Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recent News in the Land of Fave

Wedding season is in full swing!
I had my first bridal shower hosted by two of my dear friends and they planned an amazing shower! I must brag for a minute - I have some pretty awesome friends. yes, you should be jealous. they all rock. ALL of them. I feel bad for people who don't have friends liek I do. they are all so remarkable people. they have good hearts, personal goals, and are so supportive to everyone.

My mom (the trditionalist) hosted a lovely engagement party for IronGreg and me. Complete with a cupcake buffet. Both families made it in town for the occassion. thanks, mom.

The dress is at home and hanging up at "the farm" (my sister's house) where IronGreg can't sneak a peek! now I muse say as the alteration process went on, I fell out of love with my dress. I like it. mostly. I think it's pretty, I jsut don't think it's very flattering on me. maybe I jsut need a flatter stomach (yes, I finally got the over 30 belly). Can i please have my body from 28 back? Just for one day?

this coming weekend is the bachelorette party! yee-haw! the irls are heading west for some good times.
What happens at the bachelorette...stays at the bachelorette.
Wait. I don't want that rule for the bachelor party...or maybe I do!

I haven't seen the insie of a gym much recently. I am trying to get in one swim a week. you read that right -= only ONE swim. last year i was doing 3/week.
Last week I went to track practice. first time I ran in three weeks. I had a leftover cupcake from previously mentoned party prior to track. in the words of julia rpoverts in pretty woman, "big mistake. big. HUGE. well i have to go shopping now." okay so maybe I don't have to go shopping (although i bought two fab pairs of shoes on saturday), I did have to jog during track. I was "vurping" the whole time. it was awful. never again will I eat a cupcake BEFORE running. afterwards, however...
I am hopinh to actually run tongiht. i wonder if I can find m,y shoes under the layer of dust.
and maybe while I dust them off I will also unearth diamond. oh how I love my bike. but man I sure have neglected her.
It is hard watchign everyone train religiously and make PR's. i jsut have to come to terms that now I have different goals. I am not racing this season. I don't know when I will do an Ironman again. it's sounds good and all, but it jsut doens't fit in life right now. something about marriage and babies. sigh. why can't I do it all?

oh so ask me why I went shopping on saturday? b/c the wedding dress place didn't make my custom piece. even though i was there to pick up my dress. when the tough get mad, the tough go shopping! i mean I was in old towne alexandria after all. so I spent 90 minutes on king street with friends and then went back and picked up the not-so-fabulous-anymore dress.

oh! i did go on a 50 mile bike ride a few weeks ago. It was SO mush fun. GO TEAM LOLLYGAG!!! Love those girls. Muah!


SusieQ said...

Can I join Team Lollygag? :)

Stinky said...

You will look beautiful in your dress...even if it looks like a paper bag.

Tea said...

This whole post just made me smile....stress and all. :) It sounds like it will be such a beautiful wedding. And YOU will be gorgeous.