Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's Business. It's Business Time.

1. View video.
2. White Lake Training starts this Saturday, December 1st. 7am. 1 hour cycling. 4 mile run.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Kidding

So maybe 2007 is not over quite yet. My brother and I are doing the Turkey Trot 8k in Charlotte on Thanksgiving. This is the month of "off season", right.

Well Brother said he might do handsprings and sommersaults the whole way. In other words, jsut for fun without looking at a watch. Well I have a little bit different plan. My goal is to get down to an 8:00 mile. Since this year I was comforatbale at a 9:00 pace, it's a stretch, but I want it. And since I am a brat, I get what I want! So with the pacing of the brother I am going to run the 8k to see how far away I am from that goal pace. Now please note that the last time I swam was 10/15. The last long run I did was the marathon. Well that basically was my last workout in general...until this week. I have hit the treadmill a few times and will keep it up until Thanksgiving. Here's hoping...

Gobble! Gobble!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheers to 2007

Where do I begin? 2007 has been quite a year...
~ January: I conquer indoor cycling and weight training at Maramarc...Yummy. (little did i know i would soon crave this torture!)
~ Febraury: I learned to swim thanks to Som's Total Immersion class
~ March: I learned to swim in open water - scary!
~ April: I competed in my first multi-sport event - the 3 Sports Duathlon produced by RTC. was snowing.
~ May:
~ June: I finished my very first triathlon - Powersprint a tropical storm!
~ July: I finished my first open water triathlon.
~ August: I raced in NH with lots of family there.
~ September: I finished my first half iron distance triathlon...then 2 weeks later did my first Olympic distance triathlon.
~ October: I participated in my first full marathon in San Francisco - a weekend I will never forget.
~ November: I watched my team mates complete their first full ironman.
~ December: 2008 here I come!

I look back and wow! I am not sure what "clicked", but I like it! I have met some amazing people. Team mates...and the new boyfriend, too. I feel like I have the world of opportunites waiting. All I need is the dedication and determination and I can do anything.

As I take a few weeks off to catch up on life. Where did all this filing come from! I also have the chance to look back at where I was and where I am now...and where I can go.

Goals for 2008...
~ Off Season Training at Maramarc - December-March: Now that I have less unknowns, I know more on what to focus on and take away from each session as a real opportunity to improve...and hang out with the girls (you coaches are part of the girls!) I need to improve all 3 disciplines of the sport. Mainly the run and bike where most improements can be seen and felt all while really focusing on my knee.
~ Monument Avenue 10k - April 5: I would love to magically average a 8:00 pace. This is going to take focus. It is a challenge, but I want it.
~ White Lake Half - May: I would love to finish this race with a significant increase from Patriot's. I will have my brother participating in the event with me, so I know it's gonna be good!
~ Powersprint - June: This was my first race in 2007. My jumping off point. I am intersted in participating in the event again as my annual event. Where I started and where I am now.
~ Timberman 70.3 - August: The air was electric. This will be the largest race I will participate in. With family and this year having team mates, there, too. This year I will make those hills my bitch. Yeah I said it. Bring it hills, bring it.
~ Nike Women's Half Marathon - October: This event was amazing. The most positive and inspirational event. I look forward to just being a part of such an amazing event again. And hopefully I can convince some pinkies to join me out west!
~ Richmond Marathon - November: I enjoyed the challenge (and agony) of 26.2 miles. I love the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. This year I will mix up the scenery and have a new perspective on my city.
Then...Ironman New Zealand Training...anyone? anyone? Bueller?

Cheers to 2007.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Monday

talk about a case of "the Mondays"

I walk up to the front door of the office this morning to see it is plywood and the small window next to the door is shattered. yup. you guessed it.

yesterday my boss came to the office to find that we had been robbed. the police came - guns drawn - to make sure he could enter and check out the damamges. it was not "kids at play", but people who knew what they were doing. all but one computer is gone. server. printers. autocad sofware discs. one printer was found by the front door. and one office had been rummaged but the computer was still there, so we are assuming they got startled and took off without finishing the job.

as the partners roll through the process, we are all filing witht eh credit agencies. the acounting information was all taken with all of our personal information. although it is password protected to you and me. a hacker can get through most anything so we are taking precautionary measures. sucks.

i had to file about a year and a half ago when my wallet and checkbook were stolen out of my purse at work at my old office. which a police officer found about 2 weeks later in an alley a few blocks from teh office. everything was in it except the cards that were used.

so - we are dealing with the motions today. as i sit here with an old laptop one of my bosses had at his house. i can't get to any drawings, but at least i can blog, right!

congratualtions to IMFL girls.
way to go, Du-chicks.

send happy thoughts to my office!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Margo made me do it...

~ Disney Trifecta: 76%
~ My cadaver would be worth: $4,175.00
~ Me body produces: 261 watts (This is 4% MORE wattage than the average person, You could light up 3 light bulbs, You could power 65 iPods, You could power 1 Xbox 360, 4 of you would be needed to keep a refrigerator running)
~ Can I pass 8th grade Science?: 73% C
~ How Geek am I?: 22% - but i think more for wasting so much time playing these darn things!

back to those deadlines...