Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Check one more off the list

Yay! I got the bridesmaids dresses.
They're navy and the 3 girls that tried it on all loved so ding! ding! ding! we found a winner.

It's a new year.
Resolution? what's that?
Last year I was supposed to go to church kmore often. And i did. for the first 4 months.
this year I am all focused on "wedding arms and honeymoon abs".
so i guess as vain as it sounds, my goal is to get in wedding shape.
sure i just did an ironman, but becuasse trainign took up so much time i haven't seen a weight room in about a YEAR! so you can imagine.
yesterday started training....
i swam.
i could not pull the water.
Coach K said it's because I took time off - which she wanted me to - but I lost the feel for the water. boo hiss.
tonight i actually am puttng on running shoes! watch out!

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Anonymous said...

Heard about the fab dresses from Lynn...sounds gorgeous! I'm sure you're already in "wedding shape" girlfriend. Just enjoy the ride..it goes by so fast!