Saturday, November 13, 2010

HCA 8k

First of all I would like to apologize for my absence. I haven't been able to write posts from my computer for some reason.

Today I ran my 4th 8k.
In 2005 I tried running it - the same race as today.  finished in 1:01:and change.
In 2007 I ran the Turkey Trot 8k with my brother - 53 minutes
2008 Turkey Trot again. 50 minutes.
2010 HCA VA 8k. Finish Time...42:14. 8:29 pace.

This year has been an off year. I haven't done as much as in previous years. Something about a wedding. haha. This spring I tried to start running again, but my leg felt otherwise. Back to square one. I spent lots of time on the elliptical and slowly making my way onto the treadmill. I recently was able to make it to the last 3 track workouts, too. Although I haven't run more than 3 miles this year.

I originally wanted to race the half marathon. not just as a run, but actually race it. i knew that was not going to be in the cards for me, so a few months ago I emailed the RD and switched down to the 8k. Still 2 miles more than what I have been able to run.

The race went well. I made it to mile 1 at 9:20 - I didn't think I was going to run an 8:30 secret goal.
Then at mile 2 I look at my watch - right on track. Can I keep this pace for another mile?
Mile 3 - 26 minutes. One more mile?
Mile 4 - 34 minutes. Wow - I can do this. less than a mile to go.
Finished with beating my goal.

IronGreg beat his goal for the half marathon.
My girls doing the marathon all PR'd as well.
What a great to be racing.

I can't wait to hear how all my friends at Beach to Battleship have done!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Catching up...I seem to be doing that a lot these days.

Since I got laid off my life has been a whirl wind!!
I did find a new job. two in fact. I am going into design sales. Like a pharmaceutical rep is to doctors, I will be to architects and designers (A&D community), dealers, and end users. I will represent a handful of lines: a couple of furniture lines, some fabric lines, 2 carpet lines, and an art line.
As I sat at home looking for a job, I had a job prospect land in my lap. My own design business! A guy I know in the industry had a client come to him for a good size project. Unable to tackle it, he contracted the project out to ME! So after a long conversation with my accountant I started my own interior design firm. Logo to be revealed soon. My brother has a friend who designs web sites so I Am going to work with him to get that running. All in due time.
So my focus will be design sales, but I will have my own little interior design firm on the side. TLC will be knocking on my door any day for my won show :)

Speaking of TV - IronGreg and I have been watching WAY too much DIY network. This weekend we have truly become weekend warriors. IronGreg had Friday and Monday off, so we've been going non-stop! We have painted the hall bath a third time and installed new towel bar and toilet paper holder. The toilet paper holder was mounted in the wall, so last weekend IronGreg took that out and filled in the hole with drywall. Our new custom window cornice will be ready next week. and then that bathroom will be complete! Gasp!
I bought new house numbers to put on the front door. I was going to install these one day while IronGreg was working, but may as well include this in our weekend house push. So we did. But in the mean time, we decided to also paint the front door. It took three coats...which requires a lot of drying time.
i finally hung the window treatments in the dining room.
We decided to rearrange the office since I will be working from home and will be spending more time in there looking at my 1980's monitor. So we rearranged the furniture and unpacked a LARGE box of office files. Well we made it 80% of the way through the box.
Last but not least...the downstairs bathroom. Installed beadboard. painted beadboard. painted wall above chair rail. installed new towel ring, robe hook, and toilet paper holder. hung new mirror. and the vanity. oh the vanity. it looks god. too bad the trap doesn't fit with the vanity so we have go get a bottle trap and in order to install that we need a plumber. danggit. so close. we recently had to snake that shower, so we need a new drain in that shower. since the plumber is coming to install a new trap, we may as well get him to install a new drain, too. then we just need new sconces and art work!
so the house is coming along.
I really need to start taking the"after" pictures.

Today is memorial day. Call me old school, but this is the last day to wear white until Easter. We are having a memorial day cook out so you better believe I will be wearing white!

happy grilling everyone!

oh! I rode TWICE this weekend. yes you read that right!
75 minutes on saturday with a 1 mile 8:12
and 2.5 hours on sunday.
and i hit two new 100 meter swim PR's. first I hit 1:34...then I hit 1:32. oh yeah baby.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

hey! remember me?

i may be m.i.a. and so is my training but damn i sure do feel busy.
being unemployed i immediately thought how excited I was to have time to get things done.
IronGreg thought the same way
I am busier now than when I was working Full time!

the good thing is that now I get to watch the Today show which I jsut love.
yesterday they featured Comfort Zone Camp which is an organization I have been volunteering with for the past 5 years. you can check out the piece here: CZC on Today

Today they just interviewed a woman from my home town of Charlotte, NC (shout out to the QC).
A year ago she started a movement called Operation Beautiful. What a neat idea. All started...over a blog! Check it out! i can't tell you about it - you have to see it for yourself.

And tomorrow Train is on!!! Hey soul sister...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Triathlon we meet again

No I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.
Nor have I been so deep in training I forget to blog.
I have however, been laid off. You would think that would give me more time to blog, but instead it gives me more time to run errands and do DIY projects around the new house.
I demo'd IronGreg's closet (one of them) and installed a custom closet and it is mighty nice if I do say so myself.


I also installed some window treatments. But I jsut had a hard time uploading those pictures so you will just have to use your imaginations. They are black and white damask in my purple striped room!

I just met with renovation guy #1 to get some estimates for some DIY projects that we don't have the time for. sounds lame I know. Antoher guy coming thursday for another estimate.

