Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sham-ROCK-in Half Marathon

I did it! I did the shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday.
I just couldn't sit on the sidelines. Although I have been "banned" from running outside and have the last two weeks aqua jogging behind water aerobics (those instructors sure are crotchety), I was able to squeak out 13.1 miles on the road.
My longest road run was 12 miles. and it wasn't pretty - hence the aqua jogging.

Let me rewind a minute for those who may not know me.
In 2008 I trained for this race. I trained hard.
I wanted to finish sub-2 hours. I wanted it bad.
I was running along feeling great when it hit. That awful feeling you really don't want at a race. Stomach cramps.
At mile 10 I had to hit the trusty ole nasty-ass Port-o-jon.
If you are not a runner...avoid these traveling potties at races. To say they are raunchy would be an understatement.
Needless to say I finish that race in 2:04:06. A time that has stuck with me.

I did one stand alone half marathon last yea,r but it was a fun run, not for time. I couldn't even tell you what my time was. it was at disney. you stop and wait in line and take pictures and simply have fun!

back to sunday. this was my 2nd attempt at breaking 2 hours. training was not up to par due to this chronic injury so I wasn't sure what to expect. I usually run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute. but i decided to run to each water stop then walk 1 minute.
for the first 6-7 miles I was feeling good. hitting around 8:30-8:40 at the mile markers.
then at mile 7 hit the head wind. fatigue started setting in.
at mile 10 I was done.
at mile 12 I was ready to stop. I took a couple extra walk breaks here.
then came the boardwalk. that final half mile.
official finishing time......
I did it! I broke two hours!!!!

there were MANY PRs all around.
IronGreg did the full marathon and finished in 3:10 qualifying him for Boston! Way to go, babe! I'm proud of you!

Lesson learned: don't take the sandwich bag a gu chomps you found in the pantry from last season for a running race. they are un-chewable.

such an Sham-ROCK-ing weekend for everyone! high five.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Training

Saturday I was scheduled an EASY 75 minute run. I love when I see that "e" word on my schedule. Unfortunately, due to the shin issue, I spent 90 minutes pool running. It went by fast than I thought it would.
I used a friends adice and clipped my iPod shuffle to the top of my head.
The pool was quite the place to be on a saturday morning. but i was able to run along the lane line behind the water aerobics.

I finally got off the trainer and hit the road Sunday for a 3 hour tour. Damn, I got my butt kicked. I used to be pretty good at hills, I was the last one up every single hill. With IMCDA in 3.5 months...guess I will be doing. hill repeats. oh boy.

that brings us to this weekend. shamrock.
I'm doing it.
I can't sit on the sidelines and wonder what if.
Sure it may hurt.
Sure I may not PR.
BUt I can't just watch.

still waiting on my new shoes, btw.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gazelle Sports

I love my Asics DS trainer 14’s. but they came out in 2009.
(the 15 in 2010 and now they are on the 16 in 2011).
Well model 16 gave me this blasted injury.
So I was on a mission to find some 14’s.
being that they are the model from 2 years ago you can imagine my search.
But I found them!!!!!!!!!!! At a retailer, gazelle sports, in Michigan.
And they have them in green, not the pink i have had, so they match my kit as an added bonus!!!!!!!
I had the pink when I wore pink, and now I wear green, and found them in green! (hey, like i told my ortho surgeon, I am not getting on the podium, so I may as well look good)
you can look at image to the right ------> and I am wearing the pink ones during IMAZ
I bought the last 3 pairs in their inventory!!!!! (clearance price AND free shipping, too!)
$209.00 for 3 pairs of glorious sneakers. 

Let the Aqua Jogging Begin

My shin pain is either serious shin splints...or a stress fracture. the road to recovery is the same at this point, so I am not going to drive all over town getting a MRI or Bone Scan done. I mean does it really matter?

So PK and I talked briefly this morning about how to adjust the training plan...
Friday's run starts session one of aqua jogging. I did this a LOT after surgery when I had a few months before IMAZ, so now I am doing it a few months before IMCDA. Hmm...I smell a trend. A trend that I would like to stop, thank you very much.

One intensity ride during the week and one long ride on the weekend.

Call me Nemo. Or Dory. Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.
I hope I have enough bathing suits between 3 swims a week and however many aqua jogs a week.

I had my session with "Jillian" this morning. I will still meet with him 2x/week. We are going to focus on abs/core, arms, and back. minimal legs.

I wonder when walking up and down stairs becomes 100% pain free. Today isn't nearly as bad as Wednesday. Track on Tuesday really killed me. Blasted track.

I think everyone training for CDA should be on my plan. that makes it fair, right?!
I definitely spent yesterday moping around the house having a pity party. IronGreg gave me one day to feel sorry for myself and find the mindset of a new training plan. It sucks watching so many people just train their hearts away with mild normal aches and pains but no injuries and than I haven't been injury free since 2007!!!! I mean come on now. I think I am due here. I eat right. I stretch. I take care of myself. but to no avail. I'm stubborn. I don't accept being told I can't do something. That makes me want it more...and throw fits along the way.

Back to that Shamrock question from yesterday.
PK says no.
I say yes. I mean this could be a stress fracture already so what's the harm in one day of running outside! I have two triathlons in April that are training races for IMCDA. I will have to run outside for those, too. At this point...F-it. I will aqua jog to my heart's content. and Run outside for races. Sure it will hurt. and sure my times will suck.

But I am not a quitter.
(IronGreg's reminder last night...when he gave me flowers to cheer me up. aw.)
I quit smoking and trained for a 10k. (in 2005)
I trained for my first marathon (in San Francisco) 100% on the elliptical due to knee injury.
I trained for triathlons with stitches in my foot (granted that prolonged the healing process. oops.)
I trained for my first ironman aqua jogging and on the elliptical. from intense surgery (fasciotomy) to ironman in 7 months.

