Thursday, March 6, 2008


So between Greg's Big Ironman and the job search I haven't been recapping those yummy workouts lately.
Swimming is coming along just swimmingly! I have come to learn that the team bathing suit is a bit risque! It may look like the ordinary "speedo" with the pink flowers the TRIgirls like to don on all of our attire and accessories. However...the left side is light pink. Dry it may okay- but don't look too closely. And then after aswim - grab that towel. I was walking feeling proud after a good swim mosey on through the locker room and passed the mirror when something catches my eye. Rewind. I felt like a cartoon character with my eyes popping out of my head!! OH. MY. GOD. That would be a see-thru section of the suit. Well shit. Oh well. I like the suit and in the water no one can see thru the chlourine, so what the heck. I'll keep sporting the suit. But keep that towel close by for afterwards!
Besides putting on a show pool side I tried to put one on in the pool, too. Hey hey hey, get your minds out of the gutter. I am talking about my times here. I did my fastest 100 at 1:44 and held it 5 times! This has never happened since last week and sure I may have been drafting - but heck yeah! On Monday I did an easy/moderate 300 warm up and finished in 5:41. I was quite impressed with myself. I credit JP and KH! Seing improvements is always exciting!
Well after swimming there is a bike ride to do, so I guess I better train there, too.
No, no I have not taken Diamond on her debut ride. Tragic, I know. She is so pretty and is begging for me to ride her. Between classes and weather I have not yet had a chance to play with her. This weekend is the scheduled ride. I figured with Greg landing late friday night and the saturday run being short, I will go outside for the long weekend brick! Diamond is cheduled for her inaugura two hour ride! She is going to be so pretty out there! I hope I don't fall with the new pedals!
Ouch! that would be my knee talking. The past few runs have left me with calf pain and fianlly my knee is going to explode. So I did it this week. I whipped out the credit card and bought new sneakers. Even though I am unemployed, I figured it was better than a big injury from wearing old sneakers. I didn't go on my run today since I was shadowing someone for a possible job, but tomorrow will hit the elliptical for my hill run so my knee will learn to love me again!

So the next 2 days are going to be super exciting.
Greg comes home!
Diamond has her debut ride.

Oh yeah - and I have a few job offers out there! But waiting for more before I pick. Yay for being gainfully employed soon!!!

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SusieQ said...

You should be proud of your fantastic swim progress. :)
And - LOVE your positive attitude.