Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I finally made it back to track practice last night.
I drive over to the track. Hmmm. there are no cars.
I call a few people and fianlly get an answer.
And track is n ow at a different track!
I head on over to the other track, which fortunately was not far away.
I missed the warm up, so I just did an 800 around the track.
It was a nice evening. Not cold.
It sure was humid, though.
The shins were tight, but not making me stop.
As we continue doing timed 1200's they get real tight. dammit!
then luckily we do another 1200 but this time it's broken up.
yeah rests.
wait every 200 we have to do 10 push ups.
but that's 60 push ups.
it wasn't so bad. i kind of liked it.
around this time the lights come on.
then we do sprints up and down the field to work on form.
must use arms.
must use arms.
then it's time to go.
time to eat!

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