Monday, March 29, 2010

Monument Avenue 10k

In Pamplona they have the running of the bulls.
In Richmond, Virginia there is the running of the Monument Avenue 10k.
Along with 38,000 of your closest friends, the most beautiful street in richmond, monument Avenue, is filled with runners, walkers, supporters, bands, and volunteers.
this year was colder than most, but not a bad day.
After working 75 hours by COB Friday, I was tired, but Ir eally wanted to hit my goal time that surgery got in my way. and this year I wanted it. 54 minutes.
I woke up and told myself all morning I would do it. I had been running a solid 8:30 pace on my training runs. well the ones that actually happened. I was fairly confident, but know I have a tendency of not performing on race day and ending up dispaoointed.
I went out and paced with my Garmin, my trusty friend. I ws holind a good apce. However when I would do math in my head at mile markers things seemed off, but i kept going with it. I mean who can do math while running anyways?!
unfortunautely this day was like all others. I ended up finishing in 56:13. a 9:02 pace.
However, according to my garmin I ran 7.15 miles and my splits were better than I was hoping for:

mile 1 - 7:29
mile 2 - 7:48
mile 3 - 8:08
mile 4 - 8:13
mile 5 - 7:42
mile 6 - 7:57
mile 7 - 7:43
mile 8 (.2) - 1:19 (8:19 pace)
so forget the official time. I am going to go with my garmin. The map shows my zig zags through the crowds. so i am going to say that I ran 7.15 miles. yeah that's better.
ho hum.

i have decided to run the richmond half marathon.
my goal time...well that's a secret of course.
i just hope that work and settling into married life allow me to train for a change.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dress Fitting #1

what an experience!
one that I would rather not do again...but I must...two more times.

BIG sister and I arrived almsot an hour early. You can never be sure with DC traffic.
We had the assistant seamstress or something. whatever she was, she definitely was not a good listener that's for sure.
she accomplished pinning the hem so I could walk, though.
then the head semstress came over. her name was Marie, so BIG sister has renamed her Madam Curie.
the figured out where to pull and pinch to make it fit. she also said I have "high hips" um yeah - you call it what you want to lady, I know they are wider than you would think just looking at them.
then came the custom piece. Lord have mercy on my sould.
we will see what I end up with.
Manager Pamela came her see-thru outfit. yes, she is quite Klassy.
I thought I was going to wear in my bridal shoes by kicking her in the teeth with them.
needless to say I left with a headache, frustrated , and cranky. and in DC traffic.

let's hope the April 2nd fitting goes a little better.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Less than a month!

Less than a month until the first of the wedding festivities begin!

april 10th is my first bridal shower hosted by BM Missy and Greeter Margo, two of my dear friends.
And that same night is the Engagement Party.
Yes this sounds crazy, but this allows my Grandma who lives 6 hours away to make it to two events.
she is aging so much faster these days and it really breaks my heart.
anyways, back to the plans.

so the bridal shower (at a botanical garden) and the engagment party are coming up. big question - what am I going to wear?!?! those of you who know me, you know how I feel about party dresses. every girl's closet should be filled with them! Luckily, I have the most perfect navy and white floral dress to wear to the shower (can you believe I am restraining from buying a new one...something about buying a new house). I do hope it still fits...maybe I shoudl try it on since it's been awhile. I did order about 6 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes last night for the engeagment party. I hope one of them works! I love Nordie's dresses!

speaking of engagements - the announcement was in the paper. my home town, IronGreg's hoem town..and of course the RIC too. shew.

my shoes FINALLY arrived. it only took an additional TWO WEEKS!! and many annoying phonecalls. but they are here and I think they are just beautiful. Unforunately, they are slingbacks, and my narrow feet just flop right out of them. I even tried a few sizes. Sigh. Of course they are non-returnable so I will have to try a pad and see if a shoe maker and make the sling back smaller.

the wedding party and hostess gifts are coming along and I just love all of them! I can't wait to wrap them all pretty and pass them out! I love giving fun gifts that have a special touch. It will be weird receiving gifts. I was telling BIG sister that as much as I love hosting showers and giving gifts, it's REALLY weird to think of being onthe other end. so i may make some funny faces. I mean I picked out the stuff. it's really a weird concept now that I am on the receiving end (that's what he said).

