Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Final Countdown

Where has the time gone?! I can't believe I am almost ready to have this baby.

I can't wait to meet her. To see her face. To kiss her face. To hold her in my arms hold her close.
I can't wait to watch her grow. To hit those milestones of development. To see her smile.

Recently I was thinking about BGM growing up and one thing hit day this sweet baby girl will have her heart broken. It's a part of life and there is nothing I can do to keep her from feeling that pain.
Silly thought, I know.

On one hand I want to meet her now....but on the other hand I am so not ready to bring her home! We still have construction going on here! And new research is showing that babies brain develop until week 39, so I would like for her to make it until then. I was 36 weeks on Monday. wow. 4 weeks to go. (if not less - aaaahhh). The doctor told me I am considered full term next week. No way! I would like for her to cook until at least 39 weeks to keep that brain developing. IronGreg and I were laughing that she has brain genetics against her so we need her to cook and keep that brain developing! haha.

I was born at 37 weeks. IronGreg was born at 38 weeks. I'm curious if this will have any impact on when I deliver.

"They" also say that you can somewhat predict what a baby will weigh (small, average, big) depending on what the parents weighed. Well, I was 5lbs 3ozs....but like I mentioned I was born at 37 weeks. IronGreg weighed 5lbs 6ozs. But again, he was born at 38 weeks...and his mom smoked when she was pregnant with him which impacts birth weight. So we really have no way to get an idea of the size of Baby Girl (commonly referred to as BGM). I heard a rumor that hiccups are a sign that the baby is growing. Well, Lord help me b/c she gets hiccups about 5+ times a day.
Note: IronGreg's mom no longer was the 70's.

Obviously, the running has stopped. After the last 5k it was just too difficult. And although the doctor said I could's July. It's hot. I prefer the air conditioning. I know swimming is good, but well, now I am too darn lazy.

Early on in my pregnancy I showed minor signs of swelling. Well, over the last week it has kicked in full throttle and now I am ordered to lay down with my feet up as much as possible. I am taking this as a permission slip to be lazy. No more road trips (I have clients out of town). And minimize time in a car or seated as this 90 degree angle causes leg swelling. Floating in a pool is perfectly acceptable, however.

Being pregnant has given me insight to what I imagine it's like to be obese.
- Yes, you feel lazy. Don't know why there, though.
- Sitting up requires help of some sort. Whether it's pushing off a stationary object or getting an arm from someone. You simply do not have the core strength...well it's hidden if you do!
- "Oh my aching back". That line ain't no joke. Carrying around added weight really is hard on the spine.
- Feet pain. Yes, carrying added weight makes the ligaments in your feet stretch causing "fat feet". I had to buy new shoes to fit these new feet of mine. And by the end of the day, I am busting out of them. (I even bought a fake wedding ring since mine no longer fits, but the fake one is too small now, too, so I am walking around single and pregnant)
I could go on, but a.) I don't want to offend anyone and b.)Baby brain...where are my words?

IronGreg and I just finished our classes on The Bradley Method. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it's a birthing method known as "husband coached". It uses relaxation techniques, breathing, and other coping skills to allow you an unmedicated birth. Some of you may be thinking I am totally nuts for wanting to go unmedicated. But I must say, there are so many FEWER risks to you and this baby without interventions. It's proven. Women have been birthing babies for YEARS without drugs, why do we feel the need to have them? Even with an epidural, you are still going to feel pushing. It is still going to "hurt". anyways, I digress. To each their own.
I am excited to have the opportunity and now the skills to have the confidence to move forward with an unmedicated birth. I can only hope and pray that God allows us to have a smooth delivery without complications.

Well, that's enough ramblings for now.
Back to overseeing construction....and doing the LAST load of baby laundry!


Matthew Smith said...

I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how the baby was doing. I'm so excited for you guys! It's almost time!!! YAY!

By the way, I just looked at those IM finisher pics on the side of your blog. If you had forgotten, YOU ROCK! :)

kaney said...

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