Thursday, March 29, 2007

Repeat to the 4th Power

The pressure has been on. With the 10k this weekend and the duathlon next, I am moving past nervous into stressed. Have I tried hard enough? Could I have done more? How will I do? All these questions played into my mind this morning as I hit snooze on the alarm clock. 5:30 am. buzz. buzz. buzz. As I try to talk myself out of the early morning run, I think of the stress and realize I have to go. As I walk out the door...brrrr! Back inside for long sleeves. Off comes the visor. Off comes the ipod. I really could use the sleep. Stop, Melissa, Stop. Get your butt in that car! I trek off to the VIta course for my 4 x 1/2 repeats. In January, I was given a 1/2 mile time of 4:30. So I am still using that goal. This morning my times were:
1 - 4:17 (hey pretty good lady)
2 - 4:27 (well still under 4:30 but the last one was better. get those 10 seconds back)
3 - 4:00 (seriously?!)
4 - 4:02 (um. woah.)
That last repeat almsot got the best of me. But I started off with TG Cheryl and she said she wanted someone to push her and so we were doing it together. I couldn't stop I would be letting her down as well as myself. I pushed on through and man....I'm glad I made my way to the vita course this morning. A nice little pick me up on a chilly Thursday morning.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dress Rehearsals

A weekend of no sleeping in. But lots of working out.

Friday was the RTC social. I was surprised at how few people were there. Is there is only support at the practices and races - come on people! I was also a bit surprised at the appetizer selections - considering the groups involved are based around being fit - a nice creamy dip, a nice cheesey bean dip, and wings. hmm. maybe i was the only one hoping for carrot and celery sticks. anyways - it was lame-o. so after a few frosty beverages - i left that joint.

Saturday I woke up and geared up for my "dress rehearsal" for the duathlon. TG Diane was kind enough to do this one with me. we both had to jet by 10, so were got there early to get started. but then the fun new gear showed up and we had to do some quick shopping, so we got quite a late start. we did the run. um. hills and my gluts do not get along. took me longer than i was hoping for. then we hopped on our bikes and took off. not bad. rolling hills, but after class with ed and blake i can totally handle these. we turn off to go down patterson. what do i see ahead of me. oh wow. a big hill. we make it. after we finished that we coast back into west creek. first lap down - 20 minutes! yikes! no more talking and coasting. second lap must be faster. so we go - making good time. but then wait! wait! that's not the exit back into west creek - that is the on ramp to 288. rut roh. u-turn! well unfortuantely we couldn't really gauge our time tracking for lap 2. and now it is 9:55. ugh. we dont' have time for 2 more bike laps and another 3 mile run. what to do!! so we hopped off our bikes for a quick run. calf cramp! argh! we jog another 1.5. sigh. i am glad i got out there and got a feel for the course - especially seeing the 288 hill. i know i should be happy that i am doing my first race, but i can't help but wish i was faster. makes me very nervous for the 7th. (i did make it to my hair and brow appointment afterwards)

sunday morning started with a "dress rehearsal" of the monument avenue 10k run. not bad. right before the run i got my first text message update from my brother's marathon. he has passed the 10k point! then we all hit monument. everyone was in front of me with a few people behind me. no one really at my pace, but i can use to time to think instead of chat. i realize that after getting more comfortable with distance i really need to focus on my splits and speed drills. but dang it! i forgot to start my watch so i don't know what my time is. i think right at an hour. my goal for the race is 59:59. TG Aimee and I are going to pace each other and reach that goal! with her by my side, I know I can do it. (my brother finished the mary in 3:50:27 - go brother!)

sunday evening we had swimming with som. i actually felt good with doing the 100m and 200m drills. granted we take a few seconds at the end of each lap b/c there is such a pile up of girls. but i feel good. I am so glad i have gotten over to the tucky with TG DL and gotten more comfortable with swimming.

a weekend's work is done. the week begins...

Friday, March 23, 2007


Fins to the left...Fins to the right...okay so I am referring to fishy fins, not men in bars...but it seemed to fit.

