Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here and There

I haven't posted any animal sighting recently.
Because I haven't seen any.

I rode in Williamsburg. Nothing.
I rode in the East End. Nothing.
I rode in Florida. I saw some ocean birds. And a couple dead snakes.

Riding in Florida is hard.
It's flat. Like really flat. the only hills were going up and over the bridges to go from island-to-island. And you would have thought a hurricane was coming with all of that wind. Holy Wind, Batman. That was the longest three-hour ride of my life. IronGreg was a good boyfriend and waited for me to catch up every few miles. He even stopped for me to take a picture of a pretty and historic home.
And just to get himself extra brownie points (you would think he was in trouble!), he even did the 20 minute t-run with 3:00/2:00 intervals with me afterwards.

I did make my long run down there. It wasn't as long (or as fast) as I would have liked, but it is in the books. Mission Accomplished. Now off to the beach.

While I was in Amelia Island, I received a phoen call from United saying that my flight schedule to IMAZ was changed and I needed to call them back. What?! Yeah, I'm on vacation. I'll deal with this next week. So that is what I jsut did.
I called United.
they told me even though I booked through United (thanks to, they were IS Airways flights, so I needed to call them regarding the change.
So I call US Airways.
They tell me that since I booked through United I need to talk with United regarding the change.
Um. yeah. NO.
I tell them that they need to call United and we will jsut have a little conference call.
And so they did.
And after about 30+ moinutes of airline drama. The flight change - 3 minutes! Are you f*in kidding me?! you wasted my time for this?!

however, while I was on hold constantly I made my reservations with TriBike Transport. So Diamond is scheduled to make her way to IMAZ. I wish I could attach a camera on her to track her trek.

Friday is 9/11. A day we will never forget.
But nto only is it a day to remember those we lost, it is also a day to celebrate.
Celebrate what?
My friend Jason's birthday.
And also my dear gal-pal Lou's birthday.
so to celebrate Lou, tonight we are hitting up the National (cool concert venue) for an AC/DC tribute band. Rock and Roll.


Lynn said...

I like this!

SusieQ said...

Hope you lovely ladies have fun!