Monday, June 25, 2012

7 down...2 to go - for real this time

Yesterday Team IronBaby completed the I Love the Tavern sprint triathlon.
IronGreg did the swim and the bike and I headed off for the run - we were in 2nd place.
Then at mile 1....we fell to 4th.
Then we fell to 7 out of 9. : )

Everyday I'm shuf-fa-ling.

Picture to come.

The run itself wasn't awful. My legs went numb, but that's to be expected.
I coughed throughout it (I am sick) and one time I may or may not have peed on myself.
I had to pee the entire time since someone felt the need to sit right on my bladder and one time I even sat in the grass to pee, but had stage fright, so IronGreg (who was shuffling with me) helped me back up.
I think I did half the run while holding my belly.

Afterwards, I spent the day with an ice pack on my back because my low back hurt so bad and I was o the couch with cramps. Good times. Good times.

Today at my regularly scheduled appointment I got an antibiotic for my cold. I try to avoid taking anything knowing whatever I take the baby gets. But who knew that a nasty cough is annoying for the baby. No wonder she has been grumpy lately.

I also found out there will be no more running. I am still allowed to walk - but need a belly support belt.
So here's hoping I can walk two more 5k's to complete my challenge.

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Matthew Smith said...

Way to go, once again! Go get that belly belt! :)