign good, not tired or anything as I began to exit the water. hmmm, maybe I could have pushed it a little more? But then I began to run up the hill to transition and realized my legs felt like the mud I just ran through.
I actually had to sit down and put my socks and shows on b/c my legs were like lead.
As soon as we leave transition it's a long uphill. My legs didn't want to work. This is where mentally I started losing my game face. People were passing me like I was standing still. I was recounting my swim in my head thinking I should have pushed it a little more and coming to terms with being last in my AG in the swim and probably at the end of the day, too. About 10 minutes into the bike a few people in my AG passed me on the bike. My legs couldn't spin to catch them, so I thought to myself - at least I wasn't the last out of the water like I was thinking. about 15 minutes into the bike I decided today was jsu tnot my day and I should just turn in my chip. I was done. My legs were fried from Saturday's workout. (I was cursing Coach Blake at this time. I mean how could this make me stronger?!). I passed the first turn of volunteers - they were so cheerful and supportive - how cold I ask them how do I turn in m chip? I had never done that before, what is the process to DNF? I'll ask the next set of volunteers. As I come up to them they, too, are so cheerful and supposrtive, I just can't ask them! Next thing I know I am half way through the bike. Why stop now? I'm half way there. just go with it. As I am comign back into the park a few more people pass me including one of my friends - who started 2 waves behind me! what! am i slacking that much! guess I better kick it up! We come back into the park and I eat up the downhill. Curl into aero and crank int ot hat hard gear. Wheeeeeeeeee. Hop off the bike and slip into my nice white sneakers and head off to the trails.
I quickly grab n go! I felt fast in T2. at lest I felt fast sometime during the day! haha
It ws nice surroundings, but I was so busy looking at the ground I couldn't really take it all in. I was really felling that long workout now! So I jsut kept reminding myself that this was jsut a workout and not a rae like most people out here. I kept telling my self to have the feet of a deer and float like a butterfly - twila's advice. The trail was narrow and peopel were passing me so much "on my left", that my right thigh is scratched up from tress/bushes/etc - but that only makes me look tough, right? I find that runnin guphill hurts my calves so I allow myself to walk up them. I get into my groove when IronGreg's friend passes me walking up a hill. Oh hell no! so I pick it up and bam - down I go. Total bummer! Luckily I caught myself and didn't relaly eat it. the guy behind me yells out "nice save". and I start laughing to myself about the ass shot he just got as I stick it up in the air in spandex trying to catch my fall. awesome. no wonder he was struggling back there! Next thing I know I am done with lap one and heading back in for another lap of trail goodness. now I am feeling good and now I am FINALLY the one passing lots of people! I uess all those people that took off too fast in the beginning are paying for it now. See - slow and steady wins the race (at lest that's i tell myself, but I have yet to come close to winning a race). The last mile has lots of up hills and I have come to terms with not hitting any of my goals. Out of the woods and kick it up for the finish line.
Mission Accomplished.
So I may not have hit any of my goal times, but I did get two rock solid workouts in - and finish them!
and what I am mostly proud of myself for is overcoming the mental block of wanting to quit and PUSHing through.
and I wasn;t the only person having a rough day. but it's all a part of training.
Timberman here I come!

Afterwards IronGreg and I had the brunch buffet and I was sur to eats lots of bacon - it's protein, right? and the blueberry I had to replenish my sugar?
Then we spent the day touring Monpelier - the home of James Madison - our country's 4th president and one of the founding fathers of the constitution.

Then for the evening festivities...refer to Margo's Shark Week extravaganza.

and now - poor IronGreg is sick :(
good thing I am having lots of chicks drinking wine and jewelry shopping at his house tonight so he is scared to come home!

PS - today I am taking a rest day. forget swimming! (sorry Coach JP!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sound of (Cycling) Music

as we went out for "Torturous Tuesdays" ride, a deeer zoomed out across the road in front of us.
Pretty common.
But for some reason this time I started singing...
Do - a deer a female deer
Ra - a drop of golden sun
Mi - a name I call myself
Fa - a long long way to ruuuun
So - a needle pulling thread
La - a note to follow So
Ti - a drink with jam and bread
and that brings us back to Do

fortunately, for my team mates sanity, I sang most of this in my head.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Date: July 26, 2009
Place: Lake Placid, NY

Looks like next July I will be cheering on the competitors at Ironman USA.
A handful of my training partners and IronGreg have registered to take on this challenge!

