Monday, January 19, 2009


While plugging away on the elliptical I made some observations.
1. Most men that wear spandex shorts to the gym are related to the triathlon community.
2. Why do people use the stairmaster and then put all their weight on their arms and not on their legs? Does that not defeat the purpose?
3. I really should put my book club book on my shuffle and listen to that while staring into space.
4. Why do people wear sweatshirts (and sweatpants) while doing cardio? Yet they fan them selves from being so hot. about taking off the sweatshirt there, genius!
5. Why do some people feel that they should have the few standing fans pointed directly at them diretly in front of their cardio machine? The fan has a feature called "oscillating" - they should try it sometime.
6. It makes me smile to see people who are overweight workout.

1 comment:

M said...

i pick out the triathletes by the Newtons that they wear.

i don't get the sweat suit thing either.

a woman showed up to spin class last night in jeans and UGGS, and was disappointed to discover that the UGGS wouldn't work out so well.