Monday, April 4, 2011

Podium Finish

Saturday I raced my first triathlon of the season, the Smithfield Sprint.
A brief synopsis...
woke up lat, missed the caravan, but found them on the road and made it there in time.
awesome girls on the bike rack with me.
one was a first-timer. I set up her trainsition area for her...race karma for me!
the weather was cold and crazy windy.

300 meter pool swim, snake style.
water was murky. I swan michael phelps style, with water in one goggle.
finished in 5:48-ish. not my fastest 300m race time by about 20 seconds. but i came out of the water 2/10 in AG.

couldn't get my arm warmers around my wrist in T1. then went to get on bike and realized I still had my "Kool Kovers" on my clips. After dropping an f-bomb and apologizing for doing so the volunteer at the mount line took them for me. and this is why we do that first race.
10 mile bike.
crazy head wind for the first 7 miles.
was hitting like 16mph. ew.
last 3 miles, crazy tail wind and was hitting 24 mph. oh yeah baby.
overall pace 17.5 - ew. ew. ew.
but managed to finish 3/10 AG

never used those arm warners on the bike I took so much time to put on my wrists.
first brick on 10 months. yowsers.
got a sidestitch right off the bat and had a hard time getting my heart rate under control.
5k run.
finished in 27 minutes.
8:50 pace.
I'll take that considering my run training. 4/10 AG

3/10 AG baby!!!!
podium finish!!!!
race karma sent my way.

and congrats to IronGreg for finishing 1st in his AG, 10th OA.


Matthew Smith said...

Way to go! You rock! That sounds like a terrific race. Way to be on the podium. That's sweet. Thanks for a great race report. Good luck on your recovery.

Kristin said...

Way to go! Definately boosts your spirits!

Joette said...

Great job!