I am not going to quit now.
I may be stubborn.
I am not a quitter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to Shamrock? or not to shamrock? that is the question.

A few weeks ago my soleus and calf muscle in my bad leg were tight. some knots. PK dug into them over coffee. Because doesn't everyone want their coach to dig into their muscles at Starbucks? haha.

Saturday I ran 12.2 miles. My shin hurt, but not where the usual surgery pain is. no pain, no gain, right. I am an Ironman after all.
sunday I hit the elliptical for a fast 45. Holy shin bone.
Ice. Ice. Ice.
Every night I fall asleep in my ice pack. I un-velcro it sometime in the middle of the night when it actually eels heavy from being thawed out.
Now it's Tuesday and I have track. I rarely do track because hill repeats inflame the bad shin muscle, as does running stadium stairs. If we are on the track, I typically do every other speed drill so the added recovery keeps the inflammation at bay.
Last night's main set was 4 x 800 descending. PK told me to start at a 2:15/400 pace. Okay that works.
I hit: 4:13, 4:00, 3:43, 3:42.
As you can see there was minimal difference in the last two. Each time as I started it was like winding up my shin muscle to work for me. The last 200 it hurt so bad I went down to a jog.
I had to sit out of the timed 100 at the end.
Why does speed work injur me?!?!
This morning my leg pain is now to the point where I am ready to cut the damn thing off and ask McSteamy and Callie to give me a new one. A few tears shed at the idea of being injured...again. I just can't be no injured. It's so frustrating I just want to SCREAAAAAAAAMMMMMM.
Some words PK and fellow trainee and PT, Meredith threw out on the pool deck this morning...
- no shamrock half marathon
- shin splits?
- stress fracture?
not the way a girl training for an Ironman wants to start her day.
I was able to get in an appointment with PT Meredith this afternoon. We did some ultrasound on it and some icing. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the aggrevation going on in there.
We are going on the theory that this is a serious case of shin splints. No impact for awhile. i'll take tonight off the bike. Try it on sunday (scheduled for a 2:45 ride). and back to aqua jogging I go. no roads. no elliptical.
If this keeps a stress fracture away, then I'll take it.
Is it ideal? no. But hey, when do I like to do anything the easy way?!

you may be wondering, what the hell did I do to get these anyways?
Well, I'll tell you. Because I know EXACTLY what has caused this crap. (bitter? yes i am)
I wear Asics DS Trainer. I love them. I've been wearing model 14 for two years now. I loved them so much I bought about 500 pairs. Well, I am down to my last pair. So, I bought the new version, 16, since they have a new model. Like cars, shoes get redesigned every year to supposedly make them better. BULL. SHIT.
I want the 14 back!!!! Screw you Asics. Look what you have caused me!! (again, bitter? yes!)

So to Shamrock? or not to shamrock? that is the question.

On a side note. I have friends who also blog. they are so enjoyable to read. their words flow. Verbiage is well used. Topics are usually interesting.
then I re-read my posts. I am all over the place.. and most of the time I don't care if there are mis-spellings or lower case instead of capitals. I type fast. I don't type well. but it's me. It's my typing character. And the train of thought..well that's how my mind works.
So I may not be as fluid as the skilled writer, but thanks for reading anyways!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Melted Heart

My two nephews have taken over this heart of mine. I was once talking with my sister about how it's amazing the love that you are filled with before they are even born. she told me to just wait until I have my own - I can't even imagine.

TD is getting so big. He's almost 3 now and he is just the funniest guy. Friday I met them for lunch and when I walked in he spotted and was just waving and saying "Auntie! Auntie! we're over here!" Before I could get there his arms were wide open and he was making the "big hug" noises.

then I received a picture letter from TD's new baby brother, BB, asking me to be his Godmother. How special am I?!

I have the best best nephews any Auntie could ask for.
they are constantly melting my heart with their love.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


running frustrates me. i try so hard. yet i don't seem to be making any progress.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

building mileage

It's hard building mileage with this injury. but, thanks to ProK slowly but surely I am putting the miles in the bank. this weekend I rode a hard 3 hours on the trainer - thanks to Coach Troy and the IM moo video.
then on Sunday I ran 10 miles!!!
My run started out a little different. Instead of eating oatmeal, I ate greek yogurt, black berries, and a honey stinger. My stomach felt a little funny, but not bad so off I went.
Instead of running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute, we mixed it up. Started with the 1 minute walk and then a 7 minute run. it's so funny how you get so used to certain intervals. those 7 minutes felt like forever!
I took in a new Honey Stinger gu at every other walk break, so every 16 minutes.
Around 30 minutes I realized that something was not right...
the new breakfast? who knows i changed so much.
the new gu? who knows it could have been the yogurt.
geez what did I do! i have to take some extra walk breaks to compose myself. As I passed friends houses, starbucks, and the like I thought about talking a potty stop, but I just couldn't bear to do it. So I trucked on.
As i ran onto my street there was no cool down.
time as bad either, especially considering the stomach.
I am glad I finally got to 10 miles. a decent amount of post run inflammation, so icing and the elliptical it is. I also get a massage on thursday so TP can work on my calf muscles. ooh that's gonna hurt! but it will feel s good at the same time.

In 2 weeks I am doing Shamrock Half Marathon. I cannot wait to get down there with mi amigas and training friends. Miso and Lou and I are sharing a house. Good times. good times. Poor IronGreg is doing the full marathon...and he has to put up with us three before it!

note to self: go back to oatmeal before long runs!