In the mean time this week I am working on my portfolio - yuck. I have an interview on Friday with another architecture firm. I would like to venture into design sales instead of design itself. I had a phone interview with one independent rep group and am waiting to schedule the formal interview once their partner returns from vacation. Would love that gig.

Enough about work and DIY.
That sport that I attempt.
I am trying (pun intended) to get back into trainign after a 6+ month sabbatical of sorts. I raced in a sprint yesterday. Same course as I did for my very first triahtlon 3 years ago. I had a good swim (even with the douche behind me). And had a decent bike (averaged over 18 which i normaklly would be happy wth until I saw all the 20 pace chicks). The run ont eh other hand. well I finished it. My legs were cramping and so today they are tender and my knees hurt. I am so old.  
IronGreg did great finishing 9th overall and 1st in his age group.
Next up: West Pint Tri - I am so going to get my butt kicked.

well that's all I got for now.
back to this portfolio....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Diamond and I meet again...

Saturday I was scheduled a bike ride.
Again, I missed it.
I am happy to ride about once a month.
But what is this I see?
ANOTHER ride on Monday? for 3 hours?
oh alright.
Luckily the Ironman Canada group had a recovery day so I went out and hoped for the best.

That's right.
I rode my bike.
(you can pick up your jaw now)
I rode 50 miles.
my avg. pace was 17.9, but my avergage moving pace was...19.1 that's right. high five to me.
I kept up with the group on flats, but got my butt handed to me on the hills. but hey they have been doing serious hill training for Mountains of Misery and Canada. so if I beat them up the hills then they might need to re-think their race schedule.
so with my first sprint of the year looming in 12 days...I guess it's time to start training.
And that august spring in the adirondacks...guess I better hit the hills.
play time's over :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

Idaho, here we come!

June 26, 2011
Ironman Coeur D'Alene

I got in.
as did about 15 of my training friends.
Idaho will have quite a Richmond presence.
What a way for IronGreg and I to spend our anniversary!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Shorts Ever and other purchases

I purchased a pair of K-Swiss Bound Split Shorts at the Ironman Arizona finisher's store.
I thought they were cute. black - my fave color - witht he IMAz logo ont he bottom.
Little did I know what I was getting myself into...a new favorite pair of shorts.
I love them so much I have to wash them after each use so I can wear them again. I have about 25 pairs of shorts but I only wnt to wear these. So I finally purchased another pair sans IM logo.

this ws a hard decision for me. I love Nike apparel. and one of my dear friends works for Nike marketing their apparel...for basketball at least. I broke it to her that I had a new pair of shorts and Nike needs to change it up to get a pair as wonderful as these. I also like the lining part is also black. not sure why but I think the black looks cooler than the traditional white.

not to fear, Nike, I still found a cute sport top to wear with my K-Swiss shorts.
Livstrong black sport top

Terry stepped up and came out with a pair of tri shorts that I jsut purchased. they may nto be new, but it's been a few years since I have bought a pair, so they are new to me. Terry Club short has the wide waistband as my fave cycling shorts from them. so I hope they make me faster.

I hope this motivates me to start training again.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mrs. IronGreg

October 11, 2009 IronGreg got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
June 19, 2010 we said I do.

So far married life doesn't seem very different. Although we get to snuggle every night. we enjoy walkign around calling each other husband/hubby and wife/wifey every chance we get.

We still need to unpack from the week away. the laundry is kind of scary.
This weekend the movers come to move me into the new-to-us house.

And what can I say about it
It's humbling that so many peopel came from out of town for the weekend. Girls bought new dresses and everyone got all dolled up for us! as we were heading home on sunday we were tlkaing about hwo we really have the most amazing friends and family. i really don't have the words to describt it. they are awesome. period.

and now back to the real world and tri training. track last night was hard. and hot. 100 degrees hot. on a black track. and swimming this mornign was moved up to 5:30. that 30 minutes makes a difference. especially when going ot bed 90 mintues late. i think i was sleepdriving on my way to work.
some other exciting news...IronGreg and I have decided to go for IMCDA 2011. here goes nothing!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Charlotte or Bust!

Today is the day IronGreg and I head to the Queen City for the wedding.
Tomorrow we get our marriage license and meet with the priest who will officiating the ceremony. He and I went to high school together - I think that's pretty darn neat.
the to-do list is getting eerily smaller.
Family and friends are packing and soon to be traveling.
I have goosebumps.
I knwo this is going to be an amazing weekend. that's the only word I can use to describe what is ahead.
I am in awe of the love from our family and friends travelling...some from other countries...jsut to stand by our sides.
I am in awe of the friends who have gone out and bought new dresses for this weekend.
I am truly touches already. I can't imagine the feelings to come on Sunday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

All the Single Digits, All the Single Digits

okay not quite the beyonce song...but it works in my head.
today single digits start.
9 more days until the wedding.

but the most exciting thing about today...
my nephew's TWO!!!

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday TD.
Happy Birthday to you!

He really is the cutest and smartest kid around.
I might be biased, but I think my opinion is obviously the one that counts the most.
However, TD and I might have a probelm in 9 days. It's poor manners to show up the bride, but TD sure is going to. My goodness does he have the cutest outfit to wear! Melt Auntie's heart! I can't wait for him to be my honorary ring bearer...he's a bit young to walk down the aisle, so he gets to pay outside with his Mimi and Big (GP's from the other side).
However, now that he's two he has to give up the paci. he is doing a good job at going in the singing potty, though! hey how come I don't get a singing potty?

anyways, back to me. since this is my blog after all.
In 9 days I will be Mrs. IronGreg.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Keychain Addition

My keychain has a new addition.
Yesterday IronGreg and I closed on our new-to-us family house to call home.

