Monday, October 12, 2009

I said yes.

October 11th.
A day that I will never forget.
It is the day my father lost his battle with cancer - 17 years ago.
This year the memories associated with this day were changed.
It started out as every sunday these days does, with a long run.
Afterwards, though, a group of us were headed to the Charlottesville area to do some wine tasting. Our first stop was King Family Vineyards - my fave.

Our rowdy crew enjoyed the private barrel-room tasting as we checked off who knew wine facts! (Lou). We decided that our next stop will be Veritas. A favorite of some of my friends, but yet I have never been there. As we were getting ready to leave KFV I told Greg that Veritas is special b/c my good friend Barrett proposed to his lovely fiance, Tyler, there.

On our way we passed Pollack Vineyards and made a last minute decision to stop there first. When we got there we decided that after the wine we consumed we should pause for a picnic. We decide that some will go inside and buy a few bottles and I will lay out the picnic. So Miso and Aaron, and IronGreg and I begin to lay out the picnic. Miso and Aaron decide to go check on the wine choices, and Greg and I go for a walk through the vineyards. His palms were sweaty and I am quite curious. We chatted about the memories of the day and how in one second your whole life changes. (not thinking that I am totally setting him up!) As we mosey on around the vineyards, everything is so pretty, so I suggest that we take some pictures (surprise I want pictures). After a few shots, IronGreg asks me to stand under a tree and he will take my picture.
As he takes the picture he takes it on one knee. It didn't phase me at first. Then I walk over to him and look at the pictur e- he is still on one knee.
Fave: Now let me take one of you.
IronGreg: Okay. But I think it would be better if you were wearing...this!
He pulled out the most beautiful ring. A custom design we made together and itturned out bette than I imagined. So beautiful in fact that the designer wants to use it! um don't we have a patent on this design?
So IronGreg asks me to marry him. And what do I say? "For real?" I am so romantic!
He slips the ring on my finger and after lots of hugs and kisses...
IronGreg: So it that a yes?
Fave: Yes! Did I not say yes? oops, of course it's a yes!
We return to the rast of the group who all have been in onthis and are eargerly awaiting our return. Lou has the whole patio toast to our new engagement. there was one couple there celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and another couple celebrating their 24th!
After allthe excitement and phone calls and rinks and eats at Pollack, we finally make our way to Veritas, where a wedding is about to happen.
At Veritas I have to text Barrett who got engaged here and waddaya know - he and Tyler were sitting on the patio!

we return to Richmond and the FIL's were driving through town and knew what was happening, so we finished the night off with dinner at The Boathouse at Rockett's Landing. Wonderful champagne and more wine of course!

So a day that was filled with sad memories, has been changed in a second. And is now filled with joy and love.

I love you, IronGreg!

oh and when I called my brother he was on the trainer and his response, "so can IronGreg and I wear spandex to the wedding?" oh he's a funny one.

Thank you to all my friends who helped make this day so special. I look forward to the times and memories to come.


SusieQ said...

Now this is a blog post I'll read again. Love it :) Congrats to both of you!

TriGirl 40 Something said...

(Tearing up.) What a beautiful start to your marriage story...

Stink-Stank said...

What a great story! I am so glad that Oct. 11 can be be a bright spot in your memories, too!

kayrob said...

*sniff* I love this blog post! :) So happy for you guys!

keiko said...

Missy- Wonderful story!! "For real?"- So you! Brought tears to my eyes. SO very excited for you both! Lots of love!

Ceeej said...

Why did I read this at work? Everyone's wondering why I'm crying...tears of joy. Congratulations & best wishes.

Totty said...

CONGRATS/BEST WISHES!! I have a ton of great wedding websites to send you!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Congratulations Melissa. And cheers to Greg for a wonderful proposal and for making you smile. PS have you stopped looking at it yet?

kathleen said...

congratulations to a great couple.

trigrrrl said...

Congratulations, Melissa!

j & shea said...

he picked the perfect day. i'm so happy for you missy! xoxoxoxo