Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Life is all about balance.
Training is all about balance.
Balancing training, family, and life in general.
And my new part of the balancing act...the new job.
My first project is managing the interiors portion of a multi million dollar project at Pinehurst. Pretty cool, huh! I look forward to getting on course two. Ok I will settle to at least the driving range. =)
I will be spending a few days every month at Pinehurst. It's not so bad - getting the top notch treatment...doors opened, piano player with breakfast, every need being met.
However, what does this mean...a few days not in Richmond training. I talked to my boss and there is a gym there I can get access to - note to self for future reference. Unfortunately - it's no masters class or Maramarc yumminess. But it is better than nothing. Just a new piece of the training puzzle. I mean we do triathlons because we crave challenges - this is just a new challenge and I take it on. I know I can still train even though I will be missing more ideal conditions. It is great experience for my career. And that is balance.


margo said...

you can do it! as work gets more demanding it does become harder to balance everything - but it sounds like you've got some great options to get the workouts in. don't forget that golf is great for arms!

tri-ing races not cases said...

I too struggle sometimes when I'm sent on the road, but sometimes the change of place and training options reinvigorates me. And, for sure, it ALWAYS makes me look forward to returning home and appreciate the opportunities we have to train here.