Monday, September 6, 2010

Catching up...I seem to be doing that a lot these days.

Since I got laid off my life has been a whirl wind!!
I did find a new job. two in fact. I am going into design sales. Like a pharmaceutical rep is to doctors, I will be to architects and designers (A&D community), dealers, and end users. I will represent a handful of lines: a couple of furniture lines, some fabric lines, 2 carpet lines, and an art line.
As I sat at home looking for a job, I had a job prospect land in my lap. My own design business! A guy I know in the industry had a client come to him for a good size project. Unable to tackle it, he contracted the project out to ME! So after a long conversation with my accountant I started my own interior design firm. Logo to be revealed soon. My brother has a friend who designs web sites so I Am going to work with him to get that running. All in due time.
So my focus will be design sales, but I will have my own little interior design firm on the side. TLC will be knocking on my door any day for my won show :)

Speaking of TV - IronGreg and I have been watching WAY too much DIY network. This weekend we have truly become weekend warriors. IronGreg had Friday and Monday off, so we've been going non-stop! We have painted the hall bath a third time and installed new towel bar and toilet paper holder. The toilet paper holder was mounted in the wall, so last weekend IronGreg took that out and filled in the hole with drywall. Our new custom window cornice will be ready next week. and then that bathroom will be complete! Gasp!
I bought new house numbers to put on the front door. I was going to install these one day while IronGreg was working, but may as well include this in our weekend house push. So we did. But in the mean time, we decided to also paint the front door. It took three coats...which requires a lot of drying time.
i finally hung the window treatments in the dining room.
We decided to rearrange the office since I will be working from home and will be spending more time in there looking at my 1980's monitor. So we rearranged the furniture and unpacked a LARGE box of office files. Well we made it 80% of the way through the box.
Last but not least...the downstairs bathroom. Installed beadboard. painted beadboard. painted wall above chair rail. installed new towel ring, robe hook, and toilet paper holder. hung new mirror. and the vanity. oh the vanity. it looks god. too bad the trap doesn't fit with the vanity so we have go get a bottle trap and in order to install that we need a plumber. danggit. so close. we recently had to snake that shower, so we need a new drain in that shower. since the plumber is coming to install a new trap, we may as well get him to install a new drain, too. then we just need new sconces and art work!
so the house is coming along.
I really need to start taking the"after" pictures.

Today is memorial day. Call me old school, but this is the last day to wear white until Easter. We are having a memorial day cook out so you better believe I will be wearing white!

happy grilling everyone!

oh! I rode TWICE this weekend. yes you read that right!
75 minutes on saturday with a 1 mile 8:12
and 2.5 hours on sunday.
and i hit two new 100 meter swim PR's. first I hit 1:34...then I hit 1:32. oh yeah baby.

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Joette said...

Memorial Day? I think you meant Labor Day!! LOL! It sounds like you did a lot of laboring over the weekend! Can't wait to see some pictures!