Friday, April 23, 2010

Hannelore's Bridals

Hannelore's Bridals (or as Candy, my Garmin, says, Hannelore's Breedals)
Where doI begin....
They have a ton of great wedding dress designers. So of course I went there for my dress.
I requested some styles that I found on the various designers' websites. I evenpaid $250.00 for one particular dress to be shipped there for my shopping day!
I showed up...and my dress wasn't there. STRIKE ONE.
I was able to find a dress I liked, though. Success.
Although I still dream about another one I tried on, but said no to. It was twice the budget and although mom said she didn't care...I did.
The manager there is plain awful. During the dress purchase process I had my sister's veil with me since I would liek to wear it as well. She had the audacity to pick it up, put a price tag on it, and try to sell it!!! Ugh.

So my dress finally comes in and I go for my fitting.
Picked and pulled here. I request for a custom piece to be added. My goodness you would have thought I asked for the moon. The scary manager comes in  - wearing see-through clothing I might add - and is beign allkidns of bossy telling my her preferences but she is not trying to sway my thinking. then why are you telling em what YOU wold want?! are YOU getting married?! yeah I didn't think so, Klassy.

I talked to my seamstress in Richmond who I love, Patti P, and she said when I got it back she would make it work.

Fitting #2. better. they FINALLY understood what I was tlaking about with the boning. I'm short. I don't need boning as long as someone a foot taller than me! I asked to see my custom piece. and they had not done it - It wold be ready at my third fitting when I picked up the dress.

Fitting #3. whatever. Ia m so over this place. I have fallen out of love with my dress. but it's one day so whatever. I should have gotten the other dress. maybe it would have fit me better. I think my dress puts ten pounds ON me. not the look I am going for on my edding day. but again - the dress is not the center of the day, the marriage is. I ask for my custom piece. again, not done. but i hae to pick up my dress!!! next weekend is my portrait. so I have to go shopping on King Street while they make it. Retail Therapy.

the dress is home.

now comes the Brdesmaids dresses. Again, we bought them from Hannelores b/c of the selection.
When we placed the order, we were told they would arrive in March. Perfect.
they finally came in April 8th +/-. Everyone caled in as they requested to confirm their shipping addresses. We were told they would be shipped on Tuesday April 13th.
Well come Friday April 16th, only one had received it.
So on Saturday April 17th, in person, I asked the status of them. I was told to my face along with the manager of the department, Vicky, Sharee told us they all went out on Wednesday April 14th. Takes two-three days. Umm okay 2 days if Friday. I will wait until monday.
Monday comes.
Monday goes.
Tuesday comes.
Tuesday goes.
A week later and no dresses! WTF!
so BM Monkey-Si gets on the phone with manager Vicky and finds out...
Sharee did not put ANY addresses in the computer
Sharee only shipped one dress.
All dresses were overnighted promptly by Vicky and we received tracking numbers to follow.
So glad i have an attorney as a BM.
I sure hope sharee gets a stern talking to.

Once all dresses are reeived and I am done dealing with this Breedal store, I will be sending al etter to the owner. This whole process has been a COMPLETE nightmare. If they didn't have such grat lines, they would be like so many other Bridal stores...out of business.

So if anyone suggests Hannelores Bridals in Alexandria, VA. RUN! FAST!

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Stinky said...

I wasn't "in love" with my dress, but you'll love it when you get all dolled up and getting to walk down that aisle! You are going to look matter what! And Greg is going to adore the way you look. And you are right...the day is a celebration of the marriage...everything else is gravy!