Thursday, April 16, 2009


With Ironman Arizona on the horizon, it's going to be a long season.
I haven't raced since Timberman 70.3 last year and have had quite the easy off-season. It hink my training partners heard me say "But it's my off-season" more times than they would care to.
I was schedule to participate in Rockett's Landing - the first local Olympic distance and with a purse, it ws drawing quite the elite crowd. A perfect way to kick off the season and clean off the cobwebs.
Put on the brakes.
It will be 2 weeks post-op. Bummer! no can do anymore.
Fortunately, the RD is allowing me to do another one of their races.
So I have added I Love the Tavern Aquavelo to the list for the year.
I have never done an Aquavelo. But since it's only 7 weeks post-op I will not be running 3 miles yet. But I will be (hopefully) able to handle the swim and the bike.
So here's to clearing out the cobwebs - something lots of my friends are doing this weekend at Rumpass in Bumpass, including my IronGreg!
(I wanted to do this rae just for a t-shirt that said 'Rumpass in Bumpass')


M said...

welcome back! sorry to read about the injury - those suck, espcially when they require surgery. Yuck. hope the recovery is quick and pain free as possible!

Denise W said...

Girl, you got the weeks post-op? Yikes. You are one tough cookie.