Friday, October 23, 2009

Here and There

Last weekend was the annual TRIgirl Fall Ironman Camp int he Eastern shore that includes a century ride. I wasn't sure if I was goign to go since I have been out of town so much on the weekends, but decided that the time with my training friends was well worth the time away.
Friday after work I drove the 2.5 hours there. Driving across the 18 mile bridge was crazy! Waves crashign below me in the dark. My car swaying in the wind. Just praying that Diamond is securely fastened on top! Boy was I glad to get out of the car.
Then Saturday morning came. 42 degrees. 16-20 mph winds. and rain. and ltos of it. A coupld of us triend to come up with other ways to train and take advantage of the time and not be in the nasty weather. but we pushed onward and upward. It only rained...for the first 3 hours! It was a slow ride. there was no fun to be found. A handful of people yurned around at mile 25 to get in 50 miles. Myself and 3 others turned around at mile 35 to get in 70 miles. And I am okay with that. no regrets. 4 poeple did the 100 and they were miserable. yeah see not for me. when the fun factor is lost what's the point? i've ridden 112 a few weeks ago. and i have a few more weeks before taper.
Fortunately on sunday sicne there were 20-30 mph winds, I put my bike INSIDE my car for the journey home back over the 18 mile bridge. as I was nearing the bridge there were construction signs warning on the winds and the restriction going over the bridge. driving over the bridge was like a movie. waves crashing against the bidge - hitting my car! it was plain nuts. But I did find out that those who had their bike on top of their cars were stopped. a van had to take their bikes across. so they had to get out. take the bikes off. put them in this random van. then meet the van and put them back on top n the freezing cold. but everyone survived. and the trainign continues. this weekend is a nice "recovery" 4 hour ride.
oh i did run 2:4 on the treadmill at the gym! i was tired after 2 hours though. bored. at least there is a tv to watch. to o bad is it not conected to my DVR at home!

wedding updat:
the date is set.
june 19, 2010 at 2:00pm in Charlotte.
Church, Reception (caterer and cake maker included), photographer, trolley, trumpeter all booked.
website undre construction.
next weekend are the engagement shots to put in the paper and to make the save the date cards.
it's all falling into place.
it's hard planning a long distance wedding!

IronGreg is racing today...but it's tomorrow where he is down under. G'day mate.
I asked for a koala and kangaroo or two to come back in his suitcase, but requested no dingos. he offered a snake and jellyfish from the nasty river he swims in. now if that ain't love...
I am so pround of my FAH (Future Awesome Hubby). Go Team USA!!!! Go IronGreg!!!


SusieQ said...

Wow - jam packed post with all kinds of interesting info! Glad you survived the mini-monsoon - hope Greg has the kind of race he has trained for!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Thinking of Greg racing today--GO GO GO!!! You are one organized lady, so much planning accomplished already!

Stink-Stank said...

Wow! You are really on top of the wedding planning! Go You!