Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ironman: the Bike

The bike in pictures. 
guess which picture was taken by Brightroom?!

It wasn't bad - a few good climbs to let you feel all that lactic acid. 
TMI - my crotch hurt so bad I couldn't go in aero. not cool. I kept thinking to myself how nice it would feel to sit in the cold lake now! 
Glad i used tube socks for arm warmers. they came in VERY handy at tissues since I was sick all week. 
I like to wave to my adoring fans when I race. 
I loved that it was a 2 loop "V" shaped course (2 x out and backs) With so many friends out there with me, I was able to see lots of familiar faces. 
I wasn't really sure what time to set for a goal since I am not good at climbing...but i love those descents! 
I thought it would be great to average in the 16-17 zone for this course. 
Finish Time: 6:50:08 - 16.4 pace. 
I definitely slowed down a bit on  he second loop (17.7 according to my computer for the first)
but hey, I'll take it. 


trifitmom said...

i am curious how you get the brightroom photos on line ?? i see mine but i don't know how to download and save for my own ???

Fave said...

I bought the CD.