Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons

Note: this post has nothing to do with triathlons or training.
I recieved a phone call from a girlfriend yesterday and she told me of a story.
It's a story that is not funny, but you can't help but laugh.
Seriously, kids, you can't make this shit up.

So thre was this girl -we'll call her Sue.
Sue was dogsitting for a couple - we'll name them Tom and Alice.
Tom and Alice explain to Sue that their dog, a 70+lb lab mix, is old and not so healthy. the vet is on standby and will pick the dog up if he gets sick.
The first night there the do starts making odd noises, so Sue calls the vet. Unfortunately the vet is closed for the weekend.
Shortly thereafter, the dog dies.
sue is stumped on what to do. The vet that would pick the dog up is closed so now she is stuck at home with a heavy dog that doesn't walk. And she doesn't have a car either.
so Sue gets the idea to put the dog in a suitcase (youhave to give her creativity points) and take the city bus to the emergency vet to take care of the dog.
As she is boarding the bus a man helps her lug this heavy bag onto the bus. He inquires why her bag is so heavy. Frantic about the truth, she explains to him that she has herlife in there - including lap top and school books since she is going back to school (creative thinking once again).
As the bus gets to the stop for the emergency vet, Sue realizes the man that she told this story to is getting up get off the same stop. she worries that he is going to see her walk into the vet and realize she lied. Luckily he goes the other direction - shew.
So as she gets ready to wak in the vet she gets a tap on the shoulder
She turns around and the guy punches her in the face and runs off with the suitcase!

Talk about a bad day.


Tea said...

OH SH!T! I thought you were going to say the guy was the vet!

Megan said...

So did I! But hey - guess the guy got what he deserved - a dead dog.

Is it really wrong that I sort of chuckled?