Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trials and Tribulations

My last two posts have been positive...a great PR and a podium finish.
Well, I have some other things on my mind that are not so positive.
1. bike.
I don't know what's going on, but I am have a hard time on the bike. So bad that I don't want to ride with anyone anymore. I am having a hard time engaging my hamstrings and am quickly blowing out my quads. In turn, riding a lot slower than I am comfortable with. I am beyond frustrated.
I've had lots of thoughts here. My coach, PK, and I were discussing that simply my bike, Diamond, top tube is too long. However, I cannot just go out and buy a new bike.
I had a bike fit by a Physical therapist and cyclist when I first got Diamond in 2008. I have since started using a new bike mechanic who is a former cyclist on the pro circuit. So last year I decided I should get a new bike fit to see what he thinks. I am starting to think this was a mistake. He made some adjustments and said I would get slower for awhile before adjusting muscle groups and then would be faster. Yeah, that's not happening. Am I just looking for an excuse (and someone to blame), or could this really have messed me up on the bike?
Ia m not sure, so tomorrow (Friday) I am getting yet another bike fit. This time by IronGreg's bike fit guy. He has this certification and that certification and blah blah blah. All I know is that when I get on the bike after the fit I better be lightening faster! and able to engage my hamstrings without blowing out my quads.
Another issue ont he bike is that having my heel down puts strain on the right shin that has been having problems this year. PK and I discussed riding with heel up. While not ideal, there are pros that ride that way. But this also makes it harder o engage the hamstring. With so many hills to climb at IMCDA  and knowing that after 112 miles of that I have to run a marathon, I would like to use that hamstring as much as possible on the bike.

do you have any tricks on the bike??

2. Carbs
I am back to having stomach problems. I blame carbs.
I am able to handle cereal without a problem.
Pasta, Bread, Rice = uncomfortable bloating
Chickpeas = tongue allergy
Not having carbs in an endurance diet an cause muscle fatigue, so I need them. But I don't know what I can eat!!!

what are your FAVorite carbs?


Matthew Smith said...

Good luck with the bike fit. I know that it makes all the difference. I've been so uncomfortable on bikes before that I didn't want to ride either. Hopefully this fitting will get you in the right spot.

My favorite carbs are BREAD, BREAD, BREAD!!!!!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Fruit has lots of carbs, quinoa? Beans. And have you tried Vega supplements (I love their sport performance in a fruit smoothie). Lots of protein and carbs too. Have you tried UDI's bread? I have lots of these at my house if you want to sample before you buy.