We were forunate to sell IronGreg's house and find a renter to fill mine.
We had our eyes set on this house for a few months and thankfully - it became ours.
the moment we walked in the door we jsut knew we were meant to be in that house.

A tri level built in the fifty's - it's has the personality we were looking for.
We have already found quirks with that personality.
Like...all the outlets are two-prong...
the light switches make no sense.
In the master bedroom the switch for the ceiling fan is in the ok.
It's 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2200 SF.
Hopefully by December it will be 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and 3000 SF.

IronGreg would liek to add wainscotting to the entry below the chair rail. he has installed this before, so that wouldn't be a problem. It needs paint and a new light fixture.

The kitchen was recently updated with granite and stainless and new cabs so that's great.
The only work in here is paint and a pendant over the sink - these people had AWFUL taste in lighting.

The dining room is painted BLACK! who does that?! (if you do, please re-paint)
Paint and a new light fixture. I have renamed the current fixture the "tri-boob". It's so bad. I will take a picture of it as it goes in the TRASH! Although hmm I bet we could sell it on Craigs List.

The bathrooms all need to be updated.
I am focusing on the downstairs bathroom since that is the one that most guests will use.
new tile on floors, walls below chair rail, and in the shower, grasscloth wall covering (love my Wolf-Gordon rep), new sconces, new mirror, and a new pedestal sink.
The hall bath has pink tile. yes, pink. we are embracing the pink, though, and painting the walls grey. Who knows if we will have boys or girls and what the furutre of this bathroom will be, so for now embrace the pink!
the master bath is tiny. it needs a new shower, but for now It's going to get a paint job. I would like to put in a new pedestal sink too. that may or may not happen b/c we also have lots of furniture we want to buy, too.

The utility room has SO much potential. My dream is to finish this room off and have the laundry room of my is this what my life has come to? a nice laundry room? I'm okay with that.
I just ordered Whirlpool Duet 9550 series washer and dryers and I cannot wait for them to come home!
The floor is concrete, so we would like to put cork tiles down.
the waster heater is in here, but IronGreg really wants to go tankless and that woudl give us even more space.
the former owners took the fridge, but we can get a cheap one to replace it.
add in cabinets/counters and I'm a happy girl in my pretty new laundry room.

So aside from the addition work (a new floor, garage doors, etc)...there is still lots to DIY!
Good thing I am a designer and we have lots of handy friends!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coolest Website Ever!

Last night in my funk a good friend, the Beave, had an opening for a massage.
So I skipped my bike ride and headed on over for a massage and some wine.

In our post-massage wine conversation she told me about the coolest website ever.
For $30.00 you fill out some information and VOILA! they have every form imaginable for you to change your name and address. Including Passport and IRS - I would have thought about IRS next March!

I highly recommend you check it out if you are planning on changing your name.
I have already started to fill out mynew information!
4 weeks to go!

thank you, Beave!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I take it back

I may not do an Ironman in 2011 after all.

there is a much heated debate on ym team on which race to do.
Instead of going with two, some people feel the need to have just one option.

so it may be CDA.

and my heart is not in for CDA.

so I will sit here and pout about the fact that my last year in the next 20 yers for doing an Ironman may get flushed down the commode.

you can call me Debbie Downer. I'm okay with that.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yes it's only the 2nd quarter of 2010.
But in Ironman world, you have to register for races a year in advance, so it's really never too early to plan ahead for your next year's schedule.
I have been dying to do Vineman 70.3.
then I decided I want to do an Ironman, too.
But the only Ironman that works is Wisoconsin and I hear more bad reviews than good.
Then someone "slapped me upside the head" (or emailed me) to bring to my attention one minor little detail.
not only is there Vineman 70.3....
there's Vineman FULL!
*cue angels singing*
it's like killing two birds with one stone.
And I mean hello! bike and run through wine country with a wine-induced vacay post-race...
twist my arm!
where do I sign up?!
(no, registration is not open yet, but I will continue to check obsessively untoil it does).

now yes I do remember that work and Ironman trainign don't always get along and I miss more workouts than I should.
and yes I remember that my body doesn't really cre for Ironman training and ocne a month I was laid up with a fever...respitory infection....etc....
I know I am not fast. I never will be. I don't train to be fast. I do too much to train all the time.
It's hard watching others have the ability to train and make progress.
but you know what - I am hitting the same finish line (albeit behind them).
but I liek to wear many hats.
and I want to do another Ironman. (becasue baby time is soon approaching!)

so there it is.
July 2011.

