Monday, February 2, 2009

Kitty Litter

Richmond doesn't get snow.
It gets ice.
Ice is slippery.
so last week whe we got a little sheet of ice, I found myself sliding around as I walked up to my 3rd floor condo (I use the back stairs). So I quickly went back down them, thankfully not on my butt, and went straight to the grocery store for some rock salt.
the men at the store convince me that kitty litter is better than rock salt for this.
Boy are they wrong.
It is a disastrous mess.
Clumps of kitty litter EVERYWHERE!
It trickled through the deck onto the floors below (but no one lives there). and i am on my knees every other day with lysol wipes cleaning kitty litter residue off the floor!
The rule is to take your shoes off at the door and to immediately wipe off the dogs toesies.
Disaster I tell you. Disaster.
It is starting to dry out and this morning I even swept some - but that whole going to work thing)
we are expected to get rain/snow/ice tonight.
Disaster will continue to grow.

Lesson learned: Cats make me sneeze. And Kitty Litter makes a mess. I'm such a dog lover!
(although I do have some friends with cute kitties - some like to snuggle in my purse, too!)

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