Friday, September 25, 2009


Yes I know it has been 2 weeks sicne Patriot's HIM and I have yet to finish the race report - I promise I will get to that.

Tomorrow I am doign the longest race to date.
Chesapeakman Aquavelo.
This is a local (well 4 hours away) Iron-distance race, that is not produced by Ironman.
The timing of it is perfect to use the Aquavelo division as a training race for those fall IM's.

2.4 mile swim inthe Choptank river.
* i have been told it's called the Choptank for a reason. It's Choppy.
* I have been advised to wear a long-sleeved wetsuit to avoid the stinging nettles.
* this swim questions why I am doing this particular event.

112 mile ride through Maryland
* well I rode 97 mile about a month or so ago.
* I hope I like my new saddle now that it is postitioned correctly.

I have a fever blister.
I have a stye.
I am all packed and ready to go.


TriGirl Kate O said...

You will do great!!! This is such a great opportunity to nail down race issues like what to pack, wear, eat, etc. And think of all the TG company you'll have on the course. I wish I could come and be your swim angel. xoxo

SusieQ said...

I'll be there cheering for you. :)

tryingtotri said...

I will be thinking about you all! Have a great race:)

tri-ing races not cases said...

Hope you had a great race. Can't wait to hear about it and your training. Let's do a downtown lunch one of these days soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope things went well!!
When you have a chance, post about the race or load pics!

TriGirl 40 Something said...

Congrats on a great race in tough conditions. An awesome confidence builder as you head into the final training for IMAZ. You are strong and committed - and soooo ready!