Monday, May 10, 2010


J-A-M you got to Jam.
J-A-M you got to got to Jam.
Ahh memories of cheerleading in elementary/middle school.

however, this is a different jam.
my finger has hurt for about 2+ days now.
shockingly, i am keeping my pain complaints to myself.
until this afternoon.
i say something to my colleague and look and sure wnough i have a crooked and swollen finger.
it's totally jammed.
and i have no idea what i did.


i should have take a picture of my condo this weekend.
this is my only weekend in town before we close on the new house.
and the weekend we close - I am going to be out of town.
I will be in town for one more weekend before the wedding...and that's the weekend before the wedding, so I may be a bit pre-occupied.
so I wanted to take full advantage of this past weekend to pack.
I have SO much stuff crammed into 850SF.
i have taken over the hallway with boxes.
my entry area is filled with peanuts and bubble wrap.

i did manage to squeak out an hour ride on the biek this weekend. not the 2.5 hours scheduld, but good enough for me. i had a hard time ridfing my bike looking arounda t all theboxes to be paceked.
now before you get excited for me - it was pretty slack.
I put my bike on the trainer (it was windy outside haha) in front of my computer.
I spun for about an hour while watching the movie Carolina off Netflix "watch instantly"
oh and my biek was under a fan.
why did I jsut now think of this set-up?

sunday i also squeaked out a mini work out.
i wsa schedule 8 miles.
i did 4.5. and it took me 40 minutes.
i felt like i ran a marathon.
side stitches. walk breaks. i jsut couldn't get my legs moving.
hmm maybe I let myself get tooo out of shape?

also on sunday I had a bike fit. my aerobars have never been right.
and Les figured it all out.
my fit was done by a roadie.
and a road set up on a TT bike doesn't work.
so hoepfully nwo I will be abel to go in aero without feeling like i am raching 5 feet forward.

and he is changing my bar tape to yellow to match my new uniform! i mean i gots to look cute.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Planning

wedding planning is a full time job.
especially for someone like me who is OCD when it comes to organization and likes to be in control.
I am not going to lie - I wish I could be there when the florist is setting up for the reception.
I have made lists galore. I guess that's the PM in me. I have no problem leaning on my wedding party with little things to help me accompish my OCD tasks.
I wish I had hired a wedding planner that could take care of everything for me.
but hell, I would want to tell them what to do, too.

this week's theme seems to be timelines...and it's only Tuesday.
I have worked with my mom and the photographer to come up with the day's schedule for photography.
this then has me coordinate with the band for the reception schedule for dancing and cake cutting, etc.
I took that schedule and coordinated the pick up and drop off times for the trolley that is driving the wedding party around for the day.
I was also able to coordinate with my greeters and guest book attendant on when they need to be where and what they need to bring where.
I already have the schedule of events for the week. yes, week. although guests won't be arriving until Friday - IronGreg and I have things to do on wednesday and thursday. then friday starts the wedding festivities.
I feel good about my itineraries and to-do lists.
now maybe I can catch up on thanks you's - man do I have some awesome friends!

oh - I still have to fill you in on the portrait debacle.
but i will save that one for a rainy day.....

ps - thank you to Monkey and Cakes for the wonderful shower this past weekend. love you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I officially have the organist from hell.
Her ego is so large I am not quite sure if the doors at the church are large enough for it to fit through.

She can only play with my trumpeter and soloist if they are professionals. She can't work with ameteurs.
Umm not only are they professionals, but also we booked them first, sister.
so she wants to chanrge extra for not being the only musician. bah-hahahahahahaahaha

the best part....
she wants to choose the music she plays.
"that is how it works"
yup. that's what I was told. that she picks the music for my wedding.
last I thought, I was the client.
I am open to suggestions and all, but themusic we picked was off the pre-apprioved CD form the church.
She thinks she is doing a performance at the Philharmonic, but afriad not.
you're a wedding organist.
not that there is anything wrong with being a wedding organist, there is obviously a need and demand for these.
however, there is not a need or demand for the ego.
check it at the door.
or don't bother coming.

after I find a new organist, I will add her name here so you all can avoid the evilness.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hannelore's Bridals

Hannelore's Bridals (or as Candy, my Garmin, says, Hannelore's Breedals)
Where doI begin....
They have a ton of great wedding dress designers. So of course I went there for my dress.
I requested some styles that I found on the various designers' websites. I evenpaid $250.00 for one particular dress to be shipped there for my shopping day!
I showed up...and my dress wasn't there. STRIKE ONE.
I was able to find a dress I liked, though. Success.
Although I still dream about another one I tried on, but said no to. It was twice the budget and although mom said she didn't care...I did.
The manager there is plain awful. During the dress purchase process I had my sister's veil with me since I would liek to wear it as well. She had the audacity to pick it up, put a price tag on it, and try to sell it!!! Ugh.

So my dress finally comes in and I go for my fitting.
Picked and pulled here. I request for a custom piece to be added. My goodness you would have thought I asked for the moon. The scary manager comes in  - wearing see-through clothing I might add - and is beign allkidns of bossy telling my her preferences but she is not trying to sway my thinking. then why are you telling em what YOU wold want?! are YOU getting married?! yeah I didn't think so, Klassy.

I talked to my seamstress in Richmond who I love, Patti P, and she said when I got it back she would make it work.

Fitting #2. better. they FINALLY understood what I was tlaking about with the boning. I'm short. I don't need boning as long as someone a foot taller than me! I asked to see my custom piece. and they had not done it - It wold be ready at my third fitting when I picked up the dress.

