Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing BG's little heart beat. (BG = Baby Girl...not her initials. those will stay secret). Her heartbeat was 163 this morning...perfect!
We had our 23 week appointment this morning. Everything is "textbook". Even the doctor knocked on wood that everything continues as it has been "easy" pregnancy. I have learned what Acid Reflux feels like. I could have lived without knowing that feeling. Ugh! Thank you to the inventor of Tums!

We have scheduled our Hospital Birthing Center tour and a signed up for a couple classes.
The nursery walls and trim have been painted and the mural is coning along.
The crib is here and put together...but it is sitting in the middle of the room until the mural is completed.
The ottoman is here and the glider gets delivered on Tuesday.
The dresser gets delivered mid-May.
Yesterday we bought her a little chandelier (of course!). We currently don't have a ceiling fixture - the light switch works an outlet. But when the electrician comes to work on the bathroom, we will have him change this around for us. (I will get to the bathroom in a moment)
All the pieces are sliding right into place. I mean obviously since I am a planner, I wish the room was already 100%, but I know that's unrealistic.

 I can't believe we only have 17 weeks left. I cannot wait to meet the angel and hold her in my arms.

So, the bathroom.
As you may recall, we had a tree fall in our house about 2 months ago. And what have we done about it? well, not much. We want to take this opportunity to do the addition we have been planning, but well, IronGreg is not currently employed...yet! (He has another interview on Friday! Fingers crossed).
So, we are taking baby steps to get the work done and ready so when he gets a job, we can pull the trigger and most if not all decisions have already been made!
Well, the hall bath, which is BG's bathroom, is not usable due to a hole in the ceiling above the shower/tub. and she is going to make her appearance regardless of what her bathroom looks like, so we are starting construction/renovation/upgrading that bathroom on....TUESDAY! I could not be happier. It's going to be quite swanky. I should take some before and after pictures....this week. Yeah, I'll get to that.

And the architect is working on the plans for the addition and it is SO HOT!

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Matthew Smith said...

I'm so excited for you with BG coming right along. That's terrific news that everything is going well! Please DO take some before pictures so we can see the progress with the renovations. Good luck with all that! Don't stress too much about it. :)