I haven't quite developed my mermaid's tail, but I had a great swim last night! And after Tuesday it was just what I needed! I started doing a couple drills I learned in TI. I am sure I looked funny, but I'm cool with it. After doing some drills I decided to time myself on my lap. (I take a rest after each 50m lap) 1:08. Every time - 1:08. not bad, i think. I time myself doing free/back drills - 1:07. hmm. I think maybe I should do this in the race! haha. Then I go back to focusing on free - 1:01!!! What?! nice. next lap 1:00. Sweet! i am sticking to this and I am happy. Then I have to go so I swim my final lap of the night... :57!! YAY!!! Perfect way to end the swim. Next week I will time 75m...dum dum dum.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In the pool I am more like an anchor than a mermaid. Last night I finally built up the courage and met TG-DL at the tucky for a swim. Now I know that this is my weakeat thing in my training. I took TI in Febraury and it wasn't toooo bad. Well. hmph. I got in the pool last night and it looked longer and is. The while time I thought I was was swimming 25m I was only swimming 25 yards!! argh! I can barely swim 50m without running out of breath. and there are only 10 weeks before Powersprint - which means if i am at 50 now I have to add 25m a week to get to 300 - and that is just in time! me no likey! i would feel better if i knew I could swim 300m more than a day before the race! so I need to get my butt in the pool more often. It is so frustrating!!!! But now I am a Y member and I joined only for their pool so I have to go! I am determined to get in teh pool n my own (with other TG's!) twice a week and do Som's calss on sundays. Sigh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Top Chef

Top chef is such a great show - I always get sucked into the challenges and recipes they concoct! But yesterday, I was part of a different Top Chef. Along with TG's Diane and Andi - we amde Herb Mustard Chicken (thanks to for Safe Harbour - a shelter for battered women and their children. Growing up I volunteered annually with the shelter in Charlotte, so this was a great opportunity to continue helping such an important place. It was just a nice afternoon. Playing with a new recipe and just talking. And of course we had to make dessert!! Diane's 2 kids made some fabulous cookies and brownies for the kids of the shelter. And of course we had to do some taste testing! Yum! Times like this - taking a measly few hours to make someone else smile - is the most rewarding feeling. Thanks fellow top chefs, for a fabulous afternoon!

It begins...

I finished my first race of 2007 - the Shamrock 8k. With about 10 other TG's, we hit the beach and boardwalk for the race. It was a good Friday night - wine and chatting. Perfect.

Race day came and we all piled into monica's SUV. Brrrr it was cold out there. But we are tough - we don't let a little chill and wind stop us. The 20 mph headwinds (according to definitely were not ideal, but we all finished! Unfortunately, though, it was nto the ideal way to have my first race of 2007 - 49:53 - a 10:00 mile :( I know I should be happy that I finished, but I am disappointed in my time. At the same time, I will hope that this will help give me the extra push to run faster and outside my comfy pace for the 10k and duathlon coming up.

I am shooting for the 10k to finish in under an hour. It can be 59:59 - anything under an hour. And for the duathlon I am reaching for 27:00, 1:05:00, 28:00. Thankfully TG Diane is going to do the course with me this Saturday in preperation!! And since my brother will be in town Easter weekend he might do the du with me and go slow and push me along the way to go faster (he said he will make me cry by pushing haha) He has the Atlanta Inaugural Marathon this weekend!! yay!

But for now...retail therapy makes you faster! Thank you Short Pump.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Springing Into Action - Adventures at West Creek

Yesterday afternoon me and 2 other TG’s, Diane and Ann, went out to WC for a ride in the beautiful spring-like weather. When I arrived the other girls were all ready to go so as I changed my shoes and put on my helmet and such Diane kindly pumped my tires…and that is where the adventure began. We could not get the pump off the tire! And when we did it let all the air out. After we all tried to pump it up we decided that we could not all 3 be retarded – it must be the pump. So we spotted a guy getting ready to ride and borrowed his pump. He was ready to ride so came to se if we were done with it. Ummm…I think we are retarded. So he gave it a whirl. No dice. Tried both pumps. Nothing. Thinkingmaybe he, too, is having a tardo moment and we are all balming the pumps...But…he figures out the problem. Upon trying to yank the pump off my tire, we blew the tube. Thankfully on a trip to Performance during the bike shopping adventures, I was advised get an extra tube – which I conveniently stashed in my bag. So we all learned how to change a tire thanks to this poor guy just trying to go for a ride and runs into the 3 of us. Our new hero.

