Monday, February 21, 2011


i am running outside again.
this time i am using the Galloway least my version of it.
After the surgery I had to use a run/walk method as I entered the world of working out again.
My body seemed to like this method and it's stuck. It worked for me during IMAZ, so I am continuing it. It does make it hard to run with friends which stinks, but I am learning to run by myself and enjoy it...although if it weren't for IronGreg I would be totally lazy. thank you, IronGreg. but don't tell him I said that. :)

I am building up my time slower than my team mates b/c of this blasted chronic injury.
but I am also freaking out that I will not be ready for the race.
so this past weekend I was scheduled to run for 75 minutes. others were scheduled for 2 hours.
so instead I ran for 90 minutes. and DAMMIT my leg is all shades of painful. why can't I just run?!?!?!
and my pace was slower than normal, too.

so i am pouting. i know we are supposed to have bad days. but i don't want any.
go away slow legs. run faster! and pain free!

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