Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The San Francisco Treat - by Katharine H.

Katharine's name on the big board of participants
The San Francisco Treat...
Well, this time it was not Rice-A-Roni, but it was the Nike Women’s Marathon and half Marathon.

I went out to San Francisco to run the half marathon with two friends and met up with three others. I flew out on Thursday night with one friend on VirginAmerica (highly recommend it!). We got to the hotel Palomar which was close to the race start in Union Square and most of the group was already there.

Friday, we spent the morning touring around the city...riding street cars and trolleys, visiting my Dad’s uncle’s old neighborhood around Coit Tower, and saw the sealions at Pier 39. In the afternoon, we went to the race expo to pick up our race packets.
This race was to benefit the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and many of the runners had lost someone to the disease. They had a tribute screen which played peoples stories...and the tears for the weekend began.

Overall the whole theme of the race was so positive and so encouraging. After getting everything we needed for the race, we went to Niketown. Niketown was hopping, there was a DJ and the whole store just vibrated.

Saturday was a day to relax. I got a message, ate a yummy lunch and then just rested in the hotel. We went out for a tasty prerace dinner and then off to bed pretty early. I was nervous for the race in the morning and had a dream that I was late to the start of the race because I couldn’t get my sports bra on!

Sunday: Race morning...we were up at 4:30 am! After dropping off our post race clothes, we got in line around 6:30 and chatted with the other runners and then the race started at 7:00 and then we didn’t cross the start line until closer to 7:30.

The first 6 miles were great. Each time I passed another mile marker I couldn’t believe it. The race started along the bay to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Miles 6-10 for the most part were pretty much up hill and HARD. Once I got to mile 10 and started down hill the Pacific Ocean was in view and amazing, I just had to smile. The race then ended on the Great Highway right along the beach! I couldn’t believe when the race was over and I didn’t feel like I was going to die. I ended up walking more than I wanted to, but I was also happy with my finish.

So, people have asked why I run (well more run/walk).
I do it because I love it. I love being so sweaty that my skin tastes like salt. I love be so physically exhausted after a long run, but still having the most amazing sense of euphoria. I love talking about training with friends. I love the electricity of race day. Running/walking is a way to challenge myself. I am by no means fast and will never place at a race but I will always win because I will finish, even if it is hard.

So Just Do It...


Susie said...

What a fabulous (favelous) year you've had. Love ya!


Susie said...

What a fabulous (favelous) year you've had. Love ya!


TriGirl Kate O said...

As I said in my voice mail, many congratulations and big hugs!