Monday, July 21, 2008


~ Friday night I was able to take advantage of the RTC open water swim in the nice clean James River. I hadn't beenin open water or done a long swim since White Lake. Man I need more of them. It was good - and better since followed by Chipotle.

~ Saturday I rode 60 miles. I did the first loop with some training buddies and then the 2nd loop by myself. It was hot and my water bottles were going fast. Luckily we rode by my sister's farm, so ont he 2nd loop I called her to let her know I was coming by for more fluids. Hoever, this requires walking for about 15 minutes up their gravel drive - in bike shoes. I gave baby David a kiss. He pooed. haha. That afternoon at packet pick-up I realized that when I left the ride int eh morning I left my front wheel behind. I was working packet pick-up, so luckily JRo trucked up to where I rode to see if it was still there and thankfully it was.

David begins triathlon training at just 6 weeks old.

~ Sunday was the 3 sports Sprint triahtlon produced by the RTC. I was in charge of the trainsition area. Let me just say - is it that hard to wait until the last biker is off the course to take your bike out of transition? There are some rude/inconsiderate people out there. I won't mention that 2 of my frends were yelled! at by some guy (I think it was the same guy) for a. having to have his bib to receive his post-race food (chipotle). and b. that his placement was nit high enough to receive an award. please note: these items were all covered on the website and in race meetings. But besides buttheads, it was a grat time. It was HOTTTTTTT. But los of people are now triathlon finishers! and PR's were had regardless of the heat.

~ Post-race massage and boating. Check gas gauge prior to leaving dock. Or check beer stash to make sure you do not run out of beer while stranded waiting for gas. But when all else fails. start a noodle canon war. Ready? Aim. FIRE!


b said...

Great job with the training this weekend and being the transition referee at the tri on Sunday...its amazing the perspective you get being a volunteer at a race...the boating & beer sounds like a nice way to cap-off a great day :-)

Tea said...

I bet that baby was born with an m-dot tat!

Megan said...

A. I have recently been turned on to Chipotle. And yes, I meant to say, "Turned on."

B. I have noticed that boys poop when I kissed them too. What's that about?