Monday, July 21, 2008


~ Friday night I was able to take advantage of the RTC open water swim in the nice clean James River. I hadn't beenin open water or done a long swim since White Lake. Man I need more of them. It was good - and better since followed by Chipotle.

~ Saturday I rode 60 miles. I did the first loop with some training buddies and then the 2nd loop by myself. It was hot and my water bottles were going fast. Luckily we rode by my sister's farm, so ont he 2nd loop I called her to let her know I was coming by for more fluids. Hoever, this requires walking for about 15 minutes up their gravel drive - in bike shoes. I gave baby David a kiss. He pooed. haha. That afternoon at packet pick-up I realized that when I left the ride int eh morning I left my front wheel behind. I was working packet pick-up, so luckily JRo trucked up to where I rode to see if it was still there and thankfully it was.

David begins triathlon training at just 6 weeks old.

~ Sunday was the 3 sports Sprint triahtlon produced by the RTC. I was in charge of the trainsition area. Let me just say - is it that hard to wait until the last biker is off the course to take your bike out of transition? There are some rude/inconsiderate people out there. I won't mention that 2 of my frends were yelled! at by some guy (I think it was the same guy) for a. having to have his bib to receive his post-race food (chipotle). and b. that his placement was nit high enough to receive an award. please note: these items were all covered on the website and in race meetings. But besides buttheads, it was a grat time. It was HOTTTTTTT. But los of people are now triathlon finishers! and PR's were had regardless of the heat.

~ Post-race massage and boating. Check gas gauge prior to leaving dock. Or check beer stash to make sure you do not run out of beer while stranded waiting for gas. But when all else fails. start a noodle canon war. Ready? Aim. FIRE!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Riding in THE Tour

Last night I had an easy hour to spin on the bike.
My knee was hurting.
It was hot outside.
motivation waasn't pouringout of me.

the trainer was set up in the living room
in front of the TV
viewing le Tour de France.
It was so fun spinning away like I was in a peloton with these fools and wearing the yellow jersey of course.
Look at me go...I'm drafting now! Weeeeeeee!

(I am not going to mention how tight IronGreg had the trainer for my easy spin...grrr
I think I was sweating more the guys in France. - haha)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons

Note: this post has nothing to do with triathlons or training.
I recieved a phone call from a girlfriend yesterday and she told me of a story.
It's a story that is not funny, but you can't help but laugh.
Seriously, kids, you can't make this shit up.

So thre was this girl -we'll call her Sue.
Sue was dogsitting for a couple - we'll name them Tom and Alice.
Tom and Alice explain to Sue that their dog, a 70+lb lab mix, is old and not so healthy. the vet is on standby and will pick the dog up if he gets sick.
The first night there the do starts making odd noises, so Sue calls the vet. Unfortunately the vet is closed for the weekend.
Shortly thereafter, the dog dies.
sue is stumped on what to do. The vet that would pick the dog up is closed so now she is stuck at home with a heavy dog that doesn't walk. And she doesn't have a car either.
so Sue gets the idea to put the dog in a suitcase (youhave to give her creativity points) and take the city bus to the emergency vet to take care of the dog.
As she is boarding the bus a man helps her lug this heavy bag onto the bus. He inquires why her bag is so heavy. Frantic about the truth, she explains to him that she has herlife in there - including lap top and school books since she is going back to school (creative thinking once again).
As the bus gets to the stop for the emergency vet, Sue realizes the man that she told this story to is getting up get off the same stop. she worries that he is going to see her walk into the vet and realize she lied. Luckily he goes the other direction - shew.
So as she gets ready to wak in the vet she gets a tap on the shoulder
She turns around and the guy punches her in the face and runs off with the suitcase!

