Monday, February 21, 2011

dieting really sucks

i met my husband four years and 10 pounds ago.
ahhh. fat and happy.
however, this year my pants don't fit! i actually had to get a pair re-lined b/c i busted the lining so badly it was beyond repair. i picked them up. put them on. and yes, the thighs were so snug that if i attempted to sit down, i would split them all over over.
so long FAVorite pair of black slacks. it's been a good few years.

ironman training is in full swing. IMCDA is four months away.
IronGreg and I disagree on what I should be fueling my body with on a regular basis, so i started working with a nutritionist.
I also am not good in the weight room. i get intimidated easily. (you can laugh at me, but that's how I feel). so we decided to get me a personal trainer. although it's a guy...a straight one, i like to call him Jillian.
beginning of february was weigh-in and fat test #1.
they were done by each person using different methods on back-to-back days. and they both came out the same.
not bad. but not where I need to be.
so the goal is to lose 5% body fat (and 8lbs) in one month. they both swear it can be done.
my next weigh-in is in one week. as of this morning i have gained 1lb. this is not looking so good.
I now have 9 days to lose 9lbs and 5% body fat.
And IronGreg is not letting me have my greek yogurt dessert tonight. butthead.

Allow me to quote the movie "Never Been Kissed" starring Drew Barrymore.
"that's it. only water and ex-lax 'til the prom."

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