Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's the Final Countdown

I just got the time for surgery. I check in at 9:30am. At least I won’t have to go too long without any food or water.
On my way there I will detour by the DMV to pick up my handicap pass. (It’s good for 3 months – too bad it’s not Christmas at the mall!)

I have my medicine filled and ready.
I bought some new toe nail polish.
I got the new People Style mag for my reading pleasure.
Mom is brining the Bride Wars DVD for post-op movie viewing.
David is coming to see me tomorrow afternoon.

I lifted weights and rode my bike last night.
Swam this morning.
A couple friends are coming over tonight for the “Last Chance Workout” – a short run in the ‘hood.

Here goes nothing.


tryingtotri said...

Let me know if you need anything!

SusieQ said...

It will be over before you know it!