Fitting #3. whatever. Ia m so over this place. I have fallen out of love with my dress. but it's one day so whatever. I should have gotten the other dress. maybe it would have fit me better. I think my dress puts ten pounds ON me. not the look I am going for on my edding day. but again - the dress is not the center of the day, the marriage is. I ask for my custom piece. again, not done. but i hae to pick up my dress!!! next weekend is my portrait. so I have to go shopping on King Street while they make it. Retail Therapy.

the dress is home.

now comes the Brdesmaids dresses. Again, we bought them from Hannelores b/c of the selection.
When we placed the order, we were told they would arrive in March. Perfect.
they finally came in April 8th +/-. Everyone caled in as they requested to confirm their shipping addresses. We were told they would be shipped on Tuesday April 13th.
Well come Friday April 16th, only one had received it.
So on Saturday April 17th, in person, I asked the status of them. I was told to my face along with the manager of the department, Vicky, Sharee told us they all went out on Wednesday April 14th. Takes two-three days. Umm okay 2 days if Friday. I will wait until monday.
Monday comes.
Monday goes.
Tuesday comes.
Tuesday goes.
A week later and no dresses! WTF!
so BM Monkey-Si gets on the phone with manager Vicky and finds out...
Sharee did not put ANY addresses in the computer
Sharee only shipped one dress.
All dresses were overnighted promptly by Vicky and we received tracking numbers to follow.
So glad i have an attorney as a BM.
I sure hope sharee gets a stern talking to.

Once all dresses are reeived and I am done dealing with this Breedal store, I will be sending al etter to the owner. This whole process has been a COMPLETE nightmare. If they didn't have such grat lines, they would be like so many other Bridal stores...out of business.

So if anyone suggests Hannelores Bridals in Alexandria, VA. RUN! FAST!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recent News in the Land of Fave

Wedding season is in full swing!
I had my first bridal shower hosted by two of my dear friends and they planned an amazing shower! I must brag for a minute - I have some pretty awesome friends. yes, you should be jealous. they all rock. ALL of them. I feel bad for people who don't have friends liek I do. they are all so remarkable people. they have good hearts, personal goals, and are so supportive to everyone.

My mom (the trditionalist) hosted a lovely engagement party for IronGreg and me. Complete with a cupcake buffet. Both families made it in town for the occassion. thanks, mom.

The dress is at home and hanging up at "the farm" (my sister's house) where IronGreg can't sneak a peek! now I muse say as the alteration process went on, I fell out of love with my dress. I like it. mostly. I think it's pretty, I jsut don't think it's very flattering on me. maybe I jsut need a flatter stomach (yes, I finally got the over 30 belly). Can i please have my body from 28 back? Just for one day?

this coming weekend is the bachelorette party! yee-haw! the irls are heading west for some good times.
What happens at the bachelorette...stays at the bachelorette.
Wait. I don't want that rule for the bachelor party...or maybe I do!

I haven't seen the insie of a gym much recently. I am trying to get in one swim a week. you read that right -= only ONE swim. last year i was doing 3/week.
Last week I went to track practice. first time I ran in three weeks. I had a leftover cupcake from previously mentoned party prior to track. in the words of julia rpoverts in pretty woman, "big mistake. big. HUGE. well i have to go shopping now." okay so maybe I don't have to go shopping (although i bought two fab pairs of shoes on saturday), I did have to jog during track. I was "vurping" the whole time. it was awful. never again will I eat a cupcake BEFORE running. afterwards, however...
I am hopinh to actually run tongiht. i wonder if I can find m,y shoes under the layer of dust.
and maybe while I dust them off I will also unearth diamond. oh how I love my bike. but man I sure have neglected her.
It is hard watchign everyone train religiously and make PR's. i jsut have to come to terms that now I have different goals. I am not racing this season. I don't know when I will do an Ironman again. it's sounds good and all, but it jsut doens't fit in life right now. something about marriage and babies. sigh. why can't I do it all?

oh so ask me why I went shopping on saturday? b/c the wedding dress place didn't make my custom piece. even though i was there to pick up my dress. when the tough get mad, the tough go shopping! i mean I was in old towne alexandria after all. so I spent 90 minutes on king street with friends and then went back and picked up the not-so-fabulous-anymore dress.

oh! i did go on a 50 mile bike ride a few weeks ago. It was SO mush fun. GO TEAM LOLLYGAG!!! Love those girls. Muah!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When am I supposed to breathe?

- rode outside for the first time since IMAZ. rode 55 miles. moving average was 17+
that works for me.
- went to dinner with another couple. during dinner Greg got a call and 30 mintues later his house was sold.

- watched Big D, my nephew, find Easter Eggs. so precious. he loves his auntie! and his auntie sure does love him.

- made offer on house.
- received counter-offer on house.

- made counter offer on house.
- received counter offer on house.
- accepted counter offer.
- had dinner wiht mom in town for one night.

- rode outside. hard gear up hills.
- feel asleep on massage table post-ride.

- deadline at work.
getting mani and pedi after work.

- mom and grandma in town for weekend.

- bridal shower
- engagement party

I really need to get my brows done.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monument Avenue 10k

In Pamplona they have the running of the bulls.
In Richmond, Virginia there is the running of the Monument Avenue 10k.
Along with 38,000 of your closest friends, the most beautiful street in richmond, monument Avenue, is filled with runners, walkers, supporters, bands, and volunteers.
this year was colder than most, but not a bad day.
After working 75 hours by COB Friday, I was tired, but Ir eally wanted to hit my goal time that surgery got in my way. and this year I wanted it. 54 minutes.
I woke up and told myself all morning I would do it. I had been running a solid 8:30 pace on my training runs. well the ones that actually happened. I was fairly confident, but know I have a tendency of not performing on race day and ending up dispaoointed.
I went out and paced with my Garmin, my trusty friend. I ws holind a good apce. However when I would do math in my head at mile markers things seemed off, but i kept going with it. I mean who can do math while running anyways?!
unfortunautely this day was like all others. I ended up finishing in 56:13. a 9:02 pace.
However, according to my garmin I ran 7.15 miles and my splits were better than I was hoping for:

mile 1 - 7:29
mile 2 - 7:48
mile 3 - 8:08
mile 4 - 8:13
mile 5 - 7:42
mile 6 - 7:57
mile 7 - 7:43
mile 8 (.2) - 1:19 (8:19 pace)
so forget the official time. I am going to go with my garmin. The map shows my zig zags through the crowds. so i am going to say that I ran 7.15 miles. yeah that's better.
ho hum.

i have decided to run the richmond half marathon.
my goal time...well that's a secret of course.
i just hope that work and settling into married life allow me to train for a change.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dress Fitting #1

what an experience!
one that I would rather not do again...but I must...two more times.

