Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fave 0 - Snow 1

Ths snow won.
I didn't get to go BM dress shopping over the weekend.

Oh well.
Appointment is rescheduled for early January. Snow please don't come back then!

It doesn't feel liek Christmas. I try. But I am just not in the spirit. Not grinch, but jksut not feelign the holiday.
Heading home with the family tomorrow so maybe that will help. being together. going to mass. taditional christmas morning omelette.
although this year there i sno shopping ont he 26th - I am heading up to spend a few days with the FIL's. meeting the WHOLE gang. it will be nice. hope the air travel is nice.

well at least i don't have to work until monday. although i think i worked 5 days worth of work and hours in 3.
planned on taking monday off. but not anymore. duty calls.

and let's not even discuss the last time I have seen the inside of the gym.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the visit with the FIL's!!!! Happy New Year to you and Iron Greg..... muwah!