Talk about a bad day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cycling Etiquette

We all have new goals and challenges for ourselves.
And in conquering these challenges we are spending more time riding on the road. It's nice outside, so we shoul dbe off the trainers and enjoying the outdoors and all that surrounds us.

However, one thing that has come up recently is our group's Cycling Etiquette.
Sure you put a bunch of girls together nd we want to chit chat - I mean we are sitting onthe bike for 3+ hours. In doing so, we are all in need of a refresher course in things to keep in mind.
I used the power of google to compile a lit of all things cycling etiquette (move over miss manners!)
1. Obey all traffic signs and signals. This includes traffic lights and stop signs. If in doubt what the laws are be conservative
2. Communicate with your fellow riders, using proper cycling terms, such as "On your left," "Car back," etc.
• Car back ... move to single file on the right hand side of the road or shoulder. Give way to the car... they are bigger than you and they will win.
• On your left ... allow the person coming up behind you to pass safely within the lane; not crossing over into the other lane. If necessary move to the right. (I like to say the person's name I am going to pass, if i know it, so i can be sure to catch their attention and not frighten them as I pass. this can be tricky on downhoils, though - as it's hard to hear anything over the wind so speak up then)
3. Stay to the right, except to pass. Pass on the left side only. Do not pass on the right. (this is one that needs attention)
4. Do not cross center line regardless of passing zone.
5. Use proper signals when turning. Make left turns from the center of the road or left turn lane. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.
6. Ride in control of your bike at all times (i.e. being able to stop within a reasonable distance.)
7. Ride defensively, in consideration of your fellow riders.
8. Don't use Aero bars in a group
9. Point out and call out any road hazards ahead. These include potholes, drain grates, stray animals, opening car doors, sticks or stones, parked cars, etc. (just simply point to them)
10. Do not overlap wheels. A slight direction change or gust of wind could easily cause you to touch wheels and fall.
11. Pedal down hill when you are at the front of the bunch. Cyclists dislike having to ride under brakes!
12. When climbing hills, avoid following a wheel too closely. Many riders often lose their momentum when rising out of the saddle on a hill which can cause a sudden deceleration. This can often catch a rider who is following too closely, resulting in a fall from a wheel touch.

I am sure I will find more as I continue to research. But let's keep these in mind. Trying out some of the local group rides would probably help, too. I know RABA offers a variety of rides and Team Nature'sPath is always willing to help, too. I have been to their workshops and are very informative.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This morning I headed out to trail run with two of my friends, TG40 and Bethany. It was my first time trying this out. It was not easy. Hills, rock, and spider webs - oh my! But of course we are glutton for punishment and decided this should become a weekly adventure. Crazy? Clearly!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Running Skirt

My team was recently asked to participate in a video for Runner's World on the running skirt. After filming I was aksed to "star" in the video. We all had such a blast making it - we laughed the whole time. And a big congrats to camerawoman Kate Hoof - who recently had an article on her accomplishments in Runner's World just last month!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tagged by KO

10 years ago I was....
1998 - I waws a sophomore in college partying in up and changing majors from dance with a concentrationin performance and choreography to Interior Design - a wise decision.

5 years ago I was.....
2003 - I moved to Richmond and was making new friends and learning about my new home - that I thought I would only live in for 2 years and then go on about my merry way and somehoe I am still here and am okay with that!

1 year ago I was.....
2007 - joined the world of triahtlons. my life will never be the same. I met amazing girls and did 3 sprints, 1 olympic, 1 half, and 1 marathon - a bunch of firsts for me!
and I also started dating the most wonderfullest boyfriend ever, IronGreg. he is such a lucky guy! (can you believe it's been a year already!)

5 things on my to-do list today:
- work
- run (done!)
- lift weights (done!)
- bike
- pack

5 snacks I enjoy:
- cheez its
- cheese - all kinds, all forms.
- hummus
- ice cream
- leftovers

If I was a billionaire I would:
- buy a house.
- buy a vacation home
- donate
- retire.

6 people I would want to have lunch with tomorrow:
- IronGreg, he is a fun date afterall
- my dad
- God
- Oprah
- ALL my friends! (how fun would that be!!)