BIG sister and I arrived almsot an hour early. You can never be sure with DC traffic.
We had the assistant seamstress or something. whatever she was, she definitely was not a good listener that's for sure.
she accomplished pinning the hem so I could walk, though.
then the head semstress came over. her name was Marie, so BIG sister has renamed her Madam Curie.
the figured out where to pull and pinch to make it fit. she also said I have "high hips" um yeah - you call it what you want to lady, I know they are wider than you would think just looking at them.
then came the custom piece. Lord have mercy on my sould.
we will see what I end up with.
Manager Pamela came her see-thru outfit. yes, she is quite Klassy.
I thought I was going to wear in my bridal shoes by kicking her in the teeth with them.
needless to say I left with a headache, frustrated , and cranky. and in DC traffic.

let's hope the April 2nd fitting goes a little better.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Less than a month!

Less than a month until the first of the wedding festivities begin!

april 10th is my first bridal shower hosted by BM Missy and Greeter Margo, two of my dear friends.
And that same night is the Engagement Party.
Yes this sounds crazy, but this allows my Grandma who lives 6 hours away to make it to two events.
she is aging so much faster these days and it really breaks my heart.
anyways, back to the plans.

so the bridal shower (at a botanical garden) and the engagment party are coming up. big question - what am I going to wear?!?! those of you who know me, you know how I feel about party dresses. every girl's closet should be filled with them! Luckily, I have the most perfect navy and white floral dress to wear to the shower (can you believe I am restraining from buying a new one...something about buying a new house). I do hope it still fits...maybe I shoudl try it on since it's been awhile. I did order about 6 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes last night for the engeagment party. I hope one of them works! I love Nordie's dresses!

speaking of engagements - the announcement was in the paper. my home town, IronGreg's hoem town..and of course the RIC too. shew.

my shoes FINALLY arrived. it only took an additional TWO WEEKS!! and many annoying phonecalls. but they are here and I think they are just beautiful. Unforunately, they are slingbacks, and my narrow feet just flop right out of them. I even tried a few sizes. Sigh. Of course they are non-returnable so I will have to try a pad and see if a shoe maker and make the sling back smaller.

the wedding party and hostess gifts are coming along and I just love all of them! I can't wait to wrap them all pretty and pass them out! I love giving fun gifts that have a special touch. It will be weird receiving gifts. I was telling BIG sister that as much as I love hosting showers and giving gifts, it's REALLY weird to think of being onthe other end. so i may make some funny faces. I mean I picked out the stuff. it's really a weird concept now that I am on the receiving end (that's what he said).

The tux's have been picked out and pick-up delivery points all figured out. I just hope the guys are getting fitted! I will not check up on them. I will not check up on them. I will not check up on them.

The BM dresses are now supposed to arrive on May 5th - boo! One of my BM's - that I went to school with starting in THIRD GRADE - she is now living in Germany. BUT! she is going to be in DC at the end of April!! and the dress store is in DC! how perfect...if the dresses come early. I have called and called, but they can't committ until the first week of April. so don't you know it's on my calendar to call them the first monday of April! It would be great if she was here to receive the dress! then I know it wouldn't get lost with international shipping.

Most importantly...hte invitations have arrived! Of course I thik they are beautiful - I picked them out. I jsut hope everyone thinks they are classic and timeless (just like me :)) A few nights ago Lou Lou and Miso came over for stuffing party day one. We watched Precious (so good) and stuffed. Went by before we knew it. however, I had to cancel day two b/c mom brought to my attention that I cannot go get wedding stamps for the reply cards b/c prices are going up! ooh good catch. so they go to the calligrapher's next week.

speaking of next week - my first dress fitting!!! I have these fears that the wrong dress was ordered or left on a part of the dress I ordered to be left off. I guess I will find out soon enough.

as you can see there has been lots of flurry on the wedding front...not so much on the training front. I have been working a lot which is a good thing! (better than the alternative). i still make most of my workouts, esp in the mornings. but my bike is only ridden every other week. good thing my first tri is in August! and it's only a sprint.

now that's it's on FB I can shout out the exciting news.
My brother and KP are engaged!!!! I just lvoe my BIG brother and I could not be happier that he found someone so wonderful. She is a FAVulous addition to the family

ps - 14 weeks until the BIG day! Ack!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess Fave

Yesterday was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando , Florida.
Plan of attack: hang with my friend, Princess DJM and have fun!

Princess Cathy and I flew to Florida on Fridya night. Delayed flight...almost missing our flight...we made it. And finally made it to our hotel around 1am friday ngiht/saturday morning.