The tux's have been picked out and pick-up delivery points all figured out. I just hope the guys are getting fitted! I will not check up on them. I will not check up on them. I will not check up on them.

The BM dresses are now supposed to arrive on May 5th - boo! One of my BM's - that I went to school with starting in THIRD GRADE - she is now living in Germany. BUT! she is going to be in DC at the end of April!! and the dress store is in DC! how perfect...if the dresses come early. I have called and called, but they can't committ until the first week of April. so don't you know it's on my calendar to call them the first monday of April! It would be great if she was here to receive the dress! then I know it wouldn't get lost with international shipping.

Most importantly...hte invitations have arrived! Of course I thik they are beautiful - I picked them out. I jsut hope everyone thinks they are classic and timeless (just like me :)) A few nights ago Lou Lou and Miso came over for stuffing party day one. We watched Precious (so good) and stuffed. Went by before we knew it. however, I had to cancel day two b/c mom brought to my attention that I cannot go get wedding stamps for the reply cards b/c prices are going up! ooh good catch. so they go to the calligrapher's next week.

speaking of next week - my first dress fitting!!! I have these fears that the wrong dress was ordered or left on a part of the dress I ordered to be left off. I guess I will find out soon enough.

as you can see there has been lots of flurry on the wedding front...not so much on the training front. I have been working a lot which is a good thing! (better than the alternative). i still make most of my workouts, esp in the mornings. but my bike is only ridden every other week. good thing my first tri is in August! and it's only a sprint.

now that's it's on FB I can shout out the exciting news.
My brother and KP are engaged!!!! I just lvoe my BIG brother and I could not be happier that he found someone so wonderful. She is a FAVulous addition to the family

ps - 14 weeks until the BIG day! Ack!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess Fave

Yesterday was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando , Florida.
Plan of attack: hang with my friend, Princess DJM and have fun!

Princess Cathy and I flew to Florida on Fridya night. Delayed flight...almost missing our flight...we made it. And finally made it to our hotel around 1am friday ngiht/saturday morning.

Saturday we headed off to the expo and toodled around town. Dinner at T-Rex at Downtown Disney. We met some of my growing-up friends for dessert - I passed on ice cream. :(

Sunday morning started EARLY. a 2:30am wake-up call. I tossed and turned all night trying to figure out why I am doing this. I mean it's just for fun anyways. and what fun is waking up so damn early. If it weren't for knowing that Princess DJM was waiting for me and Princess Cathy at the start line, I totally would have said forget it - and jsut gone to the parks to play...after sleeping in of course.
but we made it to the bus and o the race. It ws SO COLD! Coldest race I have ever done. and I was not prepared for it - I mean I was in Florida after all. but no 30-something degrees sucks. My hands were SO cold. good thing I had packed capris...even though they had a hole in the crotch. I was wearing a skirt on top of them.
the time was nearing. about 1 minute before the fireworks (ironman has a canon, Princess gets fireworks), I looked at Princess DJM and let her know I felt the rumble - it was going to be a long day.
I could not warm up, but kept moving foward. finally a couple miles I was able to strip off the long sleeved shirt. although I wished i had it back later!
along the way we saw chip and Dale, Princess minnie and Mickey, cinderella, Tiana, ariel, jack sparrow, genie, aladdin, tarzan, peter pan, pinochip and gepeto, woody, gosh so many charachers! I think w  stopped at least 20 times. but the lines move fairly quickly.

Cons: 2 port-o-jon stops, cant in road, narrow roads with 15,000 people gets a little congested, pants with a hole in the crotch is really uncomfrtable.

Pros: a race like no other, pixie dust at the finish line, and most of all - the smile on Princess DJM's face.

After a short nap, Princess Cathy and I headed to a day at Magic Kingdon for some rides.

Unfortunautely the bell man was at my door at 2:15 this morning and the bus was there at 2:30 to take me to the airport.

Thank you to SQ for the ride home. and to IronGreg for letting me in the condo that he locked me out of :)

Pictures to come. Princess DJM has them and she is still playing at the parks with her lovely family.