Now we are all ready to go. Man this definitely is different than spin class. We go around the building and parking lot for a bit to get our “bearings”. Work on breaking…hey not so bad. Stop, Ann..stop! note: The ground also doubles as a break. We laughed and brushed her off and continue back through the parking lot. I am now worried about stopping and am being very cautious. So I come to a stop and put my left foot down and am satisfied. I think I have mastered the beginning slow stopping. Feeling confident. So I turn to my right to talk to the girls and Whap! I’m on the ground. Note to self…just because one foot is on the ground doesn’t mean the other one is too. As we laugh for a minute and now brush me off we decide to hit the road.

First we did about 2 miles then stopped to check in – during this I worked on changing gears and getting in aerobars (which is wobbly), standing up, and drinking water – all new feelings to get comfortable with. Then we begin the 6 mile course and I am feeling good. We lose Ann to Pilates class and Diane and I push on. We get passed by many other cyclists who slow to chat with us…one guy asked if I was racing this weeked. I chuckled and said “um this is my first time riding outside.” He was impressed. Sweet. another guy even said I had a nice spin! (thanks ed/marc/blake) …then Diane talks me into adding the 2 mile Cap One Loop…for an 8 mile loop. Ok. Ok. I’m in. Seriously?! I keep thinking, What have I gotten myself into attempting to a duathlon in 3 weeks?! But we made it back tour cars and I felt good. A short ride but now time to really get going. And I found a new appreciation for the “hills” during indoor cycling class.

This morning besides some bumps and bruises (mainly on my now purple hand) I am glad I got my first outdoor ride under my belt and am ready to get kick WC’s bum.

Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm here...kind of!

This week in training has been...blah. The week started off with wegiht training on monday. Sicne I am forcing myself to ride outside I am nto doign the cycling after class so I figured this wodl be aperfect tiem to swim. Instead I went to the tanning bed. Tuesday I went to ride outside but unfortunately that did not work out. So i trekked on home and hit the treadmill. A good run. A 10:00 min pace...9:30 for 1/2, 10:30 for 1/2. I could have kept going...maybe I need to pick up the pace a touch. I got right at 4 1/2 miles in in 45 minutes. I like that my endurance felt strong, but my feet...I am just slow! AAAHHHH. Then wednesday I headed off to Dr. Z and walkd out with a cortisone shot in my knee. Um. Ow. i still went to weight and indoor cycling on wednesday ngiht but then thursday came around and I could barely walk! Today it feels better. I am anxious to run now. unfortuantely (or fortunately) I am off to comfort zone camp this weekend so I will get a 30 minute run in on saturday but that's it. I did tell them that I have to elave earl on sunday to make it to swim practice! I need that. And this week - I am totally joining the Y and swimming more. i have to. no more excuses. it's game time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A TG filled weekend

After practicing at Maramarc for the past 3 or so months I have gotten to know a handful of my fellow TG's! Love them! But now the season has officially started! This weekend was filled with TG activities.

Friday night we had a clinic with Dr. Teresa Stadler. Learned all kinds of fun info - like gatorade endurance is where it's at! haha. We need to watch our sodium intake and loss to prevent being too hydrated. After the clinic we all dined at Chadar and I got to know a few more of the girls. It's nice not being the beign the onyl who is brand new to this whole new world of triathlons! Oh yeah, and we received our TG tri tops, too!!

Saturday we woke up bright and early to head back to Maramarc for our weekly brick. Not bad this weekend. 1 1/2 mi. run, 60 min. ride, 3 mi run. got some bike fitting adjustments to make the silver bullet just right for me! spoent the afternoon bowling with soem of the girls! nice to see them outside the gym!

Sunday back to my TG's at the pool. Blub blub - swim fishy swim! That whole breathing thing. Yeah. no comment.

I am now really excited for the training to increase and really challenge me even more. I love it!

ps - nervous about the du!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I love being a TRIgirl!

Training is clearly not only physical but mental as well. It takes the support of all those around you to support and motivate each other to reach your own personal best.

I have found that my new TG's are more motivation and support than I was expecting when I joined. Not only is everyone encouraging inside the gym...and at TGSB, but also in life. While going through this difficult time, I have received so many encouraging emails and support. I even came home from work to find TG pink tulips on my doorstep! I mean where else could you find such awesome people!

Remember - "Time may not heal all wounds; instead it allows those wounds to tranform who we are into we will become" (i made that one up a few years ago!)

Okay, enough being sappy. Ladies...we have a couple races whose butts need to be kicked! It's party time!