Saturday we headed off to the expo and toodled around town. Dinner at T-Rex at Downtown Disney. We met some of my growing-up friends for dessert - I passed on ice cream. :(

Sunday morning started EARLY. a 2:30am wake-up call. I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out why I am doing this. I mean it's just for fun anyways. and what fun is waking up so damn early. If it weren't for knowing that Princess DJM was waiting for me and Princess Cathy at the start line, I totally would have said forget it - and jsut gone to the parks to play...after sleeping in of course.
but we made it to the bus and o the race. It ws SO COLD! Coldest race I have ever done. and I was not prepared for it - I mean I was in Florida after all. but no 30-something degrees sucks. My hands were SO cold. good thing I had packed capris...even though they had a hole in the crotch. I was wearing a skirt on top of them.
the time was nearing. about 1 minute before the fireworks (ironman has a canon, Princess gets fireworks), I looked at Princess DJM and let her know I felt the rumble - it was going to be a long day.
I could not warm up, but kept moving foward. finally a couple miles I was able to strip off the long sleeved shirt. although I wished i had it back later!
along the way we saw chip and Dale, Princess minnie and Mickey, cinderella, Tiana, ariel, jack sparrow, genie, aladdin, tarzan, peter pan, pinochip and gepeto, woody, gosh so many charachers! I think w  stopped at least 20 times. but the lines move fairly quickly.

Cons: 2 port-o-jon stops, cant in road, narrow roads with 15,000 people gets a little congested, pants with a hole in the crotch is really uncomfrtable.

Pros: a race like no other, pixie dust at the finish line, and most of all - the smile on Princess DJM's face.

After a short nap, Princess Cathy and I headed to a day at Magic Kingdon for some rides.

Unfortunautely the bell man was at my door at 2:15 this morning and the bus was there at 2:30 to take me to the airport.

Thank you to SQ for the ride home. and to IronGreg for letting me in the condo that he locked me out of :)

Pictures to come. Princess DJM has them and she is still playing at the parks with her lovely family.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Decision Made: Re-Committed

I talked it over with IronGreg, Coach K, and training buddies.
I am not even going to attempt this race for time.
(but I REALLY want to b/c a little part of me thinks I can do it)
but instead....
I am going to take my time.
Run with my friends (when I race I have to be alone).
And stop to take pictures with the Princesses.
After all, this race is about the experience and not a predicted finish time.
We will see how my leg feels and think about Richmond Half Marathon in a married lady!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what to do....

In 15 days I am supposed to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon.
But I am not looking forward to this race.
my shin has been killing me softly. It makes me miss workouts. 
My whole point of doing this race was to PR. (um is there any other point, seriously?)
See in 2007 I finished in 2:04:06. I was SO close to breaking two hours.
But I had to hit the port-o-jon at mile 10.
So I have gotten the stomach issues under control.
But now I have this whole leg-that-was-cut-open issue.
I am not sure I can run my usual 9:00 pace.
So do I bother going? Or do I stay home?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not a Good Start to the Month

February. A new month of training.
In January I lost my goal of 2 lbs and 1% body fat.
This month, I get down to business.
Monday morning I decided not to swim b/c the roads were not in ideal conditions from the snow.
then at work I nded up leaving at I missed my 6:00 ride.
this morning I slept right though my alarm clock and multiple texts.
So first of themonth....and I miss my first three workouts.
Not the best way to start the month.
But I guess I can only get better from here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow and the YMCA

It's snowing in Richmond.

I had a GREAT saturday plan at the Y.
9:15-10:00 - spin class
10:00 - 10:30 - Awesome Abs
10:30 - 11:30 - Body Shape

But when it snows in Richmond...the YMCA closes.

Guess I will get my filing and tax preperations done. not as much fun.

On another note, Princess and the Fan Vet.
Some of you may know about this from my rant on Facebook.
Princess was supposed to go to her annual vet appointment this morning, Saturday.
Well her vet, Fan Vet, called Friday to remind us of the appointment.
Yes, thank you for the remidner, we will eb there.
Then they go on to say...
In the event of incelemnt weather (the impending snow), and you are unable to make it, there will be a cancellation fee.
I'm sorry, what!
I got to work. Made an appointment with a reputable vet that is closer to my house and much more technologically saavy.
Then I called Fan Vet. Cancelled the appointment and let them know that I will be picking up her medical records.

So no gym. no errands. and no vet appt.
but i am getting my filing done.
and i am goign to a wedding feet and legs are going to cold in a dress and heels! brrr.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Nephew, TD

Last night I went to the farm so BIG sister and I could discuss some wedding things over dinner.

BIL (brother-in-law) was out of town, so while BIG Sister was cleaning up dinner, I gave TD a bath.
TD has lots of farm animals for the bath that spray water and a book on farm animals and the sounds they make. So while giving him a bath we reviewed our animal sounds.
And I added one. We performed it ALL night. BIG Sister was quite impressed.
ME: What does the cow say?
TD: Moooo
Me: What’s a rooster say?
TD: Cock-a-doo-doo
Me: What does Princess (my dog) say?
TD: Arf! Arf!
Me: What does TD say?
TD: I love Auntie!


Oh it gets even better.

BIG Sister called to tell me that when she woke TD up this morning the first thing he said was “Where Auntie?”
And when he found out I was not there he ran and stood in the corner saying, “no mama, no! need auntie” and throwing a temper tantrum that I was not there to wake him up.
I am SO the Cool auntie.

That little booger sure does not how to win over this girl’s heart.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Queen city

As always, I enjoyed my time in the QC this past weekend.
I can't say I got my long run in, but I got some wedding planning done, and that was the main goal.

