Thursday, April 29, 2010


I officially have the organist from hell.
Her ego is so large I am not quite sure if the doors at the church are large enough for it to fit through.

She can only play with my trumpeter and soloist if they are professionals. She can't work with ameteurs.
Umm not only are they professionals, but also we booked them first, sister.
so she wants to chanrge extra for not being the only musician. bah-hahahahahahaahaha

the best part....
she wants to choose the music she plays.
"that is how it works"
yup. that's what I was told. that she picks the music for my wedding.
last I thought, I was the client.
I am open to suggestions and all, but themusic we picked was off the pre-apprioved CD form the church.
She thinks she is doing a performance at the Philharmonic, but afriad not.
you're a wedding organist.
not that there is anything wrong with being a wedding organist, there is obviously a need and demand for these.
however, there is not a need or demand for the ego.
check it at the door.
or don't bother coming.

after I find a new organist, I will add her name here so you all can avoid the evilness.

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