5 places I have lived:
- Charlotte
- Raleigh
- Atlanta
- Richmond

5 jobs I have had:
- Patricia McLean Interiors, Inc.
- TM Collaborative, Inc.
- Cornerstone Architects
- Perretz and Young Architects
- Glave and Holmes Associates

Tag, you're it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BRP Pictures

coach Blake explains the yuminess of the BRP

climbing the mountain

thumb's up for Timberman 70.3 training
the turnaround point. it was gorgeous.

i swerved in on the way down to capture the moment

we finished! following this was a nap.

mmm now this was yummy.

why yes those are our water bottles. no alcoholic beverages were allowed.

the rusty pig

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Triboy, IronGreg

Yesterday, my IronGreg participated in the Charlottesville Sprint (while I stayed in Richmond and got a massage like a good girlfriend) He did so good I am so proud! What a way to re-start the season!

Swim - .3 miles (but I think it ended up being longer): 8:11 (16 overall)
T1 - 1:08 (15 overall)
Bike - 16.5 miles: 47:21 (2 overall)
T2 - :38 (9 overall)
Run - 5k: 22:30 (25 overall)

Total 1:19:46 (3 out of 168 males)

First Adventures on the BRP

BRP = Blue Rdige Parkway.

Saturday I did it. I rode the BRP. and could still walk afterwards, too! Similar to Ozzie and Harriett, there are the Mis-Adventures of the BRP.

Animals to report:
- lots of catapillars. I think they were crossing the road like an annual Grunion run (think of Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead). I tried to steer around the catapillars as best I could. I apologized to those who were smooshed previously and to those I may have smooshed myself.

- a rooster. at one parking lot area there was a rooster.
and last but not least...
- a bear. not a goat, but a bear. (although we did see goats on the way home) yes I know I was by myself and without camera when I saw this bear. But i swear I really did. he was up on the rocks walking around. and not the cute snuggly kind. I decided he is a teenager. he wasn't little - so not a cub. but wasn't big so not a daddy. she could have been a petite female. whaever the sex and age - the thing was real and if he fell off the rocks I would have been smooshed like those catapillars. however I was going about 7 or 8 mph when I saw him and I found myself kicking it up to 12 - we were on a deent incline. talk about motivation!

The ride:

we started out at mile 13 and rode tomile 0 to re-group. The downhills were amazing! I hit 42.5 a new bike record.

then we rode back up to mile 13 to again regroup and refuel as needed. this is when the bear was spotted. katie's husband said he could smell a bear in the area - i guess my bear friend had BO.

from there the TM group headed up to mile 23 - I think this was 10 miles uphill. I kept thining about how great the return trip was going to be! I did well, though, if I have to say so myself. There were a few moments when I thought my hip flexors were going to explode, but overall I felt good the whole time. On the way up we passed a girl that a. was on a mountian bike, b. was in sneakers, and c. she had her apartment on her bike. I waited for the crew at the look out point on mile 23 where we were joined by a crew of honda drivers. they kindly took pictures of us - with our cameras and their own. i am curious where those pictures pmay end up. hmmm. but hen we saw the girl trucking along and we gave her a standing ovation for her effort. we were impressed sa she pushed onward and upward.

now the fun part - 10 miles downhill. i mean it ws almost al uphill on the way here, right. um no. hmm. i don't remember these hills that I am climbing on the way up. where did they come from.

we return to the parking lot and don our sneakers for a run. we are suppoed to do 50 minutes. but now we are tired so we think 30 minutes sounds good. My legs had the qualities of jell-o. I did a 4-1 run/walk. I went out for 15 minutes. and made it back in 10. hmmmm. oh well.

made it back to home base consumed a few adult beverages and tasty treats and we headed to the "rusty pig" for some eats. (ps - has anyoen else tried pomegranate michelob ultra - now that's yummy!!!)

shout out to jeff for the ride. it was a great little carpool. i look forward to the next one (shhh don't tell blake)

then - back to packing!

pictures to come! and they are goooood.