Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow! Snow! Snow!

I can hear the sounds of Bing crosby and Danny Kay singing the song "Snow!" in Irving Berlin's White Christmas (which, by the way, is the best Christmas movie ever).

I love fresh snow. The innocence...serenity...gentleness.
I hate snow after about oh 2 days. It's dirty and messy and gets in my way.

I can usually be found doing a dance welcoming the glorious white flakes.
Not this time.
We are scheduled to have 6-12 inches...which is HUGE for Virginia. Especially since we had a good snow last year and usually we don't get snow every year!
However, I have an appointment to go Bridesmaid dress shopping up in Alexandria - about 2 hour drive on a normal day (unless you go at the wrong time and you hit DC traffic. then you just start drinking).

So tonight I will be found in my house doing the "NO Snow" dance! I am not quite sure how it goes, but when I figure it out I am sure I will have it mastered.

I don't consider myself Bridezilla, but all I haVe to say to Mother Nature is....


Ceeej said...

I think your no snow dance needs quite a bit of work. Seems to be looking a whole lot like your snow dance.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry your "NO snow" dance didn't quite work out the way you expected it to....but the bridesmaids' dresses aren't going anywhere. This snow, however, will be melting (or maybe not, depending on which weather guy you prefer!) try to enjoy while you can!