Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up

Life gets away sometimes.

Patriot's HIM
I did half a report.
Ultimately I struggled the whole race with getting over the bad swim.
I did have a good run especially considering it was the longest run post-op.
Somehow...I PR'd.

Chesapeakman AV
I finished.
The Choptank is definitely shoppy. It as the first time I threw up WHILE swimming. I went to go take a breathe and - didn't even know it was coming.
Some poeple threw up multiple times.
I sang a song to myself about being a sock in a washing machine.
I did not get lost.
But was slower than anticipated.
It was longest swim ever, so high five to that.
the bike was windy - my number one nemesis.
But I pushed on through and finished it in 6:45.
Having nothing to go off of, I am ine with this.
Somehow I ended up 3rd in my AG. now there were only 7 people, but hey that means i was in the top 50% which is always my goal.
so high five to that.

Margo and rich got married.
i am back to running on the treadmill for long runs.
i got my dress for Shea and jason's wedding.
i had flu-like symptoms last week and am still weak, but much better and no more fever and can talk again. i rode with mi amigas last night and they kicked my butt. my HR was higher than it should be on the bike. but lower than the 230 it hit on thursday after 10 minutes. (Clearly i got off the bike and called it a day then.)
i started listening to a book on "tape" (iPod) and now I just want to drive around all day. I downloaded a couple books, bu am currently listening to The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks - only about 90 minutes to go. That could get to and fro the outlets...hmmm.
I am going wine tasting on sunday and it can't get here fast enough. i already have my outfit picked out.
well that's about it for now.
back to work.

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j & shea said...

sounds like wine tasting was great fun! glad you picked out a great outfit!!! ;)