IronGreg and I went tasting. we loved all the the food, so now we have to pick which we want to serve.
We were able to pick out the cake! I had a vision in my head, so I met with the pasrty chef and voila!

then Marms and I went to meet the florist. The florist who my mom and sister really liked passed away the weekend I got engaged - hmph. So we decided to go with one that came highly recommended to us from many people.

Figured out how to do place cards. working with creative people comes in handy - we put our heads to gether and one thing came to another and voila! creative place cards!

i did come back and do my long "run" last night. I got to the gym at 7:00 thinking the post-work rush would be gone. man was I wrong. the first treadmill wasn't going to be open until 7:30 - and with a 75 minute run, I didn't want to push it off 30 minutes. So I hopped on the elliptical and away I went. I pushed it hard. I picked "Random Hills" on a mid-level for the workout. 75 minutes, 8.5 miles, and 650 calories later I was done.

I got home around 9:00 and by 9:15 ws my gym clothes on the sofa. Luckily, IronGreg called and woke me up about an hour later.

so now if only I could get on treadmills whenever I wanted, could pick out flowers, and food. oh and earrings and shoes. i really want to elope.

Monday, January 18, 2010


This morning at swim class, Coach PK clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
300 warm up instead of 200 - okay.
lots of normal drills - ok.
then what do I hear...
a 200 with 8 (non-modified) push-ups after each 25.
holy shoulders, batman.
I am SO weak. I jsut kept dress.

In running news, yesterday the Richmond Princesses met at the TuckY for a 45 minute tmill run. I ran 45 minutes without stopping. It sounds so minor, but after HAVING to take a walk break for the last year - you get used to it. and i finished the run at 7.5...and felt great. maybe this week I will try to kick it up a notch.

wedding news. not mush to report. this weekend IronGreg and I are heading to the QC to pick out food, cake flavors, and flowers. I am sure we will find other things to cross off the list as well.
Last night I spent HOURS researching flowers and reception decor. there's a lot to think about.

Friday, January 15, 2010


yay! I ran a 5k on the treadmill last night.
Half Marathon trainign has officially started.

And I am not sure ifd I shoudl admit this, but I think that was the 1st or 2nd time I ran 30 minutes without taking a walk break since the surgery. Thank God that's behind me!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Since IMAZ, I have down squat.
Fave = slug.
I hit the recumbant bike at the gym once.
I hit the treadmill...once.
The elliptical...once.
The pool...maybe twice.
I did finally pick up my bike about a week ago.
But I haven't yet put the pedals back on her.

However, this week I actually decided to start getting back in shape again.
you know about Tuesday's Track Torture.
wednesday i did nothing.
thursday i hit a strength class. my legs were incredibly sore when I woke up and I really didn't want to go - but I thought about that wedding dress and was able to peel myself out of my ncie warm bed.
and what did we do - lots of jumps, lunges, calf raises
needless to say I spent the day yesterday walkign around the office with a limp in my step b/c my legs hurt so bad.
I had left my gym bag in my locker. After my morning workout I kew I would back after work for masters and a run - sounds good, right?
so i left my things there. locked of course.
and this morning moseied back over to the gym, having the motivation since all my getting ready things - make-up, hair dryer, etc - were all in that locker.
so i met my friend Kat there for a little t-mill social hour.
i managed to squeak out a 15 minute run/walk. you rea that correctly...15 minutes - not miles...minutes.
my quads were cursing my name.
so i hit the recumbant bike for 15 minutes.
then managed to hit the weird lower back/oblique machine for lots of ab/core work.
i really liked it. ew.
so tomorrow i am going back and triyng some yoga.

it's weird not training for a big triathlon. i want to do so many things...and I can!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to play Basketball - track style.

It was FREEZING outside in Virginia.
Blasted cold front.
I sure am glad though that I do not live in the lakes region. They were saying how many days in a row it has snowed there - yeah no thanks.
Anyways, in honor of the frigid temperatures, our Coach was "kind" and decided we could do our track workout inside - at the basketball arena at UR.
Although these workouts have happened int he past, I have been fortunate enough to never be able to make one.
Hot damn.
the warm up started witrh a 15-20 minute run of laps around the arena past all the concessions.
First set...
run up and down EVERY set of stairs around the ENTIRE gym.
I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly?
Yes, yes I did.
Up and down.
Taking my time up.
Sprinign down.
Over tiem, the springing slowed. Everything slowed.
I didn't thinkI would ever get to my water bottle.
towards the top the lights were dim and you prayed your feet stayed under you because it would be a long way down.
Mission Accomplished.
As we run more recovery laps around the arena, I try to remind myself why I was so happy to be out of the cold and in a nice HEATED facility.

Well, training 2010 is definitely here.
Tonight = Garage Ride.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Check one more off the list

Yay! I got the bridesmaids dresses.
They're navy and the 3 girls that tried it on all loved so ding! ding! ding! we found a winner.

It's a new year.
Resolution? what's that?
Last year I was supposed to go to church kmore often. And i did. for the first 4 months.
this year I am all focused on "wedding arms and honeymoon abs".
so i guess as vain as it sounds, my goal is to get in wedding shape.
sure i just did an ironman, but becuasse trainign took up so much time i haven't seen a weight room in about a YEAR! so you can imagine.
yesterday started training....
i swam.
i could not pull the water.
Coach K said it's because I took time off - which she wanted me to - but I lost the feel for the water. boo hiss.
tonight i actually am puttng on running shoes! watch out!