Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning to Count

Yesterday I realized that I have only done SIX races, not seven.
So for my "9 Month 9 Race Challenge" I have three more to go.

So far:
Bear Creek 10 miler - 4 weeks
Virginia is for Lovers 14k - 14 weeks
Shamrock Half Marathon - 19 weeks
Monument Avenue 10k - 21 weeks
CASA Superhero 5k - 24 weeks
Stratford Hills 10k - 29 weeks

Still to go:
Tavern Tri (run leg 5k) - 32 weeks
Cul-de-sac 5k series - 34, 35, and 36 weeks.

We'll see if I do the 5k at 36 weeks...


Matthew Smith said...

However many you do, you're incredible! That baby is going to come out in running shoes and a visor! :)

Kristin said...

Its so nice to see someone else on here running through their pregnancy too!!! :)