Tuesday, May 1, 2012

6 down...3 to go

this past weekend I participated in my 6th race of the pregnancy.
It was "only" a 5k. Running is definitely getting harder. My lungs are okay, so that's good!
The belly is a little heavier, but I don't think it's too bad...yet. BG gets a little grumpy in the beginning of each run, but then calms down after about 20 minutes.
My shins and calves on the other hand....they really hate this running thing.
I have noticed lately that my compartment syndrome is in both legs and it's pretty painful. I get drop foot in my LEFT foot now! seriously?! I asked my doctor about it and she said since I already have an issue with CS, the added fluid in my legs from the pregnancy just exacerbate the problem. I really hope I am able to complete the 9 races I have challenged myself with. I guess they will just continue to get slower.
This time I did remember to take a picture after the race!
Next up is a 10k. Need to still find 2 more events that I can do!


Endurance Chic said...

You are the cutest most amazing preggo woman!!!! EVER!

Matthew Smith said...

6 races! You're incredible! Way to go. It sounds like its a lot harder to run with someone else on board. Good luck!

M said...

Sooooo, I guess when I duck out of the blogger world for long spans of time, I totally miss that YOU'RE PREGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy awesome!! First, you are the cutest little preggo - I am loving this picture. I am starting to back track and read a bit more about your experiences, but am glad to hear that so far, it's been all good. It's fantastic that you are staying fit and active - being a new mom (5 months), I can attest to how hard it is to get back after all is said and done (and I ran until Week 33 when I got put on best rest for early labor, and it was still hard to climb back!) You will thank yourself later.

SO happy for you, and really excited to keep reading about it. Congrats!!!!

Kristin said...

So glad to see this! I am almost 3 months and want to keep as active as I can as well!! Good luck to you!