Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Life in Design Sales

Yesterday I ran around town updating libraries.
I went to XXX Architecture to take stock of what they actually had in theirs since I had never been there.
I was so happy I found a GREAT party spot on the street in a TWO hour zone! High five!
I walked around the car and got some things out of the trunk…and some home made pumpkin bread to reel them in.
Did my thing. Ran into a girl from another design firm there.
An hour later I am back at my car.
I see a bring green something on my windshield.
Surely it can’t be a parking ticket! I am in a TWO hour zone and have only been here for ONE hour.
I am so mad I get in my car and pick up my phone to call and complain as I open it and it reads ..”parking in less than 15 feet from a fire hydrant”
I get out and look.
And oh yes, RIGHT next to my driver side door is a damn silver fire hydrant.
All I got to say is, Aren’t these things supposed to be red?

the funniest part to me -- the parking ticket included not one, but two pictures of my car illegally parked. 
so much for finding rock star parking. 


Matthew Smith said...

Sorry for your ticket! At least there wasn't a fire or else your car might have looked like this: http://www.dtmpower.net/forum/attachment.php?postid=614023

Fave said...