Saturday, November 21, 2009

IMAZ Pre-Race

damn 64 degree water is cold.
and the sun is hot.

feeling good. don't feel like i am racing tomorrow.
have gotten an amazing amount of support.
miss my puppy.

laying in bed typing is hard. hence the short sentences.

i want a cactus for my backyard.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My race gear is 95% packed.
Jsut need to add a few items like bottled water that I will get in Tempe.

My clothes are 100% packed.
Just need to add my toiletries on Thursday morning.

My travel clothes for Thursday are all laid out.

The bathroom has been cleaned.
The floors have been mopped/vacuumed.
The laundry has been done.
(some of ) the dusting has been completed.

I have typed up my itinerary for Thursday ending on Monday with my 7am trip to the IM finisher's store.
I have the family grocery list since I get there first. I have to get milk for my FAVorite nephew!

Oh! I need to pack my iPod and camera charger! Let me add that to tonight's list!

Yup, I'm just about ready to go!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Race Week

It's official.
Race week is here.
6 days to go.
I fly to Arizona on Thursday.
My bags are getting packed.
my nerves and anxiety are building.
The miles are in the bank.
I have my plan and I have to stick to it.
I have been worried about the run since the surgery. I ran 5 miles yesterday OUTSIDE and felt good. I am going to try to run a 9:1 interval (run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute). but if I need more, than plan B will be a 4:1 interval. this also helps keep my mind occupied.
Lou and IronGreg will have their running shoes on. Each loop is roughly 8 miles...I hope they are ready to run 8 miles each! haha.
Here goes nothing!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I haven't been feeling well. Turns out I have a respitory infection.
Awesome - just how I want to go into taper.
I have had more stupid things happen like this during training - it's so annoying, but what can ya do, but roll with it.
So as I lay here...
bored out of my mind...
sick as a dog...
coughing my lungs up...
sneezing my brains out...
and blowing my nose so much I look liek rudolph...
I have watched a lot of random TV.
1. The Price is Right is not the same without Bob Barker. I refuse to watch it.
2. I prefer my soap opera on DVR so I can fast forward through the commercials and hurry up to the good drama.
3. I learned yesteday during the 4:00 news that not only do we have 4:00 news, but also that the kiwi has more vitamin C than the orange and mroe potassium than the banana. IronGreg took me to the grocery store last ngiht where I picked up 6 of these bad boys. So now every day until Ironman I will have a kiwi with my airborne after I use my neti pot.

Well off to get the humidifier and back to the couch I go.