Monday, March 22, 2010

Dress Fitting #1

what an experience!
one that I would rather not do again...but I must...two more times.

BIG sister and I arrived almsot an hour early. You can never be sure with DC traffic.
We had the assistant seamstress or something. whatever she was, she definitely was not a good listener that's for sure.
she accomplished pinning the hem so I could walk, though.
then the head semstress came over. her name was Marie, so BIG sister has renamed her Madam Curie.
the figured out where to pull and pinch to make it fit. she also said I have "high hips" um yeah - you call it what you want to lady, I know they are wider than you would think just looking at them.
then came the custom piece. Lord have mercy on my sould.
we will see what I end up with.
Manager Pamela came her see-thru outfit. yes, she is quite Klassy.
I thought I was going to wear in my bridal shoes by kicking her in the teeth with them.
needless to say I left with a headache, frustrated , and cranky. and in DC traffic.

let's hope the April 2nd fitting goes a little better.

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Joette said...

Even if you wear a paper bag you are going to look gorgeous!